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CBN News Embeds with the Caravan: What We Discovered About UN Involvement, Foreigners and Felons

CBN News Embeds with the Caravan: What We Discovered About UN Involvement, Foreigners and Felons Read Transcript

- Alright, so I wantto try to clarify some

of what you've beenhearing in the news media

about this caravan movingnorth into the United States.

First of all, the people in this caravan

are not being paid to join the caravan.

Their payoff comes whenthey get to the U.S.

They are, however, beingfacilitated and enabled

by groups like the UN, other NGOs,

and by church groups who are feeding them

and providing them supporton their journey north.

Now, the other questionshave been, "Are there felons?

"Are there bad guys in this group?"

And I can tell you it didn't take me long

to find four or five right away

who are absolute felonsthat are coming north

to try to get back into the United States.

Here's one of them.

(speaking foreign language)

Now the other issue that we're seeing

is people are asking about whether or not

there are what you wouldcall exotics, that is,

people who are not from Central America

that are joining this caravan.

And let me just show you whatI found a few minutes ago.

(speaking foreign language)

Now lastly, it bears pointing out

that there are some people

who are saying, "This is too difficult.

"It's too hard, and I wanna go home."

And I found two peoplelike that yesterday,

and actually helped them get back

to the border of Guatemala.

Take a look at what they had to say.

(speaking foreign language)

- [Translator] Look, it was really hard.

There are lots of people in the group.

Some good, some bad.

While we were all sleepingtogether, someone took my phone.

I decided to go backbecause of my daughter.

Carrying her while wewalked, I became so tired,

and the sun and everythingaffected us both a lot.

My dream has always beento go the United States

because it's so beautiful,

to work and improve the lives of me

and my family, and more than anything,

to give my daughter a better future.

- A lot more people would probably choose

to go back home if itwasn't being made easier

to get to the United States by a lot

of well-meaning groups whoare helping these migrants.

And we can know one thing for sure,

and that is that there'llbe a lot more caravans

behind this one because everybody is ready

to take advantage of the infrastructure

being created by this caravan.

And so we have to think hard about

how we're going to help these people,

but also help ourselves.

I'm Chuck Holton for CBNNews from Tapachula, Mexico.


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