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Faith Nation: October 25, 2018

Faith Nation: October 25, 2018 Read Transcript

(upbeat music)

- Well just who is responsiblefor mailing explosive devices

to various politicalfigures across the country?

Welcome to Faith Nation.

I'm Jenna Browder.

- And I'm John Jessup.

Investigators from the ATF, FBI,

and local levels are looking for any clue

to help identify the would-be bomber.

- Amber Strong brings us the latest

on the high profilefigures being targeted.

- Another day, anotherround of bomb scares

across the country.

This time, the targetsare former Vice President

Joe Biden and Hollywoodactor Robert De Niro.

- Today, at approximately 6:30 a.m.,

the NYPD bomb squad removed a device

from the offices of Robert De Niro.

- [Amber] A security guard

at De Niro's New York businessdiscovered the package.

Authorities transported it

via a bomb containmentunit for investigation.

Meanwhile, two additionalpackages intercepted in Delaware.

These were addressed toVice President Biden.

The one sent to De Niro was similar

to those sent to Democratic leaders

and former CIA Director JohnBrennan earlier in the week.

Attorney General Sessions sayshe's briefing the President

and praising the work of the FBI and ATF.

- In dealing with explosive devices,

it just points out again thecourage our officers display.

- [Amber] While condemningthe culprit last night,

the President also calledfor change from the media.

- The media also has a responsibility

to set a civil tone and tostop the endless hostility.

- [Amber] And reiterating that message

on Twitter Thursday, saying:

A very big part of the angerwe see today in society

is caused by the purposelyfalse and inaccurate reporting

of the mainstream media.

Others here in Washington

are calling for a top down approach.

- We need the President

and we need all other public officials

to be reaffirming that basic idea

about what unites us as Americans,

and so I haven't heard againwhat he said this morning,

but we need to stop withall this nonsense language

about the press is theenemy of the people.

- Well, Scott Whitlockis an associate editor

of Newsbusters at theMedia Research Center.

Scott, thank you for being with us.

- Thanks for having me on.

- Well Scott, the Presidenttoday tweeted earlier

that part of the biganger that we're seeing

is what he calls, stemsfrom inaccurate reporting

from much of the media.

What are your thoughts on that?

- Well, I think what we're seeing here

is this country has alwayshad a civility problem

as far as people reacting andviolence and things like that

when it comes to certainpeople on the extremes,

but what we've seen with the media

is they only want to condemn it

when it seems to come from the right.

We don't know anything about

what exactly happenedyesterday, what the motive is,

so we just need to wait and see,

but we've already seenon CNN and the networks

that they want to jump to the conclusion

that this is some Trump supporter,

that the President is somehow to blame

and conservatives are to blame.

And what we've seen with the media

is they want to jump to conclusions,

they want to have broadernarratives about this

that this is somehow Trump'sfault or the right's fault.

And I would just say let's look back

to the Steve Scalise shooting.

If we remember that, that wasa guy named James Hodgkins

who was a leftist who wasa Bernie Sanders supporter.

And what we saw at the time,and we actually looked at that

through the Media Research Center,

is when the shooting happened,we saw a lot of coverage,

but it quickly trailed off.

And we also saw that they didn't want

to draw any larger narrative.

They didn't want to say thatBernie Sanders is to blame

or the left is to blame.

And I'm not saying thatBernie Sanders was to blame.

We shouldn't blame large groups of people

or political ideologiesfor what one person does.

But contrast that withthis attempted bombing

or whatever was supposedto happen yesterday,

we're already seeing that the media

is trying to draw this narrative

that this is somehow the right's fault

and Donald Trump's fault.

- Scott, a twofold question.

Based on your researchthere at Newsbusters,

how did we get here, andthen the second part is

what's the solution?

- Well look, the media hasalways been very liberal

and always biased against conservatives

and biased against Republican Presidents.

It's certainly escalatedwith this President

to a degree that I haven't seen before,

and I think part of that isbecause you have a President

and a candidate who really fought back

against the liberalmedia, called them out,

called them fake news anddid all sort of things

to make media bias an issue.

And you can like the waythe President does that

or you cannot like it.

Sometimes, he probablysays things he shouldn't,

but the fact is that he ismaking media bias an issue

and I think that has reallygot a lot of liberals

in the media angry to the point

where we've just seen it escalate.

They want to go after him

because they don't like himfighting back against the media.

- Sure, and a solution?

- Well, I think a solution is hard

because I don't think theliberal media is gonna change.

I don't think journalistsare gonna change.

I think part of the solution is the fact

that you have so many people turning away

from mainstream media.

We see that with newspapers.

We see that with the networks,

the decline in their viewership.

And you see people turningto alternative media,

to talk radio, to theinternet, to online news,

to all sorts of different outlets.

And I think that's a good thing

'cause the solution for people out there

is to get your media andget your media sources

from a wide variety of places.

Don't get it from just ABC, NBC, CBS.

And if we do that, thenwe're gonna have more choice.

And I would just saythat part of the reason

journalists get so angry is because

they don't control thenarrative like they used to.

It's not Walter Cronkitesaying this is the way it is

because people have so many more choices.

- That's definitely true.

Well, Scott Whitlock,associate editor of Newsbusters

at Media Research Center,

thank you so much for being with us.

- [Scott] Thank you very much.

- Well, CBN's national securitycorrespondent Erik Rosales

has been following thisstory from the beginning.

He joins us now to discussresponse from law enforcement.

Erik, you know, every time we see

a bunch of these white machines going in

and they extract this suspected bomb,

what exactly is thisbecause they take it then

and then they take that totheir FBI testing facility?

- Right, it's the FBI labs

where they can actuallydispose of the unit

or actually even look at the unit.

They're called total containment vessels

and they almost look like a sphere like,

but what it does is, whenyou put the actual explosive

in there, should it explode,

it actually has the pressure chambers

where the pressurechambers would be released,

and yet, the fragments andeverything from the bomb

would stay inside.

So once they're actually able to get that

inside that vehicle,that's the safest part

in being able to move it.

The New York bomb squadcurrently has three of these,

and these are not very cheap vehicles.

You're looking anywhere from $250,000

to $350,000 per vehicle.

- Okay, wow!

Well, what are theydoing with these packages

once they actually do get them?

- Right, the biggest thing right now

is to be able to try and find

where the components came from,

whether it's the explosive,

whether it's commercial gradeor military grade explosives,

whether it has any typeof explosive on it,

where the components, theswitch is, the battery,

where did they come from.

That's what they're gonna be trying to do.

They're gonna be trying totake these back to Quantico,

where the FBI has its lab,

and they're gonna try andtake apart these bombs

and see how they work,what makes them tick,

how do they go off, what'sthe timing mechanism,

things like that.

These are the questions

that are gonna be able to provide answers

and paint a picture of moreof who is this mail bomber

or who are these mail bombers,

what is this group all about,

what's their motive behind this.

- Still so many questions, as you say.

These explosives, we'veseen some pictures of them.

And Erik, by everythingthat we've seen and heard,

they don't look terribly sophisticated.

- No.- What's your take?

- Very crude devices.

And what I'm hearing fromsome of my FBI sources

is that even some of the devices,

although that they were functional,

they were able to explodebecause of the explosive material

that was inside, the wires and everything,

some of them actuallywere even set up wrong.

So they don't think that this was

a very sophisticated typeof bomb making person,

but it is something thatthey're looking into.

There's so many differentscenarios of who could it be,

and right now, that's whatthe FBI is trying to do,

is they're just trying to paint a picture

of who this person isso that they can be able

to try and narrow down the search

for whoever this mail bomber is.

- Yeah, and hopefully they find him or her

sooner than later.- Exactly, exactly.

- Erik Rosales, thank you.

- Thank you.

- Thanks, guys.

Defense Secretary JimMattis is planning to send

at least 800 troops tothe US border with Mexico.

According to an administration official,

they'll help Border Patrol

defend against illegal immigration.

The move follows President Trump's promise

that the military would act

to stop the group of Honduran migrants

heading toward the borderand going as far to say

that some in the caravanwere from the Middle East.

Contributing correspondent Chuck Holton

has more from the Mexicancity of Tapachula.

- All right, so I want to try to clarify

some of what you've beenhearing in the news media

about this caravan movingnorth into the United States.

First of all, the people in this caravan

are not being paid to join the caravan.

Their pay-off comeswhen they get to the US.

They are, however, beingfacilitated and enabled

by groups like the UN, otherNGOs, and by church groups

who are feeding them andproviding them support

on their journey north.

Now, the other questions have been

are there felons, are therebad guys in this group,

and I can tell you it didn't take me long

to find four or five right away

who are absolute felonsthat are coming north

to try to get back into the United States.

Here's one of them.

Now the other issue that we're seeing

is people are asking about whether or not

there are what you would call exotics,

that is people who arenot from Central America,

that are joining this caravan.

And let me just show you whatI found a few minutes ago.

Now lastly, it bears pointingout that there are some people

who are saying this is toodifficult, it's too hard,

and I want to go home.

And I found two people like that yesterday

and actually helped them get back

to the border of Guatemala.

Take a look at what they had to say.

(speaking foreign language)

- [Translator] Look, it was really hard.

There are lots of people inthe group, some good, some bad.

While we were all sleepingtogether, someone took my phone.

I decided to go backbecause of my daughter.

Carrying her while wewalked, I became so tired

and the sun and everythingaffected us both a lot.

My dream has always beento go to the United States

because it's so beautiful towork and improve the lives

of me and my family,and more than anything,

to give my daughter a better future.

- Well, Chuck Holtonjoins us now for more.

Chuck, first of all,really great reporting,

giving us an inside look

at the caravan.- Thank you.

- After spending some time with the people

traveling in that caravan,what struck you most

or what stands out most to you?

- I think what stands out themost is that there is not,

you're not gonna stop thesepeople by traditional means.

I mean they overwhelmed theborder forces of Mexico.

Mexican authorities sent500 troops down there

to block the border, and theyjust walked right past them

because they have figuredout that a woman and a child

are far more powerful than an AK-47

when it comes to enteringa country illegally.

You just put the women up front,

they're not gonna shootyou, and they know that.

And so I actually saw a group of migrants

that was appraoched byMexican immigration officials

asking them to just register for asylum

and they said, no, we're notgonna register for asylum

and they just turned aroundand got really beligerant

and ran off.

So I expect that they planto do the exact same thing

when they get to the US southern border,

and I can tell you, 800troops is not gonna do it.

We need 100,000 troops.

But if they're not on theTijuana border with California,

they might as well stay home

because that is where thismigrant convoy is planning to go.

- Chuck, you were really able

to get these people to open up to you.

How did you do that?

What made them so comfortable

to just share all ofthese details with you?

- Well, part of it is thatI speak fluent Spanish

and that was nice for themto be able to talk to me.

I could sit around and just talk with them

and let them know I'm not against them.

I mean it's hard not tohave your heart break

looking at these people.

I think a lot of us haveheard about the misery

and hardship that's happeningin Venezuela right now,

but we're not hearing so much

about the very similar misery and hardship

that's been happening in Honduras,

partially because of Venezuela.

And there are a lot ofpeople that are going hungry

in Honduras right now.

They said, look, there aren'tgang members in this group

because, there might be some bad guys,

but there's no gang members because,

if there were gang members,we'd turn them into the police.

We're leaving Honduras becausethe gang members make us pay

$80 a month or more as aprotection fee for our families,

and if not, they'll comekill your whole family

and we just don't want to live that way.

- All right, Chuck Holton,thank you for your time.

Great job out there.- Thanks, Chuck.

- Thank you.

- We'll break down so-calledzero-for-zero tariffs

and explain why some arepushing President Trump

to pursue them.

(light dramatic music)

- Another turbulent week on Wall Street,

but today ended with gains.

The Dow was up 401 at the close of trading

and the S & P up 49.

Today's rises come afterthe Dow closed down

just over 600 points yesterday.

- Well some economic analystsare pushing President Trump

to pursue what are called zero tariffs.

Hoping to get his attention,

they sent a letter usingThe Wall Street Journal.

- They say the move wouldexpand markets overseas,

while also creating jobs.

But would other countries be on board

for a zero-for-zero offer?

CBN's White Housecorrespondent Ben Kennedy

sat down with one of theauthors to explain the letter.


- Well Jenna and John,President Trump said the US lost

billions of dollars due tounfair trade just last year.

But analysts, including one ofhis former economic advisers,

say this idea wouldsolve the trade turmoil

without further tariffs.

- I don't know if he's gonna do it.

I know that article landed on his desk

and I know he's considering it.

- [Ben] Economist Stephen Moore's proposal

aims to create a level playing field.

- You offer these countries

we'll go to zero tariff if you will.

- The zero-for-zero offer

would drop all tariffs,barriers, and subsidies

between the US and its allies.

What kind of impact will this have

- Huge.- on the average American?

Will goods go down, the prices?

- Of course they willbecause a tariff is a tax

and so if we can get thetariffs down to zero,

that means not only will goodsand services cost less here

when we go to Walmart or we go to Best Buy

or wherever it might be,

and that's a good thingfor American consumers,

but it also means, think aboutthe jobs this would create.

- [Ben] But not every country

is willing to talk free and fair trade.

- China's market distortionsand the way they deal

cannot be tolerated.

- [Ben] Moore's recommendation

comes during an ongoing back-and-forth

between the US and China on trade.

Trump first slapped tariffs

of $250 billion of Chinese imports.

Beijing responded with penalties

on $60 billion of US products.

- You wanna talk about countries

that don't play by the rules,China cheats, they steal,

they're building up their military,

they make it almost impossiblefor American businesses

to do business over there in China.

- So China will be, nodoubt, the biggest challenge.

- No doubt, there's no doubt about that.

- The Council of Economic Advisers reports

the average American tariff is 3.5%,

average EU rate is 5%,

while China's rate is double at 10%.

Moore says, by offering zero tariffs,

it allows America to take the high ground

and even gain a strongernegotiating position with China

to end some of Beijing'smost abusive trade policies.

Now Steve, all this sounds great.

Zero-for-zero, more jobs,the economy would improve.

Why isn't it so easy

for countries just to- Because these other

- get on board.- countries don't wanna do it.

These countries like tolecture us and stuff,

but when it comes right down to it,

a lot of these countrieshave protectionist impulses

and they don't want to openup their markets to us.

- Now Moore tells methe zero-for-zero deal

would expand globalcommerce, reduce poverty,

and even add trillions of dollars

to the global economic output.

Jenna and John.

- Ben, first question is, obviously,

where do you begin?

Does Moore have an idea

of which countries would be interested

in those zero-for-zero tariffs?

- Yeah, Moore says Great Britain

would actually be the best country

to offer the zero-for-zero deal,

but they first need to exitfrom the European Union.

In July, Trump and EUPresident Jean-Claude Juncker

agreed the US and EU wouldwork toward zero tariffs,

zero non-tariff barriers,and zero subsidies

on non-auto industrial goods.

Now the challenge will beextending that to all goods.

- And Ben, do we know what President Trump

thinks of this idea?

- Well, the President isdefinitely for this idea.

Just getting the othercountries to jump on board.

As for other American companies,

they seem to be excitedabout this prospect

as it puts them on a level playing field,

allowing them to competewith pretty much anyone.

But I just spoke with my brother-in-law

who is a corn and soybeanfarmer in Indiana.

He says it might be goodfor their grain short-term,

but fears that, with cheaplabor in other countries,

it could eliminate domestic manufacturing

for the middle class, and if that happens,

it would take a toll onthe agricultural economy

with a lack of domestic demand.

Basically, it's a domino effect,

so lots of work to be pursued

before a deal can be made.

John and Jenna.- All right.

Ben Kennedy at the White House.

Thanks, Ben.

- Thanks, Ben.

Well after the break, whyBilly Graham's grandson

is speaking out ahead ofthe midterm elections.

(light dramatic music)

- Well, just 12 days leftuntil the midterm elections.

President Trump and Vice President Pence

have been hitting theroad to help campaign

for Republicans across the country.

Pence appeared at Regent University

on behalf of incumbentVirginia congressman

Scott Taylor Wednesday night.

Capitol Hill correspondentAbigail Robertson was there.

- Republican incumbent Scott Taylor

hopes a ringing endorsementfrom the Vice President

will give him the lastminute boost he needs

to beat Democratic opponent, Elaine Luria,

and keep his seat in the House.

- Virginia and Americaneed Scott Taylor back.

- [Abigail] Pence opened hisspeech at Regent University

condemning the suspicious packages

sent to multiple Democratic leaders

like former President BarackObama and Hillary Clinton.

- As the President said, acts or threats

of political violence of any kind

have no place in theUnited States of America.

- [Abigail] He also reminded the crowd

about the importanceof prayer at this time.

- If you bow the head and bendthe knee in the next 13 days,

just pray for America,

pray for all the people.(audience applauds)

- [Abigail] Taylor said he was honored

the Vice President reachedout to campaign for him

and told CBN News, eventhough his race is tight,

he feels confident he'll beheading back to Washington.

- I think tonight was ahuge statement of force

that shows that we have tremendous support

and momentum going into Election Day,

so I feel great about it.

- [Abigail] Taylor's seat is one of many

Republicans can't afford to lose

if they want to keep their House majority.

Reporting from Regent University,

Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Thanks, Abby.

Well, the grandson of Billy Graham

is speaking out abouthe midterm elections.

As Will Graham tells CBN's David Brody,

it's crucial for Christiansto get out and vote.

- You might have heard

that there's something calleda midterm election coming up

and I know yourgrandfather really was able

to kind of bridge thatgap between both parties.

- Yeah.- I mean it was

pretty unique, veryunique, especially today.

What's kind of a message for Christians

as they look to maybe sit on the couch,

maybe go to the voting booth,they're not quite sure,

maybe they're just tiredof the whole process.

What do you say to folks

that are just thinkingabout not engaging really?

- Well, you know, oftentimes,

we focus on the politics of Washington DC.

And this is where Congress is,

this is where the Supreme Court is,

this is where our Presidentis, all in Washington DC,

but yet there's so manyother elections going on

at the same time, especiallywith school boards,

local levels, where there are sheriffs.

We got a lot of other racesthat are going on there.

Just as important as thenational ones are the local ones.

And I would encourage Christiansto get out and ask God,

say God, show me whichones I need to vote for.

Let's put good people intooffice, good people of character,

put them into office andhelp them to make decisions

and help support them too.

It's very hard to be takingany role in government now

'cause it's so divisive,

but we need good people to stand up.

If not, we're gonna be stuck

with the garbage running this country

and that's the last thing we want.

And that doesn't meanDemocrat or Republican.

It just means that we'lljust have bad people

running for office, butwhen we really need good men

and women of both sides, good character,

to stand up and to takeon national issues.

And so I would encourageChristians to come out and vote.

Ask God who you need to vote for.

I don't know everybody's local election,

and it's not Republican or Democrat,

it's just who the rightpeople for that area.

And so we just need to pray

that Christians would get out and vote

and vote for what God'slaid on their heart.

- Man, he's making the rounds.

He has the new movie,Unbroken, a new devotional,

and now this with midterms.

- That's right.

The Graham legacy carries on.

- Yeah, busy guy.

- That's right.

Well, that's gonna do itfor tonight's Faith Nation.

- Have a great evening.

(light music)


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