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Bomb Spree Targets Robert DeNiro, Joe Biden in Ongoing Threat Against Prominent Democrats

Bomb Spree Targets Robert DeNiro, Joe Biden in Ongoing Threat Against Prominent Democrats Read Transcript

- We begin though withanother suspected bomb

found overnight, thisone in New York City,

reportedly addressed toactor, Robert De Niro.

It comes as a full-scalecriminal investigation

is underway involving secret service, FBI,

and Homeland Securityafter suspicious packages

containing pipe bombs weresent to top political leaders

and CNN's New York headquarters.

Over the past few days, thesecret service recovered

packages addressed to formerfirst lady, Hillary Clinton,

and former President, Barack Obama.

Both packages were mailed to their homes.

Other suspicious packages were sent to the

Time Warner Center in New York City

and the offices of congressional leaders

in Florida and California.

In New York, after theTime Warner building

was evacuated, the New YorkPolice Department's bomb squad

said the package wasfound in the mail room

and also contained awhite, powdery substance.

Retired FBI explosive expert, Tom Thurman,

says authorities will nowtry to disassemble the

suspected bombs and toexamine the possible sources

of the components.

- If it's an electrical system, exactly,

wires, batteries, battery holders,

switch how the device was meant to explode

and the components associated with that,

what we call a fusing system.

- The full weight of ourgovernment is being deployed

to conduct this investigationand bring those responsible

for these despicable acts to justice.

- President Trump condemnedthe attacks and said,

"During these times, we mustcome together as a nation,"

and he started his rallyin Wisconsin last night

by condemning the bombpackages and saying,

"Any acts or threats of political violence

"are an attack on democracy itself."

Our CBN National SecurityCorrespondent, Eric Rosales,

is on this story.

He joins us now from Washington.

So Eric, what do you knowabout this new package

that was reportedly addressedto actor, Robert De Niro?

- Well Efrem, I just got offthe phone with my FBI sources.

They tell me that actuallyyeah, they received a call

at around 4:00 this morning.

It was early this morningthat a personal assistant

to Robert De Niro wasactually going through

some of the mail and endedup finding the device.

They do say that the envelopewas actually addressed

to Robert De Niro himself.

It was sent over to 375Greenwich Street in New York.

That is, of course, theresidence of Tribeca Grill.

That is a restaurant thatis owned by Robert De Niro.

It's also home to theTribeca Film Festival.

Now, De Niro was not there at the time

and NYPD actually did remove the bomb.

They took it over to detonate it over at

its Bronx facility.

They are going to be combingthrough that evidence

right now and De Niro hasbeen a strong vocal critic

of President Trump, but hewas not hurt in the area.

Sources say that thescene is still very active

there in New York in the Greenwich area

and they're still tryingto determine if the bomb

was actually sent there in the mail

or if someone actually walkedup and delivered it by hand.

- Eric, what exactly areinspectors looking for

as they look at these packages now?

- Well, you know, becausethese packages didn't explode,

they are able to kind of try and find out

the signature of the bomber.

They're looking at the components.

They're looking at thebatteries, things like that.

But they also wanna be able toexamine the explosive itself

to see if it's commercial grade,

to see if it's military grade,

and then they're gonnago component by component

and pull that apart andfind out if they can end up

finding out where thisdevice was actually made.

Any sort of minute detailis what they wanna find out.

Biometrics, DNA, they wanna be able to see

if there's any sort of DNA residue

that's left on any of thecomponents themselves.

More than likely, thebomb maker was probably

wearing gloves and things like that,

but even a drop of sweat has DNA.

So, anything that cantie them to the person

or the people who areresponsible for this tragedy.

- Alright, National SecurityCorrespondent, Eric Rosales,

thank you so much for yourreport on this this morning.


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