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Studio 5: Your Gift

We visit the set of NBC’s Today Show to sit down Kathie Lee Gifford. We go behind-the-scenes of the new film Indivisible. And actress and singer LeToya Luckett shares what’s new in her world. Read Transcript

(jazzy music)

- And welcome to Studio 5.

Entertainers KathieLee Gifford, Sarah Drew

and Letoya Luckett areamong our guests today.

As we travel to begin ourconversations with them

let's fire up thecountdown clock and begin

this week's look at the top headlines

in the world of upliftingentertainment news.

(double swoosh)

At number five,

♪ Behold the cross ♪

♪ Age to Age. ♪

- Congratulations to recording artist

and pastor, Travis Greene.

In this Instagram post,Greene and his wife,

Dr. Jacqueline Greene announced

(cheerful music)

they're expecting baby number three.

- It's exciting and it's just exciting.

- That's beautiful.

- It kinda unbelievable,

if I'm dreaming, don'twake me up. (laughing)

(double swoosh)

- At number four,

(classical ballet music)

she's the first AfricanAmerican female principle dancer

with the prestigiousAmerican Ballet Theater.

And now Misty Copelandhas the leading role

in Disney's new film, The Nutcracker.

- I never imagined Iwould be a part of a film

of this magnitude.

It's really just a dream come true.

The Nutcracker is such abig part of my art form.

- [Efrem] It's in theatersnationwide November 2nd.

- Hi, I'm Misty Copeland andI play the ballerina princess

in Disney's The Nutcrackerand the Four Realms.

(double swoosh)

- And those two headlinesbegin our countdown.

We'll get to number threein just a little bit.

Kathie Lee Gifford has a newbook in stores this week,

The Gift That I Can Give isan inspiring work for children

but the message is certainlyfitting for children

at heart as well.

Kathie Lee Gifford is thisweek's Studio 5 Sit Down.

(triple swoosh)

- Hello everybody.

This was not my idea- [Today Host] Wait

- by the way.(cheering) for the paparazzi.

- [Efrem] From making television.

- My character Annabelleends up here and meets

Craig Ferguson's character.

- [Efrem] To making movies.

- ♪ Gonna love me to death. ♪

- [Efrem] To making music,

Cathie Lee Giffordkeeps busy entertaining.

- I just know that whenI came out of the womb

wanting to do is what I'vespend my entire life doing.

Putting on shows.

And nobody could've interestedme in a science project

or a math equation.

I wasn't gonna go there.

Let's stop making our kidsgo there when God already

has a plan for their life

that is already beautiful for them.

- [Efrem] Inspiringlittle ones to find God's

beautiful plan for them is atthe heart of her latest work.

The Gift That I Can Give is Gifford's

fourth children's book.

Its poetic pages read, "Maybemy gift is just to be kind.

"by taking care of thestray animals I find.

"And could my gift be a wonderful thing,

"like having the talentto dance and sing?"

We sat down with KathieLee in New York City

on the set of NBC's Today Show to discuss

this passion project.

- What your children love doing right now

when they're little, Ibelieve is what they're

meant to do.

- Did you see that in your own children

- Yes, totally, completely.

Both of them are excellent writers.

My son now got his MastersDegree from Oxford University

in Screen Writing and he'sgot like seven projects

going in Hollywood right now.(laughing)

You can't stop him.

Cassidy wanted to be anactress since she was

a tiny little girl andshe's done nine movies,

new series coming out.

They're doing what they love doing.

And I don't want mychildren to do what I want

them to do, I want them todo what they want to do.

We hover too much.

If we've raised them inthe way they should go

then we need to releasethem to soar on the wings

of the wind with the Lord,

not keep holding them on

and making them into what we want.

God's got a better plan forour children than we do.

- I love the way the book even begins,

essentially saying that,

as I'm reading it, I hear the scripture,

you are fearfully and wonderfully made,

like there's no one like you.

- The uniqueness exactly.- Be you, be you.

- I think there's atendency in our world to

cookie cutter people.

I went different placesin my life where people

wanted me to just fit into the mold.

I don't think we're supposed to

fall into place, I thinkwe're supposed to stand out.

Really, if God went to so much trouble

to make snowflakes individual,not one snowflake out of the

gazillions and gazillions of them is alike

under a microscope,

then we certainly are the

masterpiece of his creationis the human being.

Then, and the first litterin unique is the letter U.

And we tell children that.

At an early age, that builds up, wow,

I'm that special to God thathe went to so much trouble

to make me, make me special so I could

do special things in this world?

Not so I can win Grammysand not so I can have

a lot of money in the bank.

Those things may happen,but they'll happen

as a by product of you followingGod's path for your life.

At the same time, the fiercearmy of the Philistines

(narration continues)- The Biblical story

of young David defeatingGoliath inspired Kathie Lee's

children's musical, The Little Giant,

and now this book.

- There's a song in itat the very end called

What is Your Stone?

And that's basicallythe question we should

be asking our children,not what do you want to be

when you grow up?

Just what has God already made you to be?

- ♪ So grab your stone ♪

♪ And throw it well. ♪

- One of the the underlying message or

maybe the greatest theme in this is

finding your gift is not just for you

it's really for those around you.

- Exactly, it isn't for us.

We live in a me, me, me generation.

We live in a where's mine generation.

I'm entitled to this,I'm entitled to that.

We're not entitled to anything.

Even the breath we breatheevery moment of our day

is a gift from God.

And we should be grateful.

We should be gratefulpeople not entitled people.

And I have to remind myselfof that every day too,

believe me.


There are a few people in this room

that spent a lot of yearswith me and they're going,

"Mama, don't preach." (laughing)

And even if you're not the smartest person

you know, you're not themost beautiful person

you've ever laid eyes on, ifyou don't fit into certain

molds, that, praise God,'cause you're not supposed to.

But here's the thing,there's one thing that every

single one of us cangive and that's the way

our book ends.

No matter what your circumstances are

and that is the gift of God's love.

You can give a smile.

Children understand that.

You can have a lemonade stand and help the

family that's been fallen on hard times

in your own neighborhood.

Start there.

Start little ways, let God show you a need

in the world and let him lead you to a way

to help people with that.

You can rescue animals.

You can be a good player on a team.

And give the ball to somebody else

when you know you could makeit over the finish line,

that kid's never madeit over the finish line.

Let him have it.

Those kinds of things.

It's really quite a simple message.

Sometimes those are the ones we trip over.

- Kathie Lee is living that giving message

with her book, donatingthe proceeds to Childhelp,

a non-profit organizationworking to prevent

and treat victims of child abuse.

(double swoosh)

Kathie's new book isavailable in bookstores

and wherever you purchaseyour books this week.

(double swoosh)

Still ahead.


- We've got to move.

Head down the warning corridor.

- You're gonna be okay.

- [Efrem] We're on the frontlines.

(serious music)

- Divorces filed in the last three months.

The soldiers are losing families

and having nothing to go home to.

- [Efrem] And behind thescenes of the new film,


- I feel like there's something more

that's happening between us.

- It's not between you two.

It's between you two and that war.

(double swoosh)

- And welcome back to Studio 5.

Time to get back to thecountdown of the best headlines

in uplifting entertainment.

(triple swoosh)

At number three.

- I'm blessed.

- [Efrem] As his team enjoys some wins,

Las Angeles Rams widereceiver Brandin Cooks

is sharing his Christianfaith on social media.

His twitter feed reads like this,

one day he writes, "Jesusis the light of the world

"whoever follows him willnever be in darkness."

Another day, "Follow in Christ steps."

And another day, "Buildyourself up in holy faith."

- You walk by faith and not by sight.

So to be able to committo the team long term

would be a blessing.

(triple swoosh)

At number two.

- We don't know how manydays we're gonna have

and that's why it soimportant to live each day

as if it is on purpose.

- [Efrem] With anotherbook on store shelves

athlete Tim Tebow puts hismoney where his mouth is.

Now producing a film.

- This came for you in the mail today.

Congrats, you're on somebody's radar son.

- (laughing) It's happening.

- Yeah, you're right,it's a big deal dude.

- Florida Gators.

- I wanna get that scholarship.

I'm gonna get us out of here.

- [Efrem] This is a Studio 5 first look

at Run the Race, aninspiring fictional story

of two brothers in high school,

seeing their relationship tested

as they try to rise abovetheir troubled lives.

- I'm gonna go to state and I'm gonna win.

Who's not gonna give ascholarship to the state champ?

And then we're gonna take that money

and wherever I end up, you're gonna walk

onto the football team.

- It's in theaters early next year.

(double swoosh)

And that leaves us withonly one more headline

in this week's countdown.

We'll get to that very shortly.

Right now we want to takea look at this week's

Studio 5 Snap Shot.

(double swoosh)

Exactly how do you order atall late in sign language?

You can now see customers doing just that

here at this latest branch ofStarbucks in Washington, DC.

It's a first for the coffee giant.

Here every employee is fluentin American sign language.

And that's this week's Studio 5 Snap Shot.

(double swoosh)

That snap shot bringsus to the big screen.

And in American theatersthis week is Indivisible.

It is based on the truestory of Army Chaplain,

Darren Turner and his wife Heather.

Fresh out of seminary and basic training

he receives orders todeploy to Iraq leaving

his family behind.

In the end the harsh realitiesof war take their toll.

Here's your Studio 5 First Look.

(triple swoosh)

- I signed up to go where the need is sir.

Fifteen months without this face.

The major thing about Darren'sstory that attracted me was

he is sent over

to Iraq to help people.

And in the end, he's theone who needs the help.

So it kind of shows that PTSD

the brokenness and all of that,

can affect even the personwho's supposed to help.

- We've got to move.

Get down the warning corridor.

You're gonna be okay.

- They can call thefamily readiness group but

nobody's ever really ready.

- Throughout the yearsof doing our passion play

in our church, for aperiod of like 15 years,

one of my favoritestories was the story of

a chaplain and his assistantand we blended that story

in with the story of Jesus' life

and made some powerful comparisons.

A few months after I beganworking on the script

for this project, I cameacross the story of an Army

chaplain whose own marriage was torn apart

by the realities hefaced during deployment.

He believes, during thetime that he's deployed

that his job is to be focusedon the lives of his troops,

not so much on the livesthat he's left behind,

his children, his wife.

And the wife feels like she's alone,

that she's getting no support from him.

So there begins this divide between Darren

and Heather Turner in our story.

(tense music)

- Divorces filed in the last three months.

Soldiers losing familiesand having nothing

to go home to is not the stabilizing force

we need around here.

- Billy.

- Just let me in.

Messing with other people's lives

just part of your jobdescription or something?

- I mean, kinda.

- Okay, well, my marriage,is none of your business.

You don't know anythingabout me or my family.

(war crashes)

- Who's gonna take this?

- They hit us with two RPG's sir.

- Get her down.

- Couldn't save her chaplain.

So I guess, do whatever it is you do.

- I just feel like there's something more

that's happening between us.

- It's not between you two.

It's between you two and that war.

- It's something that hit very,very close to home for me.

I'm not a militaryfamily but just from the

marriage perspective, goingthrough a very dark time

and coming out into thelight into a much more

brilliant light, redemption story.

That just, these are the kindof stories I want to tell.

- Oh, we got two on a rooftop.

- Get us outta here.

Take him out.

- I'm trusting in God to protect those men

and he didn't.

- No you trusted in Godto do what you thought

he ought to do.

- I want to know why, I want to know why

you somehow have it in youto show up for those men

when you refuse to do itfor your own wife and kids.

- Those men need me.

- I need you.

Heather is

she is a fierce and protective mother.

She is deeply rooted andgrounded in her faith.

She is committed to her marriage.

When she said I do, she meant it.

But things start to really fall apart.

As the distance growsstronger and stronger

and Darren comes home andgets angrier and more distant

and meaner and she discoversshe can't be the only

one holding the family together.

- The proud, they've laid their snares.

Along with that they haveset traps to catch me.

- Give it to 'em chaplain.

- You are my strong deliverer.

You shield my head in the dayof battle. (agreeing murmurs)


Amen (group agreement).

- Being an eye doctor iscertainly a passion of mine

but years ago when I sat ina theater watching Fireproof

and my mentors, who I considerto be the Kendrick brothers,

watching a movie thattouched me in ways I'd never

experienced before in a movie theater.

And after 15 years ofdoing this passion play,

I realized that that's whatGod had been training me for.

(double swoosh)

- Indivisible is in Americantheaters this weekend.

(triple swoosh)

- Tommy, I'm gonna haveyou place your right hand

on Letoya's heart.

- That's not my heart.

- Actress and singer Letoya Luckett

joins us to share what's new in her world.

(double swoosh)

And welcome back to Studio 5.

We've made it to the number one headline

in this week's countdown

of Uplifting Entertainment Headlines.

(double swoosh)

At number one.

- Did you already putyour order in? (laughing)

Good to see you.

What kind of food we got?

All burgers huh?

- It's pretty fried.

- Pretty fried?

- [Efrem] Golden State Warrior Steph Curry

dives deeper into theentertainment industry.

The Hollywood Reporter shares the two-time

MVP is teaming up withfilmmaker DeVon Franklin

to produce the film Breakthrough.

- There's a story andhopefully a narrative

that I want to help bring to life,

how I see being a Warriorand what that means

to me when.

- [Efrem] Breakthroughstarts Chrissy Metz,

Topher Grace and Marcel Ruiz

and tells the true storyof how a 14 year old boy

who fell through the ice and drowned

was prayed back to life.

- I'm gonna pound it up.

Thank you very much.

- It's in theaters in 2019.

(double swoosh)

That wraps the countdowndown and brings us to

this week's Bright spot.

Actress Letoya Luckettis a founding member

of the group Destiny's Child,

a solo artist in herown right and an actress

as well as a newlywed,and now an expecting mom.

She's now adding more to her plate.

We take a look in thisweek's Studio 5 Bright Spot.

(double swoosh)

♪ Let's lead the way ♪

♪ Make everybody follow ♪

- [Efrem] A chart topping voice.

- [Minister] Tommicus J. Walker

you may now salute your bride.

(cheering and clapping)

- [Efrem] A star studdedfairy tale wedding.

- You called me and asked meto meet you at the Biltmore

when you know I'm in love with you.

- [Efrem] And a recurringrole on a hit series.

Letoya Luckett is a woman of faith

leading a busy and full life.

- [Announcer] Atlanta'sbiggest music families

are coming together on VH1for a brand new series.

- [Efrem] Her full platenow adds a reality series.

- Tommy I'm gonna showyou a massage technique.

It's called the hip squeeze.

- Hip squeeze, okay.

- Okay?

You're gonna take yourhands right on the top

of her hips.

- Aw, gee.

- So Tommy squeeze in.

- Ain't this how we got in this situation?


- Oh, law, girl?

- Do they let you do this at the hospital?

- Yes.

(double swoosh)

- That was a sneak peekat the show and joining us

right here now in Studio5 is actress and singer

Letoya Luckett and herhusband Tommy Walker.

They are members of theFriends and Family Hustle.

Thank you so much for being here.

We certainly see that you're pregnant.

So how are you doing?


- Talking about me or my wife?

- Your wife.

- Well yeah, it's hard to tell.

He thinks he's pregnant.

He claims he has all my symptoms

like the mood swings.

- I do.

- He claims he puts onthe weight, he's sleeping

with a pillow between his legs.

I'm like, who's pregnant, me or you?

- Both, we're having twins.


- Okay, you're carrying one I guess.

- Any cravings?

- Yes, well in my firsttrimester it was baked potato

which was so weird.- Yes it was.

- I had to have baked potato,

like I lived for it.

I do like a little bit of ice cream.

- Ice cream, yep.

- And normally I can't eatany kind of dairy at all

but I'm taking advantage of this.


- What's with the shoulders baby?

- That's how it makes me feel,

I had some strawberry icecream yesterday, yeah.

- I love it.

- Oh, and grits, is that random or what?

- Grits?

- Grits, yes, I love grits and eggs

or rice and eggs.

But I really love grits.

- She likes to eat. (laughing)

- You like to eat.

- No shame, no shame.

- No we like to eat.

We like to eat, you right.

- Now you guys have had a busy year.

You get married, you move,we see you on Greenleaf

and you're having a babyand now a reality show.

Why do this in additional to all of that?

- We didn't ask for this.

It's crazy how it all happened.

You make a vision board,you pray about stuff,

you put stuff in the universe,

and then it happens all of a sudden.

And you don't think it'sgonna happen in one year,

but it does so it couldn't be us.

'Cause I would definitely not have planned

to get pregnant whiledoing two jobs at one time.

I was filming Greenleafand then doing a play

on the weekends.

- [Efrem] Oh my.

- So nah, this wasn't my time.

Has to be God's time.

I didn't plan this at all.

And we're moving, buildinga house in Dallas,

and just got a house here in Atlanta.

So I'm crazy

to say the least. (laughing)

He's crazier

but I'm crazy.

- Yeah.

- Yes.

It's a lot.

- Tommy, we get to see a lot of your wife.

What secrets can you spillthat we don't get to see?

- Oh, ooh.

We prolly need to talk offcamera to know those secrets.

She gets pretty wild.

- You know what,

I'm not doing it.

- All in fun though.

- [Efrem] All in fun.

- I'ma get you, I'ma getyou, I'ma get you, Yes.

- [Efrem] How do you feel, Mr. Walker

about opening up and sharing your life

and now your family withthe rest of the world?

- Well, for me, this is new.

This is TV.

- Wait, did he say Mrs.Walker or Mr. Walker?

- I think he said Mr. Walker.- [Efrem] Mr. Walker.

- Well go ahead on Mr. Mr.

Go ahead Mr. Walker.

- You did say M R right?

- [Efrem] Mr. Walker, yes.

Mr. Walker, you got it.

- Exactly, Babe.

- I was just making sure my

ears was working.- You know how she said she's

crazy and she hears a

lot of things too.

- No, I thought the

man said- She hears what she wants

to hear.

- Mrs.

- [Efrem] Mr. Walker.

- I get excited- We haven't got that

much time.

- I get excited aboutanswering to Mrs. Walker.

- [Efrem] Aw that is so sweet.

- Let my wife go first.

- Naw that's fine.

Come on Mr. Walker.

- No, no go ahead, baby, go ahead, go.

- How does it make you feel baby?

Go ahead.

- Aw, she want to be the interviewer now.

- Go ahead.

- I forgot the question.

- [Efrem] How does it makeyou feel to share your life?

Well, she's used to this,this is new for you.

- Right, yeah, she lovesto talk, absolutely.

So for me to be able toshare my life, (laughs)

it means a lot.

It gives us an opportunityto share our testimony

that we have.

We've been going through alot since we got married.

As she just mentioned wegot married pretty quick.

We're building a house,we have a house out here.

Now we have a baby.

Balancing, going backand forth from Dallas

to Atlanta with my firstgrader, my daughter Madison.

So it's been good.

For the show, it'sreally all about family.

My wife and I we're definitelyall about family as well.

And so it's just reallygood way to show the world

who we are, how we act,

my crazy wife and I and

- Crazy wife.

- And we just like to havefun and really enjoy life

and really enjoy one another.

- How does, how do thecameras make you feel Babe?

- Are we on camera right now?

- Yeah, we are, are you comfortable?

- My whole world is reality,

so whether the camera's there or not

she always takes videosof me on Instagram.

- You take way more videos.

- [Efrem] I love you too. (laughing)

- This is the camera man right here.

- Right, right, right.

- It's what he does allday, camera in my face.

Hey babe, what chaeatin', hey babe why you

sleepin', hey babe,- I'm trying to get used

- what are you doing?- to the cameras.

I'm trying to get used to the cameras.

- But wait, were you like weirded out

with the first time we had to do our

first scene together.

- No, not really.

- He had sweaty armpits.

- You keep telling thesepeople about my sweaty armpits.

- He did, he was so nervous.

- No I just finished

working out.- He was so cute.

You didn't work out.- I had a work out

that morning.

- We were just startingtaping and everything

- I was kind of nervous.

- You should've worn a black shirt.

- That was kind of- You're sweating

through your shirt.

But it was the cutest thing.

'Cause I didn't wantto weird him out at all

but it was awesome.

Because he was just beinghimself and that was probably

one of our best moments on camera.

- [Efrem] That's where they're looking?

- It was cool because it was like a

it was during a birthing class.

I think it helped him to relax.

I tried to make him relax

but he was so nervous.


It was so cute.

- Man, I had too manycameras in there at one time.

I'm used to just my iPhone.

They had the big camerasin there so I was like oh.

- [Efrem] Yeah, this is the real deal.

- Little bit serious,that's the real deal right.

But I think I made it through.

- He did, he did a great job.

- Real quick, we saw a bit of the show

that we'll share with the audiences

and we see you in Lamazeclass doing sort of a massage

from the back there.

Can you tell what was that about?


- I think that was a freaky little class.

- It's like I can't take him nowhere.

You see what I'm saying?

- She told me get down and really work it.

- I was like, I was confused though.

The positions that she had us in,

I was like that's how we?- That's how we had the baby.

- That's how we gotpregnant in the first place.

- Exactly.

- Are you sure you want us to do this?

I know you're in here.

- 'Cause we can

do this on camera.- This is getting


- I can show you how to move your hips

and all that.

- He started to turnit into something else

and I was like, bro, what are you doing?

- You liked what I did.

- I did but the lady wasstaring us all in the face.

- She was like wow, thebest class we ever had.

- Thank you guys.

Mr. And Mrs. Walker, we appreciate it.

We'll be tuning into VH1 Mondays at nine.

Thank you.

- (giggles) All right,- Thank you.

- thank you.

(double swoosh)

- [Efrem] And still ahead,

♪ If I were a shepherd ♪

♪ I would do my part ♪

- We're backstage with Matt Mayer

getting ready for the holiday season.

(double swoosh)

And welcome back.

Before we go any further,it is a great time

to pause and be still.

And that's why thistune from Travis Greene

is what's playing in my ear.

(double swoosh)

♪ I won't move ♪

♪ I will be still ♪

♪ I won't move ♪

♪ I will be still ♪

♪ I won't move ♪

♪ I will be still ♪

♪ Be still and know that I am God ♪

♪ Be still and know that I am God ♪

(double swoosh)

- As for the final word for this show,

I'm giving that torecording artist Matt Mayer.

We sat down with him just last week

for a look ahead to the holidays.

(triple swoosh)

♪ Light is breaking ina stable for a throne ♪

♪ And he shall reignforevermore, forevermore. ♪

- Reach out to your family more.

I still think for theholidays it's this thing

where we love beingwith the people we love.

But more and more, we'reisolated from one another.

♪ King of kings and Lord of Lords ♪

- And I wish I had takenmore time as a young person

to hear stories from my grandmother.

What was Christmas likewhen you were a kid?

The gift you're being given in that moment

is this unique space whenyour whole family's together.

Because there will come atime when that won't happen

and you'll have a family of your own

and you'll be like, oh,I want you to meet my

oh, yeah, and they're gone.

And if you don't have family,

like if you're watchingthis and you're like

what am I supposed to do.

It's like, the great thing about God

is he is a family.

And God can make a family.

He can bring people togetherand faith becomes a bond

that is just as strong as blood.

(double swoosh)

- We'll have much morefrom Matt in the coming

weeks but as for now,that is a great final word

for this edition of Studio 5.

And that wraps this week's look

at uplifting entertainment.

Until next time, make timeto uplift someone else.

Bye-bye everybody.

(jazzy music)


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