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Jeremiah Released From Prison

Jeremiah is released from prison. Read Transcript

(light footfalls)

(door creaks)

(body thumps loudly)(man grunts)

- Pashur, the Lord has changed your name.

From now on, you are to be called

The Man Who Lives in Terror.

Well, this is what the Lord says,

"I will send terror uponyou and all your friends.

"You will watch as they are slaughtered

"by the swords of the enemy.

"I will hand the people of Judah

"over to the king of Babylon.

"He will take them captive to Babylon

"or run them through with the sword.

"And I will let yourenemies plunder Jerusalem.

"All the famed treasures of the city,

"the precious jewels and goldand silver of your kings,

"will be carried off to Babylon.

"As for you, Pashur, youand all your household

"will go as captives to Babylon.

"There you will die and be buried.

"You and all your friendsto whom you prophesy

"that everything would be alright."

(crowd murmurs)



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