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700 Club Interactive - October 17, 2018

Abused as a child, a woman becomes involved in pornography until she hears a voice telling her, “There’s something more." Read Transcript

- [Gordon] Children for sale.

- [Tim] Two million children forced

into the commercial sex trade.

What kind of demand justifies that number?

- [Gordon] An insider's view of rescuing

sex traffic slaves.

And the NFL coach who's joining the fight.

Plus, she lived the lifestyleof the rich and famous.

- [Kenda] Penthouse suites, limousines,

$5,000 bottles of champagne, I loved it.

- [Gordon] Until the bill came due.

- [Kenda] Felt like I wastrapped, like I was hopeless.

- [Gordon] Hear her incredible story,

all on today's 700 Club Interactive.

Well, welcome to the show.

Just four months ago,the Supreme Court ruled

in favor of Christian baker, Jack Phillips

and his Masterpiece Cake Shop.

The landmark ruling held thatPhillips' First Amendment

rights to free exerciseof religion were violated.

Well, last week, in theUK, the United Kingdom,

the British High Courttook on a nearly identical

case, four years in the making.

Back in 2014, AshersBakery received a request

for a cake featuring Bert andErnie with the inscription,

"Support Gay Marriage."

Well, the Christian bakers declined

and then were sued,saying they had violated

the sexual orientation,they were discriminating

based on sexual orientation.

Well the high court justruled in favor of the baking,

saying their objection was to the message

and not to the customer'ssexual orientation.

Here's Daniel MacArthur,owner of Ashers Bakery.

- I want to start by thanking God.

He has been with us during the challenges

of the last four yearsand through the Bible

and the support of Christians,he has comforted us

and sustained us.

He is our rock and all his ways are just.

We are delighted andrelieved at today's ruling.

We always knew we hadn'tdone anything wrong

in turning down this order.

After more than fouryears, the Supreme Court

has now recognized thatand we're very grateful,

grateful to the judges andespecially grateful to God.

- Well, Abby Johnson spent eight years

working for Planned Parenthood.

As a clinic director she helped facilitate

more than 20,000 abortions.

Well then one day, shewalked away from it all

to become a pro-life activist.

And now a movie is being madeabout her life, Unplanned,

brings to the big screenan eye-opening look

inside the abortion industry.

Charlene Aaron visited the set

of this ground-breaking motion picture.

- Unplanned takes the audienceinside the abortion industry,

courtesy of Abby Johnson,

once a passionate pro-choice advocate.

As clinic director for Planned Parenthood,

Johnson says she played apart in some 22,000 abortions.

The film depicts heremotional decision to quit

after watching an abortion via ultrasound.

I interviewed Johnson onthe set of the new film.

- A move about your exciting is that?

- It's very exciting.

It's a little surreal, if I'm honest,

to watch someone play outthe worst version of yourself

in a film.

But it's also a good reminder that God

can literally use anything from our past

and use it for his gloryand use it for his kingdom.

- [Charlene] Johnson'spast included becoming

one of the youngest clinicdirectors for Planned Parenthood

and also a spokesperson for the nation's

largest abortion provider.

Actress Ashley Bratcher,who appeared in other

Christian films suchas 90 Minutes in Heaven

and War Room, plays Abby in the film.

- I only got four pages ofthe script when I auditioned

and I through, wow,just in this four pages

there's this really interesting, amazing,

charismatic woman who'shaving this experience

and it's real, it's grittybut it's compelling.

And I thought, man, I needto know who this woman is

and I want to tell her story.

And after I saw Abby's testimony, I was

in a puddle on the floor.

- [Charlene] WhenBratcher's mother learned

of her movie role, sheshared a deep secret

with her daughter.

- She said, "I'm gonna tell you something

"that I haven't told you before."

And she said to me, "I was in the clinic.

"I had my name called, I went back, I was

"being examined by a womanwho was very pregnant.

"And I was on the table and

that was when I changed my mind."

To hear I was seconds awayfrom just not existing.

And then also to know that here I am

telling Abby Johnson's story, what?

It's so clear to me and evident that God's

hand at work is present on this project.

- [Charlene] Meanwhile,faith-based filmmakers

Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon say

they're preparing for the likely backlash

against a film thathighlights the ugly truth

inside the abortion industry.

- We're taking on a monster,we're taking on a great evil.

We're taking on theDevil's grinder machine.

So when you go up againstthat, he's gonna protect that.

We have no naive thoughtthat Planned Parenthood

won't fight back.

- There's nothing pretty about abortion.

Both sides now that.

Both sides if they'rehonest, will admit that

both sides are dug in pretty tight

as far as whether they thinkit should be acceptable or not.

- [Charlene] Johnson,now a pro-life champion,

says the cast and crew know aspiritual battle lies ahead.

- We pray every day, we prayagainst spiritual warfare

in our home, in ourmarriage, with our family,

and certainly withvarious pro-life projects

that I'm a part of andcertainly this film.

- [Charlene] But Bratchermaintains that this project

isn't about attacking the other side.

- I think this film is abouthealing, about redemption

about knowing thatyou've never gone too far

that you can escape the grace of God.

That he's so merciful and

that you can absolutely be forgiven.

- Unplanned is set tobe released next spring.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- Well, last week, Rolling Stone called

Christian music artist LaurenDaigle bigger than Drake

and bigger than Ariana Grande.

Recently, the two time Grammy winner

took her talents to themaximum security Statesville

Correctional Facility inPinecrest Hill, Illinois.

And there she performed her hit songs.

Take a look.

- He sees the depths, he sees the beauty,

he sees the goodness, he sees you for what

you're actually worth.

♪ You plead my cause, ♪

♪ You right my wrongs ♪

♪ You break my chains, ♪

♪ You overcome. ♪

♪ You gave your life ♪

♪ to give me mine ♪

♪ You say that I am free. ♪

♪ How can it be, ♪

♪ oh? ♪

♪ How can it be, ♪

♪ oh Jesus? ♪

♪ How can it be, ♪

♪ oh? ♪

♪ We praise you, we thank you Jesus. ♪

♪ Oh, we thank you Jesus.(cheering and clapping) ♪

- [Gordon] Well, the next dayLauren posted to Facebook,

"it was a day my eyes had never seen

"and will never be able to unsee.

"We sang songs with inmates whose voices

"carried deeper intoour hearts than the echo

"of a microphone will ever release.

"I say hope in the face hopeless,

"joy in the wake ofsorrow, wealth in the gap

"of depravity, and lifein the midst of death."

Well up next is calledOperation Underground Railroad

and their mission is to rescue children

trapped in the sex trade.

(serious music)

- Our team is made up ofspecialists in rescue operations,

former Navy Seals, formerSpecial Ops, former CIA,

former law enforcement,guys who had a specialty

in all of this.

We go right into the bellyof it with the solution

and liberate these kids.

- The founder of this group tells us

how they equip themselves fora bust, when we come back.

(serious music)

Well Tim Ballard is a formerCIA and Homeland Security

Agent and now he's usinghis skills to rescue

the victims of sex trafficking

and then bring their captors to justice.

Reporter Tom Buehring hasmore on his organization,

Operation Underground Railroad.

- This is the fastest growing

criminal enterprise on the planet.

We work with law enforcement,we go under cover

in this dark, dark worldof child sex trafficking.

It's a very difficult thing

to recruit people into this cause.

Because it's so heavy.

- [Tom] In a rare gesture,out came the heavy lifters.

Tim Ballard founder ofOperation Underground Railroad,

got some help when PittsburghSteelers head coach,

Mike Tomlin volunteered his NFL team

to raise awareness for Tim's agency.

- All you have to do is be exposed

to what Tim and company are doing at OUR,

how significant the work is,how much needed the work is.

I spent some time prayingabout it and thinking about it,

but just thought it wasworth our time to bring

OUR out here and spenda couple days with us

as a football team.

God will take ahold of that.

The relationship has grown.

- [Tom] So has the profileof the four-year non-profit.

As a retired governmentagent, Tim formed a task force

from among the best operatives.

- When Mike Tomlin cameout and announced his

partnership with us,he doesn't even realize

how powerful that was to our team.

Like that's important psychologically

for my guys to have that.

It's been a healing for us.

The Steelers are huge.

It's an enormous fan baseand child sex slavery?

This is something that's so dark,

that you need people of light to say,

it's okay to look at it.

And people like MikeTomlin and the Steelers

organization, can't thinkof a better partner.

- What makes OperationUnderground Railroad unique?

- Our team is made up ofspecialists in rescue operations,

former navy seals, formerspecial ops, former CIA,

former federal law enforcement,guys who had a specialty

in all of this.

And then aftercare specialistswho are gonna go in

and make sure that these kidshave the healing they need.

And we partner with those same agencies

that we all retired from.

We go right into the bellyof it, child trafficking,

with the solution and liberate these kids.

- Would be be surprised to understand

who these perpetrators are?

- The world would be shocked if they knew

who these people were.

I mean, two million children forced into

the commercial sex trade,what kind of demand

justifies that number?

These are people of all walks of life.

I've arrested all of them.

They're educators, they'reprofessionals, doctors, lawyers.

This is sex addiction that drives this.

Anybody is exposed to that evil if they

let themselves go there.

- What drives your in this?

- My kids.

I have seven children andwhatever kid we're looking

for out there in theworld, when I look into

that victim's eyes, I see my child's eyes.

This is called empathy.

The empathy we shouldbe praying for empathy.

God sees that you arewilling to have empathy

even though it hurts alittle bit, oh he's there.

He sends his power and you feel it

and there's almost this triangulation

between yourself, thatchild victim and the Lord.

- Does salvation and deliverancelook different to you

from the eyes of those kids?

- Oh, absolutely.

And some of the brightestmoments I've had,

moments of light, havebeen in those dark places.

It took me some time torealize what that was.

It's the spirit of God

and deliverance, the way we think of it.

It's more than justspiritual, it's physical.

The Lord cares aboutthat physical deliverance

because the physical deliverance leads

to the spiritual deliverance.

That's why God caresabout people in captivity,

nations in captivity.

- [Tom] Hey, Tim, that your hand?

- That's my hand.

- And the child?

- That's a child that we rescued.

This is the pivotal moment,this is the connection.

This is the part where wereassure, there is hope

for your future.

We're not going anywhere.

We pulled you out of this,but we are staying with you

until you become a survivorand a thriver in this world.

- Ops are ready, SWAT team's ready.

What's the last thingyou do before you go in?

- We always, always kneel in prayer.

We have a MessianicJew, a former Navy Seal

who just two weeks ago, gavethis amazing prayer in Hebrew.

God, we know these kids are out there.

When we get there, lead us to them.

And this child, later came to us

and she said, "How did you find me?"

There was no hope.

I know the answer isbecause God led us to you.

We prayed to find that one child who's

in that dark corner ofthe most obscure nation

on the planet.

- What has to be done to eliminate it?

- We believe that theenforcement of anti-trafficking

laws will lead to the end of this.

We've gotta keep hitting it.

It's this deterrent effect.

Their captors are gone,because the travelers,

sex tourists, are now afraid to tour.

The traffickers are now afraid to traffic.

That's how you shut it down.

Why do people want this?

It's pornography, itstarts with pornography.

It starts in an addictionthat can't be met.

It's about bringing theprinciples of Christ's gospel

to the world and lettingthat cleanse our society.

- [Tom] Does that extend for you

to have the capability of forgiving,

even praying for those that you arrest?

- It does, it does.

I mean, the grace of God is that powerful.

And in that moment, youjust want that person

locked up 'cause they don't,

they've lost the privilegeof participating in society.

Then you do recognize that in some strange

almost incomprehensibleway, they have become

victimized by darkness throughdecisions they've made.

And there is redemption for everybody.

And so you do pray for that.

We're commanded to pray for that.

We have to pray for that.

That's part of the overall solution.

God is the cause of liberty.

(hopeful music)

- He is the cause of libertyand we need to take mercy

not just on those who are trafficked

but how do we find forgivenessfor the traffickers?

And that sounds like somethingimpossible, doesn't it?

How can you ever forgivesomeone for doing something

horrific, as horrific assex trafficking a child?

How can you ever findforgiveness for them?

Well, Solomon talked about this.

He looked at the oppressed and was grieved

because there was no relief for them.

And then he looked at the oppressor

and he was equallygrieved 'cause he realized

that there was no relief for them either.

When you're trapped inthis kind of addiction,

you literally get to the pointwhere you abhor yourself.

Don't think this is some far off place.

Don't think this is alljust in southeast Asia

or just in eastern Europe.

It's right in our own backyard.

And you look at some ofthese temporary hotels

and are they a base forthis kind of activity?

The answer is quite clearly yes.

It's happening right here in America.

Just keep your eyes open to it.

And when you see it, pleasemake sure you let somebody know.

Well, coming up, the life and times

of a high-end call girl.

(tense music)

- Penthouse suites, limousines,$5,000 bottles of champagne,

I had clients that ifI told you their names

you would know who they were.

I loved it.

- One former porn star looks back

at her years in the sextrade and tells us why

she left the life.

Well, that's next, don't go away.

(tense music)

Well, Kenda was a stripper.

She was involved inpornography and then she

had a list of clientswho included a Who's Who

of the rich and famous.

Kenda had easy access toall the money she wanted

and all the drugs she wanted.

And yet, she couldn't evenlook herself in the mirror.

Here's her story.

(somber music)

- When I was younger, Ifelt like I was blamed

for a lot of things.

Anytime there was an issue within the home

or anytime somebody would say something

I would just think, well,maybe they're right.

Maybe I'm not that smart,maybe I'm not that good.

- [Reporter] Kenda grewup believing the world

was against her, even God.

- I felt like he was always mad at me,

like he was always disappointed with me.

I was always having toconstantly go and repent,

please forgive me, please forgive me.

- [Reporter] And when shewas molested by a family

member at 12 years old,Kenda blamed herself.

- [Kenda] Did I provoke that?

What did I do, what was itabout me that made that happen?

I did not believe that I was worth love

but I wanted it so bad.

I wanted somebody just toput their arms around me

and hold onto me and not let me go.

But that didn't happen.

It's very hard.

It is very lonely andit feels like something

that you'll never attain,something that you'll never have.

- [Reporter] Desperate, shemarried her first love at 18.

But it was hardly thefairytale of her dreams.

Prince Charming wasn't so charming,

became violent, abuse and beatings

sometimes and I had to call the police.

I was so broken.

In my mind I loved him.

And that's what love was.

- [Reporter] Then Kendatook a friend's advice

and became a stripper.

Her first night on stage she was nervous

(cheers and whistling) but not for long.

- They wanted me.

Can you imagine, not just one person,

but multiple people at one time.

I'm like, yeah, this is it.

They like me. (laughing)

I kind of left thatlittle girl thinking and

feelings and heart behind

and just went full force into this.

- [Reporter] Kenda went from stripping

to full nude bars and eventually porn.

By the time she was 30,she was addicted to cocaine

and traveling the world as aporn star and high-end escort.

- [Kenda] I was livingin Vegas, in sin city,

penthouse suites, limousines,$5,000 bottles of champagne,

I had clients that ifI told you their names

you would know who they were.

They're athletes, they'reactors, they're CEO's.

I loved it.

- [Reporter] Kenda starredin over 80 porn films.

At her peak, she married for a third time.

He loved her, but he loved porn more.

- [Kenda] He was addictedto porn and the life

that I was living.

I was like his dream girl.

- [Reporter] After 16years in the industry

Kenda realized she stilldidn't have what she wanted.

- I was at the top ofeverything and I had everything

I thought I wanted.

But it wasn't real.

It just got to a point where

I couldn't stand to lookmyself in the mirror any more.

I didn't like what I was becoming.

It was as if everything I was doing,

just stopped filling the void.

I felt like I was trapped,like I was hopeless.

It was almost like I wasagain when I was a child.

(echoing thud)

I got down on my hands andknees before my husband

and I said, please, just wanting him

to take me away from all this.

- [Reporter] He refused.

But something insideKenda wouldn't let her

give up hope.

I felt like on the inside,like there was something more.

It was almost like I heard

a voice on the inside saying

"I've got something more for you."

But I didn't know what that was.

- [Reporter] Kenda left the industry

and her husband when shediscovered she was pregnant.

Strung out with no where to go,

she reached out to her two sisters

who drove to Vegas to pick her up.

By the time they arrived,Kenda had miscarried.

- God, why?

I was finally gonna havesomebody to love me.

I was devastated.

- [Reporter] Kenda flushedthe last of her drugs

and returned to Minnesotawith her sisters.

Still desperate, she accepted her sister's

invitation to church.

- [Kenda] There was nothing left but God.

I was so disappointed in myself.

How could he be anymore disappointed in me?

I sat down and I heard the songs.

They talked about a Godthat I really didn't know.

They talked about him like hewas right there in the room.

- [Reporter] And it was at that moment

she suddenly remembered the voice

she'd heard months earlier.

- I've got something more for you.

I went back to that.

Really, could there be something more?

I had to take a chance.

I said that I want to knowyou, I want to be different.

If you say that's there'ssomething more for me,

I want to know what that is.

Show me.

- [Reporter] That day she finally realized

that Jesus was the lovethat she had always wanted.

- [Kenda] I had levels ofI was so bad, or I had done

this so much.

And I didn't realizethe didn't have levels.

He just forgave me.

And he has filled that void for me.

He's the only one that hasfilled that void for me.

- [Reporter] Kenda now happily married

and a mother of four, shares her story

with anyone in searchof unconditional love.

- There's nothing thereso wrong, there's nothing

that's so dark, so dirty.

He does love you.

He wants to have a personalrelationship with you.

And he wants to love youcompletely and totally.

(thoughtful music)

- And he does, he wants todo that for you right now.

And he's right where you are.

He's in the room with you.

All you have to do is reach out.

Because he's saying to you the same thing

he said to Kenda.

"I have something more for you.

"I have a plan for you.

"I have a purpose for you.

"I have an infinitesource of love for you."

Don't think he's ever angry at you.

He's not.

He loves you infinitely.

For God so loved the world, that's you,

he so loved the world

that he gave his only begotten son,

that whosoever, again, that's you,

whosoever, would believeon him would not perish

but have everlasting life.

There aren't grades inthe kingdom, there's just

grace and forgiveness

and love and righteousness

and peace and joy.

All you have to do is ask for it.

If this is for you, bow your head with me.

Don't turn away.

Maybe like Kenda, youwere abused as a child.

Maybe you've done thingsthat you're ashamed of,

you don't want anybody to know.

Realize that today you canbe free of all of that.

And you can find love,you can find acceptance,

you can find him.

All you have to do is ask.

So bow your head, let's prayand let Jesus do all the rest.

What he's done for Kenda,he will do for you.

Pray with me.

Jesus, that's right,just say his name, Jesus.

I hear that you havesomething more for me.

So I want that and will you show me?

Will you show up for me?

Will you show me how much you love me,

you much you are my savior?

If you do this, I want to follow you

all the days of my life.

Hear my prayer, for Ipray it in Jesus' name.


If you prayed with me let somebody know.

Give us a call, 1-800-700-7000.

Here's a word, he also brought me up

out of a pit, out of miry clay

and set my feet upon a rock.

(hopeful music)

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