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New Bakers vs. Gay Weddings Case Offers Chance to Cement Free Speech Right at Supreme Court

New Bakers vs. Gay Weddings Case Offers Chance to Cement Free Speech Right at Supreme Court Read Transcript

- Aaron and Melissa Klein are now asking

the US Supreme Court to hear their case

about Oregon fining them $135,000

for refusing to bake asame-sex marriage cake.

Jeremy Dys is withFirst Liberty Institute,

which is fighting for the Kleins.

Jeremy, first of all,

what's the worst that'shappened to the Kleins

due to this five-year legal battle?

- Well, Aaron and Melissa

have not only been penalized $135,000,

the State of Oregon, in fact,imposed a gag order on them

from even talking about their beliefs,

then they lost theirbusiness because of all this.

All because the State ofOregon refuses to allow them

to have the free speech promised

under the First Amendmentof the Constitution.

- Alright, now, theyhaven't done all that well

with appeals, what makesyou think that this court

will treat their case any differently?

- Because I think the SupremeCourt of the United States

still values the freedom of speech.

We heard earlier this summerfrom Masterpiece Court

where the court remindedstate governments everywhere

that state officials cannot be hostile

to the religious beliefs of its citizens,

but what it left unresolved,

and what I think Aaron and Melissa's case

provides a good vehicle for here,

is to determine thebiggest question of all.

What I think Americanbusiness owners and countrymen

across this country arewondering right now,

and that is, is speech actually free

if the State of Oregon,or any state government,

is going to compel it?

- Alright, thank you JeremyDys, First Liberty Institute.

I'm Paul Strand, CBNNews, the Supreme Court.


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