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Oregon Dismisses Criminal Charges Against Judge Who Says He Was Targeted for Christian Beliefs

Oregon Dismisses Criminal Charges Against Judge Who Says He Was Targeted for Christian Beliefs Read Transcript

- We have new information

in a story we're continuing to follow.

Oregon dismissed criminalcharges against the judge

who says he was targetedfor his Christian beliefs.

Our Mark Martin joins usnow with more on this story.


- That's right, Efrem.

Now the charges against Judge Vance Day

stem from his time when he presided

over the Marion CountyVeterans Treatment Court

and also his interactions with a Navy SEAL

who was a convicted felonand defendant in the court.

Day was accused of allowing the SEAL

to possess and control gunson two separate occasions.

The charges were dropped

because a key witness refusedto testify at his trial.

Day says the charges werepolitically motivated

because of his unwillingnessto perform gay marriages

and punishment for hisbiblical views on marriage.

The criminal charges, however,

are just one side ofwhat Day has gone through

for more than three years.

He also faces ethics violations

and spoke about that with me by Skype.

- So that case is technically over

and I remain suspended, if you will,

but the Oregon State Barwants to discipline me

and so I may get another hearing

and they're gonna have toprove this case against me,

which they cannot do.

So maybe the United States Supreme Court

will get a second shotat hearing this case.

- A spokeswoman for the Oregon State Bar

told the Statesman Journalthat they are investigating

two ethics complaints against Day,

and if they find evidencerelated to misconduct,

his case would go beforea trial panel hearing

instead of a jury trial.


- What's his legal team think about this?

- Good question.

Now they actually wouldprefer that this case,

this ethics case, would gobefore an open court jury trial.

They believe that thereare safeguards associated

with a trial by jury andthat's what they told

that newspaper, Efrem.

- All right, so the story,really still far from over.

- Yes, very true.

- All right, thanks Mark.

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