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What Does the Trump Aministration's Transgender Policy Mean for America?

What Does the Trump Aministration's Transgender Policy Mean for America? Read Transcript

- Mission is redefining transgender.

Officials want to changethe definition of gender

to a biological conditiondetermined at birth

as either male or female.

The New York Times reports

the Department of Healthand Human Services

is leading an effort to establish

a legal definition of sex under Title IX.

Under it, a person's gender

could not be changed once it was defined

by the genitalia he or she is born with.

Joining us now with moreon this is Jenna Ellis.

She is the constitutional law attorney

and the Director of Public Policy

with the James Dobson Family Institute.

So, Jenna, how does thisaffect future Title IX cases?

- Well, this isn't reallythe Trump administration

redefining so much as going back

to pre-Obama era regulations and policy.

So, this is a very good thing for America,

and the faith-based communityshould be encouraged

because what the HHS memo isessentially attempting to do

is to go back to thatpre-Obama era regulation

that says that gender-baseddiscrimination,

when we're talking about thatand the term sex specifically,

is just talking about male versus female,

it wouldn't include transgender,

sexual orientation orgender identity language,

which is properly excludedfrom the definition of sex,

so hopefully, moving forward,

not only will this be a good thing

to establish a consistent definition

within the Trump administration,

but it should encourage Congress

that we really need tohave them act on this

to provide a legal definition

to make sure that thoseTitle IX cases are clarified.

- Why is it important

for the Department ofHealth and Human Services

to have a clear-cut definition of sex?

- Because they deal with these types

of regulations quite frequently

and I think that it's notonly important for HHS,

but it's also going to be important

for any time of executive agency,

as well as the Supreme Court,

to have a clear understandingof what Congress meant by sex

when they originally established Title IX.

And so, this is an ongoingconversation in American policy,

and certainly in thesocial agenda circles,

where the LGBT community is attempting

to shoehorn these othertypes of identities,

and really fictitious identities

that go against biological science,

into Title IX and intothe definition of sex.

And so, for the Trumpadministration to stand firm,

to say that sex-based discrimination

really is only a gender-based,biologically male and female,

is not only consistent with science,

but it's consistent withthe traditional definition

that we've had as a country,

and understood as a country,throughout our history.

- Some see this law as discriminatory

towards transgender people.

What are your thoughts on that?

- Well, this is just basicallygoing along with science,

and so for the LGBTcommunity to attempt, again,

to try to create certainrights that are not present

within sex-based discrimination,

they're attempting to drawa distinctly protected class

that really should not properly,

or scientifically, or biologically,

fall under the definitionof sex-based discrimination,

and so, we can certainlyhave those conversations,

but again, Congress has never passed a law

that has recognized thatthose types of categories,

sexual orientation or gender identity,

is part of the definition of sex

when we're talking about discrimination.

And so what they shouldproperly do, is go to Congress,

but they know, and the left knows,

that they can't get that through Congress,

so they've been attempting to do this

through the Supreme Court,

through other policies inthe Executive branches,

and they were relatively successful

under the Obama administration,

so for the Trump administration

to take this very clear stand

is very encouraging,

not only to the JamesDobson Family Institute,

but I think with all ofour faith-based partners.

- All right, Jenna, thankyou so much for your time.

Much appri--


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