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Trying to Live up to God’s Rules

Adam tried to live up to God’s rules. He grew tired of trying to be good and gave up. Read Transcript

(soft music)

- We were in church, a lot of times,

we were there four, five, six,sometimes seven days a week.

It made me feel good,

it made me feel like I was closer to God.

- [Narrator] When he was10, Adam Davis asked Jesus

to come into his heartand forgive his sins.

But to him, being a Christianmeant following God's rules,

and trying to be perfect.

- I was trying to be good enough.

I was trying to live up to a standard,

and I can't be good enough.

If I can't be goodenough, what's the benefit

of being good?

- [Narrator] Unable to keep hisself-imposed high standards,

Adam started making compromises.

Through junior high and high school,

he went to church on Sunday,

but for the rest of the week,he drank and chased girls.

- Was any of it really sin?

Yeah, it was sin.

It was bad.

It hurt Him, but Icouldn't comprehend that

because I didn't know Himon a relational level.

I still had troubleunderstanding and comprehending

who Jesus was,

more than just a story figure.

- [Narrator] Aftergraduating from high school,

Adam married his girlfriend, Amber.

He tried to be a good Christian,

but always left Jesus behind at church.

- [Adam] I knew Him on a prayer level.

I knew Him at an altar level,

but not at an outside level,where you're living every day.

I was putting God in abox that He had to exist

within the confines of a church.

It put me in a position towhere I was more willing

to make bad decisionsthat would not honor Him.

- [Narrator] By 2009, Adamand Amber had two kids,

and a third on the way.

Adam decided to join theDothan, Alabama police force.

- Being a law enforcement officer,

I didn't go into it because Ithought it was gonna be easy

or just getting to drivefast and have guns.

You know, I felt called there.

- [Narrator] It also fitinto his view of a religion

without grace.

- My view of God was likerules and regulations

and standards and I wantedto hold people to the law,

I wanted to enforce the law,and do a good job at it,

but at the same time, Ifelt like I had to live

a level up, above that.

That's intimidating, it's exhausting.

It's just mentallyexhausting to live like that,

to feel like you'vealways got to be perfect.

- [Narrator] He quickly moved up the ranks

in a variety of departments,

but paid a heavy pricefor those promotions.

- Dealing with the stress of the job,

that was having a tremendoustoll on my marriage

because it was having,taking a toll on me.

Mental exhaustion, spiritual exhaustion,

emotional exhaustion, physical exhaustion,

and you know, you justdon't wanna communicate.

You shut down, you lock yourself out.

I saved all the good I hadfor what I did on the street

or what I did in investigations,or what I did on the job,

and I gave my best away, anddidn't save it for my family.

- [Narrator] When Adam started working

in the Sex Crimes division,his empathy for the victims

made him question God's love.

- Seeing the pain thatothers went through,

seeing the blatant evilthis present society

which most people will never know about,

caused me to ask God, if you love us,

why do these things happen?

If you love us, then whydo little babies suffer?

Why do children suffer?

Why do innocent people suffer?

And why is evil so prevalent?

And it was almost on alevel of interrogating God,

and saying, if you are love,

and your Bible says you're love,

your Word says you'relove, if you're love,

then why do these things happen?

My wrestling match withGod lasted six months,

but it felt like eternity.

I got to a point to where I said,

I have tried to prove you,I have tried to find facts

about you, all I have is your Word.

I said, you know, I can'tprove that you exist.

I can't put a finger onyou, but I believe in you,

because I choose to believe in you.

Inside, I was broken, beat down,

and probably felt more defeated

than I'd ever felt in my life.

And I just totally surrendered.

Nothing compares to thelove, the embrace I felt

from Jesus in that moment.

(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] Surrenderingto God released the pressure

Adam felt to be perfect,and He invited Jesus

into every area of his life.

- I didn't really have a desire to do some

of the other things Ihad done in the past,

and so I didn't fit inanymore with certain places.

It just didn't feel right.

It made me want to be a better husband.

It made me want to be a better father.

I began to understand thatwe live in a fallen world,

and that God is loveand that He's present,

He's available, He's givenus the power to overcome

and be more than conquerors.

He's given us the powerto have abundant life.

- [Narrator] Adam has sinceretired from the police force,

but stays in close contactwith his fellow officers.

He loves to share aboutthe freedom he found

when he surrendered to God.

- No matter where you'reat, how good things are

or how bad they seem,

that in the middle, Jesusis still the answer.

He is still the answer.

It doesn't matter how dark your days are,

how bad you've been, or howgood you've tried to be,

Jesus is the way.

We've painted this picture of a big God

with a big hammer who's gota finger on a red button,

waiting to send everybody to hell,

and man, that is not who He is at all.

He is love, and when we understand that,

it changes everything,

and when we experience it,it really changes everything.

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