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Radical Leftist Accused of Pushing Huge Migrant Caravan to Deploy Disorder

Radical Leftist Accused of Pushing Huge Migrant Caravan to Deploy Disorder Read Transcript

- President Trump, on Monday,said the United States

will begin to cut off or reduce aid

to countries like Honduras,Guatemala, and El Salvador

as citizens from those countries

continue to make their wayto the United States border

as part of the so-calledcaravan of migrants.

President Trump alsodeclared an emergency,

stating that unknown MiddleEasterners had joined the group.

- The Democrats would ratherdestroy American communities

than defend America's borders.

- This whole problem thathas been going on now,

really since 2012, was precipitated

by the Obama administration'screation of DACA.

People got the messagethat kids could stay.

- [Erik] Steve Camarota

of the Center for ImmigrationStudies blames Congress

for not fixing the brokenimmigration system.

Some immigrants, he says,

are using these undocumented children

to get their day in courtand never showing up for it.

Camarota adds theseHondurans have traveled

through Guatemala and Mexico,

and both countries have asylum procedures,

but their goal is to live illegally

in a rich country like the United States.

- The number of people inthe asylum queue right now

is 300,000 plus.

That has grown more thansixfold in the last few years.

So there's been an explosion.

The whole thing haskind of ground to a halt

our ability to process these claims.

Everybody knows that.

Come with a kid.

We'll release you into the United States.

- Heritage Foundation seniorpolicy analyst Ana Quintana

writes that former Honduranlegislator, Bartolo Fuentes,

a member of the radicalleftist Libre party,

is behind the caravan.

According to Quintana, Libreis not a political party,

but a destabilizing movement.

It was founded in 2011

by the former president ofHonduras, Manuel Zelaya.

She adds Zelaya is an ally

of socialist governments in Latin America,

like the Castro regime in Cuba.

She calls this caravan antic

right out of the left'sdisorder and chaos playbook.

Pentagon sources tell CBN News

right now, some 2,100National Guard troops

are working side-by-sidewith Border Patrol agents,

and right now, the Pentagonhas not received any orders

from the President toincrease those numbers

along the border.

Erik Rosales, CBN News.

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