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VP Mike Pence Endorses Scott Taylor, Urges the Country to 'Just Pray for America'

VP Mike Pence Endorses Scott Taylor, Urges the Country to 'Just Pray for America' Read Transcript

- Republican incumbent, Scott Taylor,

hopes a ringing endorsementfrom the Vice President

will give him the lastminute boost he needs

to beat Democraticcomponent, Elaine Luria,

and keep his seat in the House.

- Virginia and Americaneed Scott Taylor back.

- [Abigail] Pence opened aspeech at Regent University,

condemning the suspicious packages

sent to multiple democratic leaders

like former President Barack Obama

and Hillary Clinton.

- As the President said,

acts or threats of politicalviolence of any kind

have no place in theUnited States of America.

- [Abigail] He also reminded the crowd

about the importanceof prayer at this time.

- Bow the head and bend theknee in the next 13 days,

just pray for America.

Pray for all people.(cheering)

- [Abigail] Taylor said hewas honored the Vice President

reached out to campaign for him

and told CBN News eventhough his race is tight,

he feels confident he'll beheading back to Washington.

- I think tonight was ahuge statement of force

that shows that we have tremendous support

and momentum going into election day.

So, I feel great about it.

- Taylor's seat is one of many Republicans

can't afford to lose if they wanna keep

their House majority.

Reporting from Regent University,

Abigail Robertson, CBN News.


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