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Who's Organizing the Massive Caravan on Track to Hit the US Border, Just in Time for the Election?

Who's Organizing the Massive Caravan on Track to Hit the US Border, Just in Time for the Election? Read Transcript

- A caravan of Central American migrants

headed to the United Stateshas become a hot topic

before the upcoming mid-term elections.

The group is now up to 7,000and continue to move closer

to the U.S.-Mexico border.

- CBN's National Security correspondent,

Eric Rosales, spoke withimmigration experts and Eric,

they told you that thisis really a prime example

of a group's grand standingout of desperation and poverty.

- Yes, they certainly did.

You know, President Trumpin Monday said that the

United States will beginto cut off or reduce aid

to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador

as the citizens of thosecountries head for the U.S.

as part of the so-calledcaravan of migrants.

President Trump declareda national emergency

claiming that unknown Middle Easterners

had joined the group.

He tweeted, "Sadly, itlooks like Mexico's Police

"and Military are unableto stop the caravan

"heading to the southernborder of the United States."

- You have some verytough criminal elements

within the caravan.

But I will seal off theborder before they come

into this country and I'llbring out our military.

- This whole problem thathas been going on now

really since 2012 was precipitated by

the Obama's administrationscreation of DACA.

People got the messagethat kids could stay.

- [Eric] Steve Camarota of the

Center for ImmigrationStudies blames Congress

for not fixing the brokenimmigration systems.

Some immigrants, he says, are using these

undocumented children toget their day in court

and never showing up for it.

Camarota adds these Honduranshave traveled to Guatemala

and Mexico and both countrieshave asylum procedures,

but their goal is to liveillegally in a rich country,

like the United States.

- The number of people inthe asylum queue right now

is nearly 300,000 plus.

That has grown more thansix-fold in the last few years.

So, there's been an explosion.

The whole thing haskind of ground to a halt

our ability to process these claims.

Everybody knows that.

Come with a kid.

We'll release you into the United States.

- Heritage Foundation'sSenior policy analyst,

Ana Quintana writes thatformer Honduran legislature,

Bartolo Fuentes, a memberof the radical leftist

Libre party is behind the caravan.

According to Quintana, Libreis not a political party

but a distabilizing movement.

It was founded in 2011by the former President

of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya.

She adds Zelaya is an allyof socialist governments

in Latin America, likethe Castro regime in Cuba.

She calls this caravan anticright out of the left's

disorder and chaos playbook.

It's unclear right now if President Trump

will take unilateral actionto really reduce foreign aid

or if he will actually send troops down

to the southern border.

Pentagon sources I spokewith say right now,

some 2100 National Guard soldiers

are working side byside with border patrol

along the U.S.-Mexico border,

but so far, the Pentagon has not received

any new orders to provide moretroops for border security.


- We know Congress isn'tscheduled to return to Washington

until after the mid-term elections.

- That's right.

- But still, no doubtthese loopholes still

have to be fixed.

- Oh, they certainly do, John.

I mean, why would anyone stop coming?

Ya know, when you look atit, the Ninth Circuit Court

stated that border patrolagents cannot detain

any more families for more than 20 days.

A judge stated that youcan't separate families

and that the families that are separated,

they can't be deported.

So we can't detain them enough

because also Congress failed to fund ICE.

So, these illegals literallyhave a free pass right now.

Now it's been reportedthat Guatemala's President

announced just last week that his country

has apprehended and deported nearly 100

ISIS-linked operativeswho were in the caravan.

As a person who studies national security,

the problem is not a lack of compassion,

but rather a dangerous precedent that

no country has ever allowed.

Ya know, you be able tocome into this country,

get your day in court, and do nothing

when you don't show up.

- Eric Rosales, thanks for that report.

- Alright, Jon.


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