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News on The 700 Club: October 23, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct 23.: Leftists Deploy Disorder & Chaos Playbook Through Huge Migrant Caravan; Trump Steps in to Help as Ted Cruz Faces Sabotage in Texas Senate Race; Prayer and Action are the Keys to Midterm Elections, ... Read Transcript

- Well folks, we've got a jampacked story for you today.

I mean, there's so muchnews, I hardly know how

to take care of it.

But I want to start off with Wendy.

Wendy do you know theultimate narcissist is

in our society?- Oh Lord have mercy.

There's a lot of them right now.

- [Pat] Take a clue, take a wild guess.

- The ultimate narcissist right now,

well I know who the liberals think it is.

- [Pat] Well who do theconservatives think it is?

- Conservatives, probably,I just don't know Pat.

I'm afraid to insult somebody.

- Well our last President,if you could believe

he had a speech thatwas less than an hour.

He referred to himself 92 times according

to Drusch, 92 times in one short speech

in which he was criticizing the President

as being a "10 potdictator", or something.

But I mean, BarackHussein Obama is the most

narcissistic human being.

He just thinks he'sthe greatest, 92 times,

can you believe that?

- That's a lot, that's a lot.

- What you learn is don't say I,

if you're writing a speech,forget the I's and the my's

all that stuff.

All right, there's a groupdown in Honduras called

Libre, it's sponsoredhas one of the Honduras

legislators is activein it, Libre, and the

concept of Libre is tocause chaos and confusion.

That's what they do.

It is an old communisttrick to cause confusion

and chaos in an otherwisepeaceful society.

Well, Libre has spawned thiscaravan of central American

migrants heading for the United States.

They're talking about asmany as 7000 people now

and it's expected to reachthe US border just in time

for the elections.

And so immigration expertsbelieve there's a hidden

agenda at work, well thereisn't any question about it,

is a hidden agenda, Wendy?

- Meanwhile, Mexico haspromised to stop the caravan

in its tracks afterPresident Trump threatened

to cut off US aid.

CBN's National SecurityCorrespondent Eric Rosales

has that story.

- President Trump on Mondaysaid the United States

will begin to cut off orreduce aid to countries

like Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador,

as citizens from thosecountries continue to make

their way to the United States border

as part of the so calledcaravan of migrants.

President Trump also declared an emergency

stating that an unknown Middle Easterner's

had joined the group.

- The democrats wouldrather destroy American

communities than defend America's borders.

- This whole problem thathas been going on now

really since 2012 was precipitated by

the Obama's administrationscreation of DACA.

People got the messagethat kids could stay.

- [Eric] Steve Camarota ofthe Center for Immigration

Studies blames Congressfor not fixing the broken

immigration system,some immigrants he says

are using these undocumented children

to get their day in court.

And never showing up for it.

Camarota adds these Honduranshave traveled through

Guatemala and Mexico and both countries

have a silent procedures.

But their goal is to liveillegally in a rich country

like the United States.

- The number of people inthe asylum hue right now

is 300000 plus, that hasgrown more than six fold

in the last few years.

So there's been anexplosion, the whole thing

is kind of ground to a halt.

Our ability to process these claims,

everybody knows that, come with a kid,

we'll release you into the United States.

- Heritage Foundationsenior policy analyst

Sana Gwindonna writes thatformer Honduran legislator

Bartolo Fuentes, a memberof the radical left,

his Libre party is behind the caravan.

According to Gwindonna, Libreis not a political party,

but a destabilizing movement.

It was founded in 2011by the former President

of Honduras Manuel Zelaya,she adds Zelaya is an ally

of socialist governments in Latin America

like the Castro regime in Cuba.

She calls this caravan anticright out of the left's

disorder and chaos playbook.

Pentagon sources tell CBNNews right now some 2100

National Guard groupsare working side by side

with border patrol agents.

Right now, the Pentagon has not received

any orders from thePresident to increase those

numbers along the border.

Eric Rosales, CBN News.

- My council to thePresident, and he's probably

not taking it is to get adivision of United States

troops down there.

A whole division, 20000men and what we need to do

is to set up soup kitchens,to set up some tents.

To set up, if nothing else,some cots out in the open

so that we can housethese people, but we can't

let them come into the United States.

We cannot have this kindof attack on our borders,

it'll happen year afteryear after year if this one

succeeds, the next onewill come and the next one.

And what Trump is saying, we've got to fix

a broken immigration policies.

And we can't do it, I mean,the Obama administrations

left this thing in tatters, andnow what are we going to do?

We've got to have intelligentimmigration policies,

it's not that we want to keep people out,

we're a nation of immigrants, so

refreshes our population tohave new people coming in.

But you want people who arescientists and engineers,

and business people andpeople who are capable

and not poverty strickenpeople with diseases

who you'll have to put onwelfare immediately and

begin to give all kinds of social security

and social benefits, we can't have that.

The budgets of these states won't hold it,

the budget of the UnitedStates can't stand it.

And not to mention whatit'll do to the fabric

of our society, we cannot allow this.

But the President hadbetter get a division

down there right now,if he hadn't done it,

he said he's gonna use troops, well,

according to the law, he'sperfectly capable of doing that.

The so called PosseComitatus laws don't apply to

an attack on our borders,so you can put United

States troops to defend ourborders, and we should do that.

Speaking of the President,he had an amazing rally

in Texas last night.

He's campaigning forsomebody who used to be

a bitter rival, he called him lying Ted,

but now they have a love affair.

He loves him and he was down there

in Houston, 100000 peoplescreaming and shouting

about let's make America great again.

John Jessup has more.

- Thanks Pat, the Presidentcampaigned in Houston

for Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz has a narrow lead overhis democratic opponent

and the GOP hopes to seal the deal.

CBN's Abigail Robertsonexplains why the Lonestar state

is still in play.

- In just under a decade,Texas has grown by

more than three million people.

Which many Texans say is a big reason why

democratic senate candidate Beto O'Rourke

is pulling historically wellagainst republican incumbent

Senator Ted Cruz.

That's why President Trumpcame to Huouston Monday

night to help his former primary opponent.

- Gotta vote for Ted Cruz.


(crowd cheers)

the democrats are a bigrisk to the american family

and our country cannot afford to take

those kind of risks.

- [Abigail] John Graves,President of Vision America

tells CBN News he's notsurprised to see Republicans

losing a grip on theconservative stronghold.

- I've been telling people for years,

Texas is trending that way.

Donald Trump won Ohio by8.1%, he won Texas by 9%.

And people think ofOhio as a purple state,

they don't think of Texas as one.

- [Abigail] Vision Americaencourages Christian's

around the country to vote.

They're nonpartisan voter guide for Texas

shows where bothcandidates stand on issues

like the Supreme Court, right to life,

and protecting religious liberty.

Over the weekend,however, an unknown person

made fraudulent copies of the guides,

changing the text of the issues,

and mixed them into pilespassed out at multiple

churches in Texas.

- They snuck inside churchesto deceive church members.

And I've been aroundthis for over 20 years

I've never seen or heardanything like that.

- [Abigail] O'Rourke hasseen support from some

pro-life women in Texasunhappy with the families

being separated at the border.

And the fake guide claimssenator Cruz supports this.

Cruz told CBN News hestrongly opposes the policy.

- I can tell you, when we sawthe issue of family separation

I introduced legislation.

I stepped forward and ledlegislation that would

mandate families staytogether, that we keep

families together, that wekeep kids with their parents.

- [Abigail] The fraudulentguide also claims

O'Rourke supports the right to life

because he increased access to healthcare,

without showing his stance on abortion.

- I will only vote to confirma Supreme Court Justice

who believes in a woman'sright to make her own decisions

about her own body.

- [Abigail] O'Rourke stronglyopposes the President,

saying he will vote forimpeachment if elected.

And will not support a wallon the southern border.

Cruz on the other hand hasembraced the President.

Inviting Trump toheadline the Monday rally

where tens of thousands gathered.

- I am honored thatPresident Trump is here

endorsing and supporting my campaign.

And I look forward tocampaigning alongside him

in 2020 for his reelection as

President of the United States.

- O'Rourke has raised morethan twice as much money

as Cruz's campaign, butwith a short window left

until election day, Cruzstill holds a substantial

lead in the polls.

Reporting from San Antonio,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Thanks Abby, Pat, O'Rourke has a clear

competitive financialadvantage, but it's still

an uphill climb there in Texas.

- Well it's Texas, let's face it.

Texas is still conservativeand I think Cruz

is going to go ahead.

But O'Rourke has, theycall him the new Kennedy

and all that stuff.

But, he's not telling everybodywhat he really believes

when you hear him, whathe really believes,

I will not outvote, thefirst thing to impeach

the President, what doyou gonna impeach him for?

What's he doing that's impeachable?

Well, I'm gonna voteto impeach him anyhow.

Well that's not kind ofsenator Texas wants to see.

But any of it, it lookslike Cruz is gonna win,

but that rally by the Presidentwas just extraordinary.

I mean, if you saw it on television,

he was extraordinary.

Now according to the Wall Street Journal,

Turkey is using thedrip, drip, drip method

of getting the truth out of what happened

to that Saudi journalist.

So John has more on that.

- That's right Pat.

Turkey's President promisedto reveal the naked truth

on the murder of Saudi journalist today,

but he fell short, far shortof delivering any new details.

In a speech before Parliament,

President Recep TayyipErdogan said Washington Post

columnist Jamal Khashoggi'smurder was premeditated

and carried out by a15 men Saudi hit squad.

Seven of the men involved in the murder

reportedly belonged tothe protection detail

of the crowned prince of Saudi Arabia.

- My call is first andforemost to Saudi Arabia's

King Salman and to senior administration.

Istanbul is where the incident took place,

therefore, my offer isfor these 15 people,

plus three people, be 18arrested to be tried in Istanbul.

- [John] Khashoggi disappearedon October 2nd during

a visit to the SaudiConsulate in Istanbul.

Pat, this story just isn't letting up.

- Well, it's not lettingup because the Saudi's

aren't telling the truth.

I mean, they've lied and lied and lied.

It's been dissembling andhalf truth and a little

here and a little there,now it turns out there was

a body double of Khashoggi walking around

after they killed him.

And they have some kind of a bone saw

and they said well he waskilled in a fist fight

and somebody choked him.

Why do you bring a bonesaw, and where is this body?

I mean, it was a premeditated murder.

There's a lady namedMaureen Dowd who writes

in the New York Timesand she had a very very

perceptive column andI'd like to congratulate

her for about Saudi Arabia.

And what in essence, shesaid is they have bribed

their way into the hearts of America.

They have set up foundations in schools,

they have paid huge amountsof money into universities,

they have given money to politicians,

they have financed all kindsof projects in America.

And they have done everythingthey can to bring forth

that Wahabi version ofIslam into the country.

But what she also pointsout, we should not forget

is that people on 9/11 whenthey went after the towers

in New York and thePentagon, these men were all

Saudi's, they were all Saudi's.

Mohammed Alnar was a Saudi.

And Osama Bin Laden, likeit or not, was a Saudi,

wealthy Saudi I might add.

And they have bribedand conjoled their way

right now, we're producingmore oil in the United States

than they are.

And oil or not, arms deal or otherwise,

we cannot be alignedwith a group of people

who have persecutedwomen, and have kangaroo

cords and have this religious police

that is just incredibly bad.

They are supposed to be our friends.

And as she pointed out in the story,

after 9/11 the Bush administration allowed

the entire family of theambassador and all his

relatives to get on a 737,and several planes of his

and fly out of here beforethere was any repercussions

that they were brought upon any kind of charges.

So it's time that that Mohammed Bin Salmon

get brought to trial.

He's responsible for murder,and I think the President

has got to say okay, westill want to maintain

a relationship with theSaudi's, but we cannot have

this any more of thesethings they're doing.

And we certainly can't allowthis man to go scot free.

And we can't excuse himor try to make any kind

of accommodation with him.

He's a murderer and he'shad a hit squad and there's

no question that this was premeditated.

This is a hit squad thatcame in when they have

body doubles and they havebone saws and they have all

this kind of stuff.

There's no doubt theyintended to kill this man,

dismember his body, torturehim and then hide the evidence.

And that's what they've been doing and

nobody with any intelligence is buying it.

They've been lyingthrough their teeth, John.

- Pat, a series of earthquakesstruck off the western coast

of Canada Sunday and Monday.

Three quakes occurrednear Vancouver Island

about an hour of eachother on Sunday night.

Two measured 6.5 and a third, 6.8.

Two smaller quakes hit onMonday, no damage or tsunami's

were reported, but seismologistssay the unusual occurrence

is a reminder of thecomplicated tectonic setting

in the region.

Well during these times of uncertainty,

the world is looking at theupcoming November elections

as one of the mostimportant in US history.

Two American Christianleaders took their concerns

to Jerusalem recently,there, they told CBN's

Chris Mitchell why theybelieve prayer and action

are the keys to the midterms.

- [Chris] On November sixth,the American's will decide

the makeup of the house ofrepresentatives and the senate

for the next two years.

Christian leaders CindyJacobs, and Lance Wallnau

told CBN News the churchcan play a vital role

in those elections.

- I think that we need topray that God will raise

up righteous leaders.

We're at a tipping pointfor the nation and I believe

that if we do not vote righteously,

then we're going to seesome things start unraveled.

So as Inner sisters, wewant to pray, pray, pray

that God will be exulted.

- [Chris] Wallnau seesfreedom on the line,

and a time to act.

- We need to mobilize, in our country,

so that we are actuallyable to occupy the spaces

where we have freedom,and push back on having

those freedoms taken away.

And most Christian'sdon't want to mobilize,

they don't want to be activists,

but the book of acts is about acts.

And that's the root of activism,

you've got to get engaged.

- [Chris] Jacobs is mobilizinga 40 day prayer event.

- One thing we're doing isthere's a group of prayer

networks that we have all banded together

and we have something Pray in Unity.

- [Chris] The website,

provides prayer guidesbeginning September 28,

through election day.

- You sign up, prayer walk your street,

or find a prayer group atyour church, but please pray.

Pray for your family, butalways pray beyond your family.

Because your family will suffer

under unrighteous administrations if

you don't pray for the nation.

- [Chris] They both agreeprayer is a big step

followed by actually voting.

- We have to pray, but wehave to mobilize and vote.

And I think that sometimeswe think that the prayers

a substitute for the corresponding action.

And you can't hire someoneelse to do your civic duty,

you've gotta vote for the congressman

that's in your district, you can vote

for the senator in your state.

These are electionsright now where you have

direct authority in your territory.

And so this is whereChristian's have to show up

in their own territory.

- You know, voting is spiritual.

Voting is actually a spiritual act.

Because we're calledto steward our nations,

we're called to disciple our nations.

So if we vote, then wewill get righteous leaders.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Thanks Chris, Pat, back to you.

- You know, Jesus wasgiven a choice they said

that who should we pay taxes to?

Should we pay taxes to Caesaror should we give it to God?

And he said show me a coin,and he looked at the coin

and said, who's face andsuperscription was on this coin?

He said it's Caesar's, okay.

Render to Caesar whatbelongs to Caesar and to God

what belongs to God.

What belongs to Caesar whenwe live in a free country

is intelligent citizenship.

The average person inAmerica can't tell you

who their congressmanis, who their senator is,

they don't have a clue aboutthe separation of powers.

They know almost nothingabout the constitution,

and it's just remarkablewhat they don't know.

But we have to be intelligentand then we have to vote.

And I'm telling you folks,this election is crucial.

We're looking at a timewhen we're facing either

continued order and prosperity or are we

gonna look at chaos and negativity.

And I'm just not one who'sgonna vote for negativity,

I think it's time whenyou must go to the polls

and I don't know about the registration,

some people you canregister right on the day

of the elections, so, someyou have to be registered

but it depends on your state.

But nevertheless, assumingyou are or can be registered

you need to vote, you need to vote.

It's just absolutely crucial.

And here in Virginia forexample, there's a tremendous

amount of money, I talked to congressman

yesterday, he said it'sthe record amount of money

being spent in the second district.

Record, they've never hadthis much money being spent

only in the congressional district before.

- Here in Virginia.

- In the second, we're in it right now.

This one, which ya know,it's record amount of money

that people are just spending.

Like in Texas, that O'Rourkehas raised so much money,

and it's the big leftistgroups are pouring money

into trying to shift the balance.

And it's just so vitallyimportant to vote.

It really is.

So render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar

and to God what belongs to God.

Do both, but in terms ofChristian citizenship,

what belongs to Caesar isyour informed intelligent

active citizenship.

Do not sit home on electionday, and it's coming up

just a few more days, wehaven't gotten many more left.


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