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New Guatemalan Ambassador Bucaro Celebrates Jerusalem Move, 'Here to Serve'

New Guatemalan Ambassador Bucaro Celebrates Jerusalem Move, 'Here to Serve' Read Transcript

(trumpet music)

- [Chris Mitchell] It beganwith pomp and circumstance

and Guatemala's National Anthem.

(anthem music)

Then, Ambassador Mario Bucaro

presented his diplomatic credentials

to Israel's president,

Reuven Rivlin.

Rivlin noted the long friendship

between Guatemala and Israel.

- As we all know,

Guatemala is one of the

oldest friend of Israel.

Now, as you have said,

we have the Embassy ofGuatemala here in Jerusalem.

- We're friends forever, I will say

because since the borderof the State of Israel,

Guatemala has been a friend.

But you have been also friends always.

My mission, and the orders

that I have received fromthe president is that

we can strengthen evenmore our relationship.

- [Chris Mitchell] The ceremonyended when President Rivlin

invited Ambassador Bucaro to sign

the president's guest book.

(crowd talking)

Later Ambassador Bucaro and his wife

were guests of honor at a reception

hosted by Mike Evans andthe Friends of Zion Museum.

Israel's Deputy ForeignMinister Tzipi Hotovely

came to greet the ambassador,

as well as ambassadors

from most of Central America.

- I feel blessed, witha great responsibility.

But I'm very happy.

It's an amazing time being in Israel,

it's such a privilegebecause since I was a child,

my mom used to sing me a song

that one day I will be in Jerusalem

and today I'm here and I'm going to

be able to honor that.

- We have the vastmajority of the ambassadors

from Central America here,

and what are we talking about?

We're talking about Godblessing their countries.

God blessing them

and it's an amazing thing.

It's part of prophecy.

- [Chris Mitchell] Before his posting

as Guatemala's ambassador,

Bucaro served as CBN's RegionalDirector for Latin America.

- I just want to thankall the audience of CBN

and especially the donors of CBN,

who, because for almost ten years,

I have been part of this family,

I continue to be family with CBN.

Thanks Gordon Robertson and Pat Robertson

for their vision, their example,

and I'm here to be ableto also tell the world

the love that I have for Christ,

based on their example too,and the best is yet to come.

- [Chris Mitchell] Andwhat did Bucaro write

in the President's guestbook?

- Hineni.

Here I am.

Here in Jerusalem, I am here to serve,

to serve Guatemala and to serve Israel.

- [Chris Mitchell] ChrisMitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- CBN, a training groundfor Ambassadors, Gordon?

- Well, it's congratulations, Mario.

I remember 10 years ago,going to your law firm

and I know this, Mariowas the managing director

for one of the most successful law firms

in Guatemala City,

and he was a man of some influence there,

and I asked him to lay all that aside

and come on board and be ourDirector for Latin America

and he said yes.

He left behind that career

in order to serve the Lord.

And now he's leaving CBN tobe an ambassador to Israel

and what a wonderfulservice he's taking there.

So congratulations.

It's really heartwarmingfor me personally,

to see that happen to him.

So it's great.


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