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Netanyahu Encourages Christian Journalists to 'Tell the Truth' in Middle East Coverage

Netanyahu Encourages Christian Journalists to 'Tell the Truth' in Middle East Coverage Read Transcript

- You are ambassadors of truth.

You're not merely the greatest ambassadors

that Israel has around the world.

You're champions of truth.

- Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu

spoke to Christian journalists

at the Second ChristianMedia Summit in Jerusalem.

More than 180 journalists,broadcasters, publishers

and communicators from some30 nations gathered here

for the three day eventcalled 70 Years Of Israel.

Among the speakers US Ambassadorto Israel, David Friedman.

Who is an Orthodox Jew.

- While I do not observein a religious sense

the teachings of the New Testament,

I'm quite fond of many if its insights

and what it has to say.

None more so, than thestatement from the book of John

chapter eight verse 32

which says Then you will know the truth,

and the truth shall set you free.

- [Chris] Participants heardfrom Israeli government

military and other leadersabout Israel's achievements

and challenges facing the Jewish state

in the international and media arenas.

Nitzan Chen heads thegovernment press office

that sponsored the event.

- We need your Christianmedia because we know

exactly that you all love us

from the battle from your heart.

And you don't need to pretend

- [Chris] Author JoelRosenburg said the fact

that Israel hosted such an event,

shows how much it valuesChristian reporting.

- It is encouraging tosee that the government

of Israel realizes thatChristian journalists

are people that at leastare willing to consider

their perspective and in fact communicate

a fair picture of what's going on.

- [Chris] Participants saidthe summit was important

to their understanding of Israel.

- We're hearing a lot offresh primary source news.

And that's what a goodjournalist should want.

- There's such a wonderfullydiverse community here

and I think sometimes inthe evangelical community,

we don't grasp that about Israel.

So it's a tapestry.

- You read about things in the news,

but when you come here andyou hear all of these speakers

and then you understand really

from all these different perspectives of

what's happening in thisland and the media bias,

the stuff that's going on,the negativity against Israel.

And you hear the truth ofwhat's happening in this land

first hand it really opens up your eyes

to everything that's going on here.

- [Chris] Israeli President Reuven Rivlin

summed up Israeli sentiments.

- Dear friends thank you,

thank you again for coming to Jerusalem.

Please take home with you

a message of peace from the holy land.

And a love for Israel.

Even more importantly come back soon.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.


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