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'Pro-Life Is Pro-Science': How March for Life Is Schooling Pro-Abortion Advocates

'Pro-Life Is Pro-Science': How March for Life Is Schooling Pro-Abortion Advocates Read Transcript

- Those who would pitch scienceagainst the pro-life cause

would find they don't reallyhave a logical leg to stand on.

At least, they wouldhave found that out today

if they'd been here on Capitol Hill

for the March for Life'sannouncement of its 2019 theme.

- Unique from Day One:Pro-Life is Pro-Science.

- Jeanne Mancini headsup the March for Life.

- So many who are abortionadvocates erroneously

try to paint life andscience as being in conflict,

and it's just not true.

So we thought we'd revisitthe facts, Biology 101.

- Science validates pro-life ethics,

because it's simple biology.

Your life began atconception, at fertilization.

You are the same individual organism,

to use the biological term now,

that you were when youwere a one-celled organism.

- David Daleiden has beensued by Planned Parenthood

after embarrassing undercovervideos his group took

revealed the abortiongiant is in the business

of harvesting unborn baby parts for sale.

- Especially in the bodyparts procurement business,

from the abortion doctors

to the middle man harvesting companies

to the end user researchers,

that the body parts of ourunborn brothers and sisters

are only valuable for saleand for experimentation

because they're exactly like any of us

and indistinguishable.

And if we don't recognize that,

that's what opens the door to atrocities

like Kermit Gosnell.

- The March for Life this coming year

will be on the National Mall January 18th.

Paul Strand, CBN News, Capitol Hill.


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