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2018 Midterm Elections Security: DHS

2018 Midterm Elections Security: DHS Read Transcript

- This mid-term electionis being described

as one of the mostwatched and most important

in American history.

Although voters aren't going to choose an

American president, theTrump Administration

is going to be a crucial factor.

The majority on CapitolHill could certainly swing

with 33 US Senate seats

and all 435 House seats up for grabs.

Homeland Security andother intelligence agencies

have ongoing operations in all 50 states,

bracing for whatever foreignadversaries will bring.

- We have an informationsharing analysis center.

We have sensors networkintrusion sensors out,

such that about 90percent of people who vote

in this election will be voting in an area

that's covered by a sensor.

- [Erik] DHS Secretary,Kirstjen Nielsen says

teams are conductingvulnerable assessments

and scans of voting machines.

Nielsen adds more than athousand state and local

election jurisdictionsare working together

to share information faster.

It's important to note,however, that's a small number

given that there are some

10,000 local election jurisdictions.

- Some are hiring third parties,some are working with us.

There some states that areutilizing the National Guard.

There's a variety of waysin which you can bring your

capability and capacity up to speed.

Each state is doing is alittle bit differently.

- [Erik] On election day,DHS will set up a situational

awareness room, a virtualplace where election officials

throughout the country canshare information quickly.

Just weeks ago, Vice President, Mike Pence

sounded the alarm onChina getting involved

in election interference.

- To put it bluntly,President Trump's leadership

is working and China wants adifferent American president.

- [Erik] Cyber securityexperts say, while the Russians

have received theattention, the Chinese have

operated under the radar with a strategic

long-term plan to influencethe 2020 presidential election.

Another frightening fact, Washington based

legal watchdog groupJudicial Watch conducted

an election integrity study.

It found that the numberof adults registered

to vote is larger, 3.5 million larger,

than the number of adultsactually alive in America,

a staggering discrepancythat's an engraved

invitation to voter fraud.

- The people know there arenames there who have died

or moved away or otherwise ineligible,

they can potentially vote in their names.

And that's where you get the fraud.

- [Erik] Despite the disturbing facts,

intelligence officials say they are ready.

I think this is probably gonnabe the most secure election

in the modern era becauseof the amount of work

we've done with state andlocal election officials

who are by the Constitutionby law responsible

for administering federal elections.

- It's still possible wecould see an October surprise

that could change thecourse of an election.

Cyber security experts say in this era

they wouldn't be surprisedif hacked material

surfaces at the last minute.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.


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