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'Anger Is the Single Most Unifying Force': Why the 'Brett Bounce' May Put a Dent in the Blue Wave

'Anger Is the Single Most Unifying Force': Why the 'Brett Bounce' May Put a Dent in the Blue Wave Read Transcript

- The countdown to election day is on

as Democrats and Republicans battle over

the control of Congress.

On both sides, the message is simple.

Everyone must vote.

The big question, whowill actually turn out.

- You know, if there'sanything that excites

Republican voters, it's the Supreme Court.

- [Jenna] Kayleigh McEnany,national spokeswoman

for the Republican National Committee

says she's confident GOPvoters know what's at stake.

- But what's interestinghere in particular,

we're seeing a 2016 effect play again.

A pew poll showed, a few months ago,

one month ago I should say,

12 point gap, Democratsahead of Republicans.

That has narrowed to justtwo in the wake of the

post Kavanaugh revelationsand confirmation process.

- [Jenna] Axios calls it the Brett bounce.

Up until the contentiousKavanaugh Supreme Court fight,

Democrats seem to have most of the energy.

But now, the polling pendulumappears to be swinging.

In North Dakota, for example,

a Fox News poll shows Democratic Senator,

Heidi Heitkamp, down 12 points from her

Republican challenger,Representative Kevin Cramer.

Last month, she was only down four points.

An NPR of PBS NewsHour/Marist poll

finds democratic enthusiasmfrom earlier this year

has all but disappeared.

- My sense in covering politics in 2018

is that anger is thesingle most unifying force,

galvanizing force you can have.

- [Jenna] ABC News politicaldirector Rick Klein

says anger is fueling both sides

and one survey givesdemocrats a slight edge

heading into November.

The Washington Post/ScharSchool survey shows

likely voters in 69 House districts prefer

democratic candidates toRepublican candidates,

50 to 46 percent.

Klein says the Democrats lossin the Kavanaugh confirmation

could translate to a mid-term win.

- If you lose a battle,there's nothing better

to motivate your basethan go out there and vote

the next time and bythat, I mean Republicans,

they get their Supreme Court pick.

That means Democrats are gonna say,

"Well we gotta go do somethingto try to change this."

- But each of you will havea chance in just four weeks

to render your verdicton the democrats conduct

at the ballot box.

- President Trump is also banking on

Kavanaugh's confirmation andthe Democrats handling of it.

- You don't hand matches to an arsonist

and you don't give powerto an angry, left-wing mob.

- [Jenna] In Washington,Jenna Browder, CBN News.

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