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'We Have a Home...and God Is Good': Operation Blessing Takes Food Straight to Victims' Homes in Florida

'We Have a Home...and God Is Good': Operation Blessing Takes Food Straight to Victims' Homes in Florida Read Transcript


- We just declare right now Father,

that through our handsand through our work

that people are gonna be able to meet you

and they're gonna be able to understand

just how amazing you are.

- [Andrew] OperationBlessing is responding

to the challenge of helpingHurricane Michael victims

in Panama City Beach

where one of the worsthurricanes in recorded history

struck the Florida panhandle.

- For the last three days

we have waited for peopleto come and cut down trees

so we could even go into town to get gas

and water and supplies.

Our carport's gone, our porch is gone,

but you know what, we have a home left

and God is good and we have been blessed.

And we're gonna go home and eat this hot

for the first time in three days.

But I've never seen anything like it

and I was raised here all my life.

Just excited thateverybody's come together

and worked so hard

and somebody that I don'teven know is helping.

- [Andrew] By partneringwith Lighthouse Church

Operation Blessing is able to bring relief

to people who a week ago, never expected

to be in this position.

The need is so great in Panama City Beach

and the surrounding areas thatOperation Blessing discovered

many people did not have transportation

to get to a food distribution at a church.

So Operation Blessingtook the food to them.

- Would you guys like a hot meal?

- You don't have any transportation except

for maybe four days outor something like that.

We can't get any.

It's a relief and a blessing.

- [Andrew] Folks in this apartment complex

are still without electricityand running water.

So Operation Blessing isdoing whatever it takes

to get them relief.

- The needs gonna be for a long time

'cause I've traveled and seen some of the

through the areas here,

and it's that way, no matter where you go.

If you look at the Bible,

it's broke down into two parts.

Relationships and love.

That's all there is.

- And every day, newrelationships are formed

when volunteers compelled by love

come out to put faith into action.

- It just breaks my heart to see people

that are without.

I'm a nurse so I loveto take care of people

and so whatever I cando, people are so happy

to see you and they'reso happy to have a meal

and know that someone cares.

And even a God bless you tothem, it makes their day.


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