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Trump Steps in to Help as Ted Cruz Faces Sabotage in Texas Senate Race: 'They Snuck into Churches'

Trump Steps in to Help as Ted Cruz Faces Sabotage in Texas Senate Race: 'They Snuck into Churches' Read Transcript

- In just under a decade,Texas has grown by more

than three million people.

Which many Texans say is abig reason why democratic

senate candidate Beto O'Rourke is pulling

historically well againstRepublican incumbent

senator Ted Cruz.

That's why President Trumpcame to Houston Monday night,

to help his former primary opponent.

- Gotta vote for Ted Cruz.


(crowd cheers)

the Democrats are a bigrisk to the American family.

And our country cannot affordto take those kind of risks.

- [Abigail] John Graves,President of Vision America

tells CBN News he's notsurprised to see republicans

losing a grip on theconservative stronghold.

- I've been telling people for years,

Texas is trending thatway, Donald Trump won Ohio

by 8.1%, he won Texas by nine percent.

And people think ofOhio as a purple state,

they don't think of Texas as one.

- [Abigail] Vision Americaencourages Christian's

around the country to vote.

They're nonpartisan voter guide for Texas

shows where bothcandidates stand on issues

like the Supreme Court,right to life, and protecting

religious liberty.

Over the weekend,however, an unknown person

made fraudulent copies of the guides,

changing the texts of the issues,

and mixed them into piles passed out

at multiple churches in Texas.

- They snuck inside churchesto deceive church members.

And I've been aroundthis for over 20 years,

I've never seen or heardanything like that.

- [Abigail] O'Rourke has seensupport from some pro-life

women in Texas, unhappywith the families being

separated at the border,and the fake guide claims

Senator Cruz supports this.

Cruz told CBN News hestrongly opposes the policy.

- I can tell you when we sawthe issue of family separation,

I introduced legislation.

I stepped forward and ledlegislation that would

mandate families staytogether, that we keep families

together, that we keepkids with their parents.

- [Abigail] The fraudulentguide also claims O'Rourke

supports the right tolife, because he increased

access to health care without showing

his stance on abortion.

- I will only vote toconfirm a Supreme Court

justice who believes ina woman's right to make

her own decisions about her own body.

- [Abigail] O'Rourke stronglyopposes the President,

saying he will vote forimpeachment if elected

and will not support a wallon the southern border.

Cruz on the other hand hasembraced the President,

inviting Trump toheadline the Monday rally

where tens of thousands gathered.

- I am honored that PresidentTrump is here endorsing

and supporting my campaign,and I look forward to

campaigning alongside himin 2020 for his reelection

as President of the United States.

- O'Rourke has raisedmore than twice as much

money as Cruz's campaign,but with a short window

left until election day, Cruzstill holds a substantial

lead in the polls.

Reporting from San Antonio,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.


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