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Paying Off $52,000 in Debt

One costly mistake caused Jon to lose his business. He found himself $52,000 in debt. God's grace and intervention made the difference. Jon's prayers were heard and the bad circumstances became a testimony of God's goodness. Read Transcript

- [Reporter] John Richardshas been a hair stylist

for more than 30 years.

In the late 90's, heowned a successful salon,

but he made an honest, yet costly mistake.

The IRS reclassified all ofhis stylists as employees

and then demanded backtaxes on their wages.

When the stylists could no longer

be independent contractors they all left.

- They walked out on me,I had this huge rent.

It was $2,200 a month.

And they left me, I was like left alone.

- [Reporter] John lost his business.

That's when he started using credit cards

to pay his bills and household expenses.

By 2002, John and his wifeLinette were $52,000 in debt.

- At that point, it wasthe lowest we had been.

And I always knew Godalways takes care of us

so I always had that assurance.

- One thing Linettereally wanted to make sure

we kept doing, keep tiding,we have to honor God.

We have to honor God no matter what.

And in 2002, I started askingGod for a financial miracle.

And so everyday, every morning I prayed,

God I need a miracle,God I need a miracle.

- [Reporter] One afternoon,while watching the 700 Club,

John and Linette joined Patand Gordon as they prayed.

- And after I got donepraying, nothing happened.

I just kinda shrugged myshoulders, I look down

okay, Lord, I'm, and then,something really interesting

happened, there's fourseconds left in the program.

And Gordon said excuse me, Dad,

- there's someone named John and

you're praying for financial miracle.

God's heard your prayer,he's gonna give you that.

- What? And I looked at my wife and I said

what did he just saycause the show was over.

- And I was a littlehesitant, but God proves

himself time and time again.

- [Reporter] Several monthslater, they're financial miracle

began to unfold.

John went by his old salon,and then noticed that it

was still empty, heimmediately called his former


- So he came back withthis number of a less than

a third of what I waspaying for it before.

I said Cliff, just checkthat out, that seems

to good to be true.

So he called me the next day, and he said,

well, it's not right, it's $600 a month,

I said I'll take it.

So that was the beginningof my financial miracle.

The first two years I doubled

what I took in the year before.

And in 2005, we paid off all of our debt.

And in 2006, my businessreally started taking off.

One year, I believe it was 2007, I took

in just shy of $400,000 to my business.

- [Reporter] Then in 2008,the stock market took a dive.

Most of John's clientspay top dollar for hair

extensions, but when the economy tanked,

many of them disappeared.

And he was facing the possibility

of losing his salon again.

- Something reallyamazing hpapened in 2012,

it was February, that this girl showed up.

Her name was Becky, andshe wanted extensions

but nobody could do her hair.

I'm one of two people thatcan do hair extensions

after chemo on one inch of hair.

And this is so God that Godwould do something like this.

Only God could do that,I never saw this coming.

- [Reporter] A local newsstation covered Becky's

transformation, it was postedon YouTube and Facebook.

- And that thing went viral.

I had people coming in from Peru, Belgium,

Australia, Philippines.

- [Reporter] John isalready booking appointments

for next year.

- It's not that God needs our money.

It's because we're obedient to his word,

and out of sacrifice, God uses that.

And so we are to helpothers, and we are to

give selflessly, and it's a joy to give.

- You want to go on a ride of a lifetime?


I can't explain it, Idon't know how He does it.

But it's God's rule give andit shall be given to you.



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