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Faith Nation: October 19, 2018

Faith Nation: October 19, 2018 Read Transcript

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- Welcome to FaithNation, I'm Jenna Browder.

- And I'm John Jessup.

Well, it was one week ago today

that Pastor Andrew Brunson was released

after being detained inTurkey for over two years.

- And during that time

he faced both prison and house arrest.

But now he is back home in America.

- Senior internationalcorrespondent, George Thomas,

got the chance to speakwith Andrew Brunson

and his wife today, andhe joins us now with more.


- Pretty dramatic day here at CBN.

After being held as a prisoner in Turkey,

Pastor Brunson went from acourtroom to the Oval Office

in little less than 24 hours.

The world watched as hethanked President Trump

and then knelt down to pray for him.

The pastor's journeybegan two long years ago

when Turkish officials detained Brunson

and charged him with tryingto overthrow the government.

I asked him about that experience

and how God got him through.

Andrew how did God sustainyou these last 18 months?

- Well, (chuckles) I think,

through the prayers of God's people,

what I've said to my wife,

I'd said, where is all the grace

that I expected to comepouring out from these,

obviously many people arepraying, where's the grace?

And what I found is that Godwas taking me a different route

and was not letting mefeel or sense the grace

that is there that's sustaining me.

And so I say it was like an unfelt grace,

an unseen race.

But then, as I look back

on the things he brought me through,

and I realized my incredible weakness,

then I say, oh, he wasthere the whole time.

He was carrying me through.

The grace was there.

I just didn't sense it.

- Did you ever lose hope?

- Oh yes, especially the first year.

I was really broken.

A number of times I lost hope

and that's where I came to a point

where I had to look away from hope

and more towards submission.

And the point of thesubmission was saying God,

if this is what you have for me,

I don't have the strength to do this.

I can't endure in prisonlong term for years.

I don't want to, but if thisis what you have for me,

then I want to serve your purposes,

but then I need you to strengthen me.

I need you to pour into me the courage,

the strength, the perseverance,the steadfastness of Jesus,

because I don't have it.

So every day I would pray for this.

My cry was I want to be found worthy

to stand before you onthat day without regrets

from things left undone from cowardice.

So I don't want to be a coward.

I don't want to leave undone

the assignment that you've given me,

but I need your strength for it.

- Norine you were in prisonwith Andrew for 13 days

then they let you go.

What got you through those 18 months,

when you only had a chanceto see Andrew once a week,

for 35 minutes, it thengot extended to an hour,

but what got you through?

- Yeah, again, first of all,

the prayers of people around the world

some were especially touching to us.

All prayers were wonderful.

We were really touched by theprayers of the Turkish church.

We were touched by theprayers of Iranians, Chinese,

these are suffering churches,

and to know that they are praying for us

was just very humbling.

There's no question

that we were carried on a wave of Prayer.

Yeah, secondly, is justpressing into the Lord.

Difficult times, that's what we do, right,

we have to press into the Lord a lot more.

- And I'm sure that there were days

when you were gettingready to see your husband,

once a week that you were weak

and you--- Absolutely, absolutely.

- And in some ways you had to,

did you have to dig deep inorder to be there for him.

- Absolutely.

So it was hard to get up in the morning.

Every morning I was justvery slow to wake up.

I'd sleep well at night, but I wake up

and I'm back in this again

and very slow to start my day,

but I had to just start itwith the Lord definitely.

Certain things I would pray through.

It wasn't a rope thing.

It was fresh every day 'causeI knew how much I needed it.

And it actually, there was a shift from,

Lord walk through this daywith me, to Lord you lead me.

We're still walking together,

but you lead me through this day.

So definitely spending alot of time in his presence,

sometimes just sitting quietly,

'cause I thought what can I say Lord,

but definitely holding on to him.

- We as Christian World News,

we were reporting on yourplight for a very long time.

Literally, there were people

in some of the mostdifficult parts of the world,

whether it's Afghanistan,Iran, China, Saudi Arabia,

all around the world,

believers who were facingtremendous challenges,

but they knew your story and they prayed.

How does that make you feel?

- Well, I never feltworthy of this prayer.

It was astounding to me,as Norine would tell me,

I'm very isolated in prison.

But Noreen would tell methese people are praying here,

they're praying in this other country.

And I'm thinking why, why?

Because we were in a corner ofTurkey ministering for years

in relative obscurity,

why should all thesepeople be praying for me?

And I came to see

that the Lord was doingsomething much bigger

than just dealing with me,

that he was gathering prayer, I think,

for Turkey for the purposesthat he has for that country

and also in the Middle East.

So I think I'm a littlepart of something very big

that God is doing

and that's why God raisedawareness in other countries

and had people praying for us.

- Thank you for coming on the show.

- [The Brunsons] Thank you.

- Well George, afterinterviewing the Brunsons,

so what was your big takeaway?

- I think just therawness of their emotions.

Look, it's a week later,

but you can sense fromboth Norine and Andrew

that this has really changed their lives,

changed their lives forever,

but more so that one year,that first year in prison,

for Andrew was very difficult.

As he said to me, I lost hope,in the sense of I was broken,

but after a year, and incidentally,

somehow somebody managed tosmuggle a Mike Bickle book,

Mike Bickle is from InternationalHouse of Prayer in Kansas,

and there was this prayer book

that he was able to gothrough the second year.

And he said that was a turning point,

to be able to have some hope

in the midst of what seemed to be

a very, very uncertain future.

- George, first of all, great interview.

Inspiring couple here.

I know they've only been back for a week,

so what's the readjustmentprocess been like

and is there any indication

of what they plan for the future?

- Yeah, I've never been held hostage.

I've never, well, I have spentsome time in a small prison,

but not for a very long duration.

I have faced wars and so forth,

but I can just imagine thetrauma that they are experiencing

and the challenges of what he went through

and what Norine went through.

Andrew mentioned that he would liked

he and Noreen were thinkingabout going to Kansas,

to IHOP's spend five sixmonths, just just downloading,

just being able to rest andto regroup and to recharge.

And so that's gonna be somepart of the trauma counseling

that they are going to haveto go through in the process.

- Yeah.

George, you cover Christianpersecution and so well.

Turkey, it's obviously very bad there.

Where else are we seeing

really terrible persecutionagainst Christians?

- Well, Open Doors, for several years,

has said the number oneplace that's the worst place

for Christians in the worldis North Korea, no doubt,

but I think, what's happening in China

is very, very disconcerting.

I've been going therefor the last 20 years.

And China, at the current growth rate is,

they say it's going to bethe largest Christian country

in the world.

But what has happened since Xi Jingping,

the president of China,since he has come to power,

he has really cracked down on Christianity

and the church movement

and they are under tremendous pressure,

but it is nothing new to them.

They have suffered for 50 plus years,

but they are entering a whole new phase

that we need to continueto pray like never before

for the church in China.

- George Thomas, thanks so much.

- You're welcome.

- Well, the Trump administration

will relocate its DiplomaticMission to Palestinians

in Jerusalem.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo,

says it will now be under the authority

of the US Embassy in Jerusalem,

CBN's White Housecorrespondent, Ben Kennedy,

joins us from the North Lawn.

Ben, how big of a deal really is this

and what are the practicalimplications here?

- Well John, Pompeo says themerge does not alter US policy.

Yes, it does mean the diplomaticmission to the Palestinians

won't have its own separatechannel to Washington,

as the new Palestinian AffairsUnit will be located inside

the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

The Secretary of State tweeted,

"This will improveefficiency and effectiveness.

Israel Ambassador DavidFriedman, pushed for the change.

Now, critics say the mergewill spark further conflict

between Israel and the Palestinians.

Secretary General

of the PalestinianLiberation Organization,

Saeb Erekat, said the moverewards Israeli violations

and crimes, adding thatthe Trump administration

is making clear thatit is working together

with the Israeli governmentto impose greater Israel

rather than a two-statesolution on the 1967 border.

The US administration has fully endorsed

the Israeli narrative,including on Jerusalem,

refugees and even settlements.

Senior adviser to thePalestinian Authority,

called it a quote, very bad decision.

Now, in September, the WhiteHouse closed the PLO's office

right here in DC, in part for its refusal

to enter into peacenegotiations with Israel.

John, Jenna.

- Ben, thanks so much.

- All right.

And joining us now is David Brody,

our chief political analyst.

David, the Trump administration,

in the eyes of a lot ofChristians, is really on a roll.

We talked about PastorBrunson, with Israel

and what Ben was just talking about,

the Supreme Court thoseare just to name a few.

Do you think that all of these wins

will be enough to reallymobilize evangelicals

come November in the midterms?

- Well, I think it's all part of a package

that they, and I say they,these are evangelical groups,

they are selling across the country.

So the Family ResearchCouncil has this bus tour,

The Values Voter Bus Tour,or whatever they call it.

It's something along those lines.

The Faith and FreedomCoalition Ralph Reed's group,

David Lane and his groups,

out in California in the West Coast

so they're all kind ofpackaging all of this.

There is Brunson and andKavanaugh and all of that,

the embassy for sure, justsaying that all of this, is gone,

when I say gone, the futureof these type of big moves

will be gone if theDemocrats take control.

And so I think that'sthe big thing to watch.

Now I will say this, thatwhat I'm hearing on the ground

is that Montana, North Dakota, Tennessee,

big states where evangelicalgroups are mobilized

and even with the Brett Kavanaugh bounce,

we have the Brett bounce right?

- Mm-hmm.- In North Carolina,

one of my source is telling me,

on the ground in North Carolina

that after the Kavanaugh hearings,

80 folks that were not Republicansthen decided to register,

and become Republicans,

80 people within two days afterthe Kavanaugh confirmation.

They believe, they,these evangelical groups,

believe that is a bit of ananecdotal story to say hey,

there's something afootsomewhere in these states.

- Speaking of evangelicals,there is a new study out

that digs a little deeperinto that 81% figure

that we hear often, anastounding 81% of evangelicals

voted in favor of Trump.

But if you dig a littledeeper in the numbers,

and I know I saw something that said,

it's really evangelical white men,

really support Trump moreso than any other group.

Tell us how these numbers

might affect the midterm elections.

- Yeah, this was theBilly Graham Institute

along with LifeWay Research.

They did some numbers.

Now just to clarify,

we always say 81% of whiteevangelicals voted for Trump.

Well, not really.

81% of white evangelicalsthat showed up to vote,

voted for Donald Trump.

So, in other words,

half of evangelicals don'teven vote in this country.

So of the ones that actually voted,

81% of those voted for Trump.

- And we should point out the electorate,

in any any election, general, midterm,

about 26% of the electorateis actually the evangelical--

- That's right.- Community.

- That's right.

They're gonna have to benorth of that for sure

to win in 2016.

Anyhow, so bottom line is,

is that this survey basically said

that wasn't really all about Trump.

A lot of people were holding their nose.

A lot of people say just not for Hillary

and if you kind of digdown into that 81% number,

becomes a lot less in termsof this fervent support

for Trumps.

Just because you hear81% of white evangelicals

doesn't necessarily mean thatthey're all gung-ho for Trump.

- Yeah, we've seen in the past David,

the Republican NationalCommittee be very helpful

toward the Republican Partyand toward President Trump.

What's kind of yoursense this time around,

are they really mobilizing evangelicals?

- It seems like it'sdifferent this time around.

There's a new guy at the helm

at the Republican National Committee.

Good guy and everything,

but there was a guy beforethat, Chad Connelly,

who had a big time pastor network there.

What I'm hearing is,

and I'll give you aquick anecdotal example,

Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee.

She was there in a certaincity, I won't name the city,

but she was in a city, did an event,

in that same city was a big750-pastor event as well,

they never showed up.

Marsha Blackburn never showedup at this pastor event.

The point being is that the RNC may,

and will have to get some moreclarification from the RNC,

why she didn't show up,but the bottom line is,

how do you pass up an opportunity

not to talk to 750 pastorsin Tennessee, got to do it.

So dotting Is, crossing Ts,

will be interesting tosee if the RNC can do it.

- Those are the votersthat they definitely need.

- Yep.

- Chief political analyst, David Brody,

thank you so much.- Thanks guys.

- Thanks David.

Well, the Justice Departmenthas charged a Russian woman

for allegedly trying to interferein the midterm elections.

It's the first such federalcase against a foreign national

ahead of the 2018 vote.

The 44-year-old is charged with conspiracy

to defraud the United States,

stemming from what theJustice Department says

was an effort to sway publicopinion through social media.

(upbeat tempo music)

- Up next, the latest on thedisappearance of journalist,

Jamaal Khashoggi.

(upbeat tempo music)

welcome back.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

is denying media reportsthat say he listened to

and read the transcriptof the interrogation

and apparent murder ofcolumnist Jamal Khashoggi,

inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

- Meanwhile, US officialscontinue to wait for Saudi

and Turkish authorities towrap up their investigations.

CBN's national securitycorrespondent Erik Rosales,

joins us now with the latest, Erik.

- Well, John and Jenna, it's been 17 days

since The Washington Post journalist

was last seen entering theSaudi Arabian consulate.

While Turkey officialsare increasingly convinced

that the Saudi prince wasinvolved in the death,

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo,

is urging everyone,including The President,

not to rush to judgment.

The president is weighing in

on the death of Jamal Khashoggi again,

this time defendinghis Secretary of State,

saying on Twitter that Mike Pompeo

was never given or showna transcript or video,

of the reported murder of Khashoggi.

That's the same thingPompeo told reporters

on his way back to Washington

after his trip to the Middle East.

Turkish news agencies reported

prosecutors are questioning employees

at the Saudi consulate.

Turkish officials said investigators

are now searching multiple locations,

including a forest on theoutskirts of Istanbul,

where the remains ofthe missing journalists

may have been dumped.

Meanwhile, readers are still reacting

after The WashingtonPost published last words

Khashoggi ever wrote,

saying Arab governmentshave been given free rein

to continue silencing themedia at an increased rate.

Those words submitted to his editor,

a day after he wasreported missing in Turkey.

It's believed Khashoggi's fight

against government censorship

may have led to his disappearance.

Secretary Pompeo saysboth Turkey and the Saudis

have personally promised a complete

and thorough investigation.

- They made clear to methat they to understand

the serious nature of thedisappearance of Mr. Khashoggi.

They also assured me thatthey will conduct a complete,

thorough investigation.

- [Erik] And president Trumpthreatens severe consequences

if the Saudis are foundresponsible for the murder.

- Well, it'll have to be very severe.

It's bad, bad stuff.

- The trouble is for us,

that most of the things thatpeople like Turki Al Faisal,

and like Jamal Khashoggi, andfor that matter before them,

Osama bin Laden didn'tlike about Saudi Arabia,

are things that we like.

- [Erik] Frank Gaffney,

president of the Centerfor Security Policy says,

the Saudis have beenhelpful to the United States

from threats in the Middle East,

mainly the government of Iran.

They push back againstthe Muslim Brotherhood,

which Gaffney says isa threat to the West.

Gaffney believes President Trump

cannot allow our enemies to step in

if we come down hard onthe Saudi government.

- Whether it's the Iranians,

whether it's the Muslim Brotherhood,

whether it's the Turks,whether it's the Qataris,

these are the sorts of people,

we should be punishingas well in my judgment.

- This is a very complicated issue.

Let's face it, the United States

doesn't have a lot offriends in the Middle East

and while it's importantto send a strong message

that the killing of a journalist is wrong,

Saudi Arabia is a very closepartner to the United States,

plus Saudi Arabia's location gives the US

strategic advantages incombating the threat of Isis.

John, Jenna.

- All right, thank you Eric.

Well, continuing theirpush toward the US border,

migrants from Guatemala

forced their way througha gate breaking through.

Meanwhile, US and Mexican officials

have agreed on a plan tohandle the approaching Caravan

headed toward the border.

Mexican officials

asked the UN HigherCommission for Refugees

to establish sheltersalong its southern border.

UN officials at the shelters

will decide which oneshave legitimate claims

for refugee status.

White House officials say

if an individual evades the new system

and reaches the US border,

Mexico will now allow therefugees to be returned to Mexico.

- Well, when it comes tothe immigration debate,

the Bible has been used extensively

by people from a variety of perspectives

to support their views.

- That's right, JenniferWishon spoke with a man

who leads a weekly Bible study

with top administration officials.

He says the Bible offers cleardirection on immigration.

- Ralph Drollinger is one of the nation's

most influential evangelical leaders.

Each week he leads congressmen, senators

and members of President Trump'scabinet through the Bible,

book by book, verse by verse.

Immigration policy he says,

is a perfect example of whya contextual understanding

of the Bible is so important.

- Well, it's interesting

how you can parachute in on a passage

and almost make it whateveryou wanna make it to be.

It's what we call inseminary circles, eisegesis,

where you isolate a passageand you read into it

your own preconceptions.

- [Jennifer] For instance, hesays the use of Matthew 19:14,

where Jesus says let thelittle children come to me

is about salvation, as opposedto God favoring children

over the laws of the state.

Drollinger says lawmakers

are correct to cite Romans chapter 13,

when discussing enforcementof US immigration law.

- The primary ordinationpurpose by God of the state

is to carry the sword

so that people have a senseof fear in a fallen world

to not do wrong and that'sthe point of Romans 13:4.

Now that almost soundsharsh in today's world,

but it's the idea thatthere are consequences

to evil actions.

And if there's not, then allhell breaks loose in a country.

And you can see even likewhen we have a tornado,

or a hurricane and all of asudden the government goes down

in the South, you can seeall kinds of robbery occur

and the actual fallen, depravednature of man comes out

when there's no sense ofretribution for his evil actions.

- [Jennifer] Understanding the Bible

in its entirety he says,

helps believers in governmentbetter understand their duties

as leaders.

- The people I teach the Bible to,

they have to know this stuff

in order to be true personally obediently

to Scripture themselves,

but also just to do their job

as they would be enforcingthe laws of the country.

- [Jennifer] JenniferWishon CBN News, Washington.

- Coming up, how somemillennials are using technology

for the sake of The Gospel.

(upbeat tempo music)

Well, finally tonight anew high-tech approach

recently let thousands of young Christians

spread the gospel together,even though Jenna,

they were thousands of miles apart.

- Yeah, it's very cool.

Paul Strand traveled toDenver to bring us the story.

- Teams were witnessing to the lost

all over America this past weekend,

brought together by a nationwide simulcast

originating out of here ina church in Denver Colorado.

It was put on by Dare 2 Share,

a group whose goal is to seeevery teenager in the country

evangelized by their fellow teens.

Ciara Abeyta and her witnessing pals

ended up giving the giftof eternity to a woman

than a half-dozenhomeless people this day.

- We told her about Jesus

and she accepted Jesus there on the spot.

The people were reallythankful that we were there

and they felt so blessed

and they all accepted Jesusright then, and there.

- Dare 2 Share founder Greg Stier,

said teens in more than 90towns took to the streets

and used the simulcast

to instantaneously sharetheir witnessing adventures

and encourage one another to be brave.

- Listen, it doesn'tmatter if you're scared,

you have the Holy Spirit of God,

who's dwelling inside of you,

and he will give you power.

Jesus said you would receive power

when the Holy Spirit comes on you

and you will be my witnesses

so yield to the spirit,open up your mouth,

let her rip and God willtake care of the rest.

- Go for it.

The hardest part is the first part

where you're really nervousabout going up to people.

But once you get past thatblockage, it just flows from you

and God just works through you.

- [Paul] Stier says God wants to use

this high-tech interconnectedness of today

to mightily multiply believer's witness.

- Christians are like, welltechnology's of the devil,

Mike you know what,

there's a story in the OldTestament about Benaiah,

who's the bodyguard of King David.

And he went up against anEgyptian of a 7-foot tall

with nothing but a club.

And that Egyptian had a big spear

and he grabbed that spearfrom the Egyptians hands

and stabbed him with his own spear.

Well, you know what, wecan take the technology

that Satan has used for evil

and stab him with his own technology

and advance the kingdom of God.

- [Paul] One highlight of this simulcast,

was 77 year old crosscarrier Arthur Blessed,

passing his anointing

and the cross heshouldered across the world

to America's teenagers.

The simulcast alsofeatured dozens of bands

throughout the land,

all playing the same worshipsongs, at the very same time.

Then, those 90-somelocations all bowed together

in a nationwide prayer.

This would just be a start,

that this would ignite thespreading of Jesus name and love

from one end of the country to the other.

Paul Strand, CBN News,reporting from Denver Colorado.

- Well, Paul found ayoung generation of people

who are bold about their faith.

- I love it.

I'd love to see stories like that.

- Yeah, amazing.

They had a great time

in Denver no doubt.- Mm-hmm.

- Well, thanks for watching (sniggers)

that's gonna do it fortonight's Faith Nation.

- (laughs) Have a great weekend.

(upbeat music)


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