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Netanyahu Pledges Strong Action After Gaza Rocket Hits Israeli Home

Netanyahu Pledges Strong Action After Gaza Rocket Hits Israeli Home Read Transcript

- [Julie] Terrorists in the Gaza Strip

launched a rocket before dawn

that crashed into a home

in the Southern Israeli city of Beersheba,

nearly 30 miles from Gaza.

A mother and her three children were safe

because they had gone to the bomb shelter

when the warning sirens sounded.

In response, the IDF said Israeli planes

struck more than 20 Hamas targets,

including a terror tunnelwhich crossed into Israel

and a factory used to manufacture

components to build tunnels.

The IDF also released a video

showing a terror squadsetting up a launching pad,

loading rockets, and theIDF strike on the squad.

The rocket attack came a day after

Israeli Defense MinisterAvigdor Lieberman said

he is pressing forupgraded military action

to quiet the situation in Gaza.

He said, "My position is very clear.

"We must deal a heavy blow against Hamas.

"This is the only wayto return the situation

"to its previous state,

"and to reduce the level ofviolence to nearly zero."

- Hamas isn't tying toachieve any truce with Israel.

Hamas is trying to achievepolitical aims by using violence.

This is what terrorist organizations do.

- [Julie] IDF spokesman,Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus

said Hamas is trying to involvethe international community.

- What they're doing

is sending Palestinian civilians forward,

causing them to endangerthemselves by attacking Israel,

and then hoping thatthese civilian casualties

will generate or garnerinternational interest

in what's happening

and perhaps alleviatethe situation in Gaza.

- [Julie] A second rocketwas also apparently

launched at Tel Aviv andlanded in the Mediterranean.

It's the first time a rocketwas launched toward Tel Aviv

since the 2014 Gaza War.

The rocket attack was thelatest in escalating violence

which has seen Palestinianrioting along the Gaza border

for nearly seven months.

(speaking in foreign language),the Jewish National Fund,

also said attacks from arson balloons

and kites from Gaza since April

have destroyed more than half

of the forested areas of surrounding Gaza.

Political leaders are calling for Israel

to take tougher action and not allow Hamas

to erode Israel's deterrents.

Julie Stahl, CBN News, Jerusalem.


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