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News on The 700 Club: October 24, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct 24.: As Trump Stumps GOP Bumps, Giving Signs That Blue Wave Could Become Blue Blip; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Defending President Trump's Opposition to Migrant Caravan; Trump Revoking Visas for 21 Saudi ... Read Transcript

- Well welcome to the 700Club, man we had a mega

million jackpot, could you imagine a 130,

what is it, a $130 million?

- I thought it was over a billion.

- Excuse me, over a billion, a billion

is so much money Ican't even count it all.

- No, I mean how could you spend it?

- They can spend, trust me.

They can find ways to spend it.

But good grief, this chasingafter fortune is just

I think the municipalities in doing the

people a great disservice,making them think

they can just get rich things.

But, yeah, over a 100, what is it now?

I've lost track, $130billion, 100 billion.

- I don't know, I just know it was--

- About 100 billion.

- In the billions, and I agree with you.

I'm not a fan of thelottery nor do I play it.

- The chances at winningabout as much chance

as you flying with wings up to mars.

Well with less than two weeks from what

could be one of the mostimportant midterm elections

of all time.

For months, there's beentalk of a blue wave of voters

giving the house and thesenate back to the democrats.

Now, that blue wave seemsto have broken up, Wendy.

- That's right, races aretightening up as voter

enthusiasm has grown inthe republicans favor.

A big reason is backlashfollowing the democrats

attacks on supreme courtjustice Brett Kavanaugh

during his confirmation.

CBN's Jenna Browder hasthe story from Washington.

- The plants and factories are

coming back like never before.

- One reason for therecent change in polling

is President Trumps nonstop campaigning.

So far this month, he's visited22 cities and plans another

10 rallies before election day.

His appearances are beingmet with great enthusiasm.

This Texas stadium packedwith 18000 supporters

while tens of thousands more wanted in.

It's this enthusiasm that'sgiving republicans increased

confidence, one administration official

tells us they think thePresidents campaigning

and the Supreme Court confirmation

of Justice Brett Kavanaugh will help them

pick up a seat or two in the senate.

The same administrationofficial also thinks the idea

of a blue wave has been overblown.

- Anger is the numberone issue on both sides.

- [Jenna] Most agree,including CBN's David Brody

who was on NBC's Meetthe Press this weekend.

Anger is fueling both sides.

- The democrats have theanti-Trump venom going for them.

They have the super soaker if you will.

The problem is is now Republican,problem for democrats.

Is that republicans nowhave their own super soaker,

and Brett Kavanaugh.

- [Jenna] A GOP source onthe ground tells CBN News

they've seen a majorenthusiasm shift because of the

ugly supreme court battle over Kavanaugh.

This source says it'smaking races in the toss up

states of Missouri, NorthDakota, and Indiana much tighter.

- She's going to befantastic Marsha Blackburn.

- [Jenna] In other stateslike Tennessee it's

neck and neck, hoping tochange that representative

Marsha Blackburn isfull on embracing Trump.

And appears to be pulling ahead

of her opponent, Phil Bredeson.

And according to a newWashington Post shar school pool,

the most contestedbattleground house districts

still remain too close to call.

With 50% of those polledsupporting democratic candidates.

And 47% backing republicans.

But from now until Novembersixth, voters can expect

to hear a lot of similar themes.

- This will be theelection of the caravan,

Kavanaugh, law and order,tax cuts and common sense.

- [Jenna] The question iswho can keep enthusiasm

high enough to drive them to the polls.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Thanks Jenna, David Brody is CBN's Chief

Political Analyst, and he'sjoining us now from Washington.

David, there was talkabout that blue wave,

where is it now?

- Doesn't feel much likea blue wave right now Pat.

Feeling a little bit like ablue basically a blue blip.

Which means if it's a blueblip, and let's remember,

you need 23 house seatsto flip for this to be

a blue wave and democratstake control of the house.

This is feeling a littlebit more like 15, 20 or so

in terms of a democrat pick up.

And so if that's the case,that doesn't do the trick

for democrats, indeed,republicans would keep control

of the house.

And in the senate, it'sactually looking even

better as Jenna just reported there,

administration officialsand quite frankly,

republican operatives on theground do believe that the

senate map looks maybepotentially one, two, even three

additional senate seatsfor the republicans.

So this idea of a bluewave is starting to fade

pretty quickly Pat.

- What's it gonna be picked up?

They've got something North Dakota,

they've looked atMissouri, Nevada has been

very highly contested and Arizona.

How does that look?

You want to go through the list of them?

- Absolutely, Arizona ofcourse, Jeff Flakes seat,

they've gotta keep that.

That's a republican seatthat they've got a hold.

Dean Heller in Nevada, they'vealso gotta hold that seat.

Both look iffy at one point,now they looked much better.

Of course that's whatI like to call the AK,

the after Kavanaughappearing instead of the BK,

before Kavanaugh, and sothat looks much better.

But Missouri, where ClaireMcCaskill, the democrat

is in danger of losing to

Josh Hawley, as a matterof fact, hearing now

just this morning thatthere'll be a big pastor

event this Friday in Missouri.

Pastors not just praying,

but doing a lot more activismon the ground in Missouri.

And I gotta tell you, in Tennessee, Pat,

this one's an interestingone, Marsha Blackburn

the republican verse PhilBredesen, the democrat,

and it's neck and neck.

Marsha Blackburn has donea full throttle embrace

of Donald Trump so it'sgonna be interesting to see

how that plays out.

I will tell you a republican operative

on the ground just telling me this morning

that after the Kavanaughhearings, many democrats

in Tennessee actuallypulled their yard signs

of Phil Bredesen, because they said hey,

Bredesen came out againstKavanaugh, and at that point

the yard signs went kaput, and they went

in the garbage pile as well.

- The usual thinking wasthat men would come out

for the republican rather strongly,

but women were going for the democrats.

Has the Kavanaugh thing,are the women now saying

that Kavanaugh got a rough deal?

- Well there's no doubtthere's been a Brett bounce,

and women have played a part of that.

Still, the problem for the Republicans

is gonna be thosesuburban, independent women

especially that are not too fond of Trump.

Remember suburban independentwoman, not suburban

republican women who havesoured necessarily on Trump.

They'll probably stickwith them, it's those

suburban independent women,and so then it gets into

the electorate, one of thethings I'm gonna be watching

on election night Pat, is howthis electorate is made up

exactly, how many suburbanindependent women turn

from supporting Trump andthe republicans in 2016

compared to 2018.

And also how manyminorities get out there.

How many millennials getout there, I think that's

gonna be important, of course,we know about evangelicals.

Pat, in every midterm, 26%of the electorate is made

up of evangelicals, that's huge.

As a matter of fact, thatdoesn't change from midterm

to midterm, in otherwords in 2014 it was 26%

of the electorate,2010, 1996, you go back.

They've gotta be norththough, evangelicals are

gonna have to be northof that 26% I think for

republicans and thiswhite house to do well.

Because of such antiTrump venom on the left.

- How about this caravan, it looks like

the things being set upby the leftist groups

the so called Libre downin Honduras and other

agitators, but the pressis presenting it as

a poor migrants who are suffering and need

to get let into this country.

What do you think themood of the electorate

is about that?

- Well I can tell you a couple things.

First of all, it'sinteresting you said that.

Just this morning I saw a headline at CNN

that they had a shot ofthe caravan and it said

A Desperate Journey.

I think other people mightterm it a bit differently

that believe that there arepotentially some bad actors

in that caravan, I mean, let's face it,

there's thousands of them in there.

Not obviously all ofthem, but some of them.

But look, this is a winningissue for Donald Trump

and the Republicans and more than that,

when you talk toindependents in this country,

folks that couldn'treally give a rip if they

were republican or democrat,but when it comes to

this idea of common senseand protecting our borders

and not letting folks thatwant to enter our country

illegally, and then goahead and grab some benefits

that belong to American'sthen it becomes a common

sense situation for independents.

And I think that's theproblem for democrats

here is that that middleground of Donald Trump

and republicans will win thoseindependents quite a bit.

Because they understandthat a caravan coming

to the United States likethis doesn't necessarily

bode well for what theybelieve America has stood for

for many many years.

- I understand that anotherone is forming in Guatemala.

They get one if it's successful,the next wave comes in.

What races are you following?

Of this seventh inVirginia, this Brett thing,

is a possible switch for the democrats,

did you have any other houseraces you're looking at?

- Well you're talking aboutDave Bratt in Brett for sure.

Remember he beat Erik Canterobviously a few years ago.

It was more than a few years ago now,

he was the house majorityleader at the time.

So that was a big one, yeah,he's in a toss up race.

Look there are about70 or so toss up races

around, these are house racesin the toss up category.

Besides Dave Bratt, there's acouple key ones in California.

Dunkin Hunter, down inthat San Diego area,

I'll be watching that one.

Dana Roarbacker in California 48,

that district, very very important.

These are toss ups, typicallySan Diego, republican

country down there overall.

But they're in toss up races,if they start losing down

there, that would signalpotentially a blue wave.

So we'll watch those for sure.

- Well historically, theparty out of power is picked

up in the house, as many as 30, 35 seats.

Are we gonna hold that do you think,

or is it Brett be in the 20's?

- Yeah it feels a little bitmore like the upper teams

maybe 20 or so that democrats pick up,

that won't do the trick.

That won't get them thehouse, I will say this,

that a lot folks havebeen making comparisons

to 2010, and 1994, thosewere big wave elections.

Remember 1994, Pat as youknow, contract with America

that was Newt Gingrich,and republicans dinged

up Bill Clinton pretty good in that one.

2010, same think happened to Barack Obama.

President Obama, wherethe tea party came in,

both movements fueled byanger from the electorate.

Now we move to 2018, andwe had anger before from

the democrats againstTrump, but after Kavanaugh,

the AK period in politicalhistory, after that Pat,

now you've got, as I like to call them,

a super soaker of anger on both sides.

And so therefore, I'm not expecting 2010

or 1994 because remember, therewas anger only on one side

back then, now you'vegot anger on both sides.

And there's super soakerfighting this whole thing out

so it's gonna be wet and nasty.

- Well I can hardly wait,thank you so much David.

The anger election, it'snot a question of having

anger is the question,do you get up and vote.

And I want to say it again,

your vote counts andespecially among evangelicals

which have been so solid.

But the evangelicals, againwhen a coin was presented

to Jesus and they said whoshould I pay taxes too?

Should I pay it to Caesar?

And he said render to Caesarwhat belongs to Caesar,

and to God what belongs to God.

Well what's Caesar in a democracy demands

his informed intelligenceactive citizenship.

And you need to vote.

All right Wendy.

- When did we ever care about the midterms

like we do right now?

- Well when you've gotthe control of this huge

agenda that Trump hasput out, deregulation,

tax cuts, booming economy,strength overseas,

all the things he's done, the democrats,

this old guy down inTexas says, first thing

I want to vote to impeach the President.

What'd he do, you'vegotta have high crimes

and misdemeanors, what areyou gonna impeach him on?

I'm gonna vote to impeachhim, that's what these

democrats are saying.

The minute we're in,we're gonna start giving

difficulty, we're gonnaslow everything down,

we're gonna be nothing buta force for negativity.

And that's not a winning thing, if people

go for that, there's something with them.

But never the less, that's what out there.

And that's what at stake.

I mean it's Trump, butTrump can you imagine?

22 cities, no President I think in history

has ever campaigned like he has.

- It's gonna be amazing at the polls.


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