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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - October 17, 2018


- [Wendy] Let's startwith this one from Debbie.

My sister is disabled andon government assistance.

She is 60 and engagedfor the very first time.

She wants to get married in her church,

but not through the state

because she will lose her assistance.

Her pastor will marry them.

What does the Bible say

because they will be married under God,

but not under the state?

- Well, I don't know how that trick works,

what she's got in mind.

A marriage is a marriage.

- Right.

- Of course, it's before God.

I mean that's what's important.

You don't have to havesome clerk of a court

say you're legally married.

It's before God and thatmarriage is perfectly valid

as far as the Lord goes.

- Amen.

Well, Jeanne says, "My husbandand I disagree on tithing.

"I believe it's necessary

"and he believes it's just away for churches to make money.

"He tells me all the time don't do that,

"they're baiting you.

"Please explain the importance of tithing

"and why it is necessary inour lives and our marriage."

- Well, your husband is denyingyou the blessing of God.

You see, Jesus said,this is very important,

this is like fundamental,

give and it'll be given unto you.

Press down, good measure, running over,

will then heap into your bosom.

Now if you want anoverflowing abundance of money

into your marriage, thenI recommend that you

give unto the Lord.

If you don't want that abundance,

you and your husband can live in poverty.

God bless you both.

But it's your decision and your husband.

It hasn't got anything to do with the

churches pulling a con on ya.

It just isn't.

I mean, it really isn't.

You give unto the Lord

and he will repay, alright?

- I pray he gets itbecause he's missing out.

- But they're cutting themselvesout of God's blessing.

Alright, what else?

- Jesse says, "Is it okayfor me to pray for my

"favorite sports team?

"I pray for the wellbeingof the players and coaches

"and their families, but is it okay

"to pray for them to win?

"We haven't won achampionship in some time."

- I think what you betterpray for them to do

is either get a new coach and new players.


- If they hadn't had

any wins.- Whatever it is.

There's nothing wrong with praying.

I mean, pray whatever you want to.

The Lord may not answerit but nevertheless,

you know, it depends onwhat you're praying for.

- Amen, Angelo says,

"In the Last Days, they talkabout the trumpet blast.

"What are the chances that President Trump

"is that trumpet blast,being that his last name is

"part of trumpet?"

- I think that's ridiculous.

I hate to say it, but it's ridiculous.

We're talking about a horn blowing

and we're not talking about a president

with a name that comes out of Scotland.

This is ya know, you played bridge in a

seven note trump or something, I mean,

that doesn't, it has nothingto do with the last trumpet.

- So, it's a Scottish last name, Trump.

- Well I think it's Scottish.

There's some thought thathis father was German.

- [Wendy] OK, we don't know.

- Yeah, we don't know for sure.

- Alright, Parker says,

"Are we aware of anything when we die?

"Or are we sleeping until resurrection

"and when Jesus comes back?

"After someone dies, I hearpeople say things like,

"She's watching over us now.

"And I don't know ifthat's biblical or not."

- I don't think watchingover us is biblical

but being away of what's going on,

you know, this parable ofthe rich man and Lazarus,

ya know, the rich manwas saying I'm tormented.

I've got brothers andsisters back on earth

and I'm tormented in this flame.

Will you please send somebodyfrom here to warn them?

So, we're conscious.

I mean, this business of soulsleep is not in the Bible.

We are every bit consciousand the Lord said

to the thief on the cross,

"This day, you will bewith me in paradise."

Not this day, will you besleeping under the ground.

- I love that story.

Alright, well Joseph says,

"I was wondering if Godthumps you on the head

"every time you do something wrong

"or does He forgive you andgive you grace and mercy

"especially when it lookslike you have no choice?"

- God didn't go aroundthumping you on the head but,

you know, the Holy Spirit will advise you

and if you're sensitive of the spirit,

the spirit is like an umpire

and it'll call balls and strikes.

So, when you feel theurging of the Holy Spirit,

listen to Him and what you don't do

is a walk of the spiritand you will not fulfill

the Lord of the flesh.


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