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News on The 700 Club: October 26, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct 26.: Read Transcript

- Well welcome to the 700Club, another suspicious

package has been discovered this morning.

This time it's addressedto Senator Cory Booker.

Authorities now believe several of the 11

packages went through a postal facility

in the city of Opalocka.

- Investigators arealso trying to determine

if the devices werepoorly made, or just meant

to scare people.

Whatever the case, politicaland spiritual leaders

are calling for civility.

Mark Martin reports.

- Investigators acrossthe country are following

up on clues to solve thiscrime spree that's captured the

attention of the nation.

- I can say with certaintythat we will identify

and arrest the person or peopleresponsible for these acts.

Make no mistake.

- [Mark] Federal officialsare now tracking a lead

in south Florida near Miami.

ABC News reportsinvestigators believe some of

the suspicious packageswent through a mail facility

there and all of them funneled

through the US Postal Service.

- We have over 600,000 postalemployees out there right

now so we have the eyesand ears looking for

these packages.

- [Mark] Meanwhile,authorities are examining

the devices at the FBILab in Quantico Virginia,

were they meant toexplode, or was the goal

only to spread fear?

New York leaders declined to comment.

- I'm not gonna talk about intent,

but if you were the bomb squad detective,

how would you treat it?

- [Mark] Law enforcementofficers discovered

several more packages Thursday.

The latest addressedto actor Robert De Niro

and former vice President Joe Biden.

That brings the total to 10.

- This division, thishatred, this ugliness

it has to end.

- [Mark] Leaders on bothsides of the political

aisle agree, generalJerry Boykin of the Family

Research Council in Washingtonis also calling for civility.

In 2012, a gunman attackedFRC injuring one person

because it had been labeleda hate group for it's

stance supporting biblical marriage.

- When we choose violence over dialogue,

in political discourse,it's a sad day in America.

And I think that this ishas got to be rebuked,

rebuffed, rejected, alltypes of violence today.

Not just sending bombs to somebody,

I think this bomb maker isa probably one off lunatic.

- [Mark] And he has a message for those

who are using violence andthreats to divide American's.

- Stop what you are doing.

Whether it's harassingpeople in a restaurant,

or on a street, orsending bombs to people,

or threatening people,stop, stop it right now.

And let's take a stepback and let's see what

we have to do to get backto being able to discuss

our differences.

- [Mark] Mark Martin, CBN News.

- Well, a hearty amen to that.

Let's step back and see what we

can do to discuss our differences.

In the current political climate,

it always seems to ratchet up.

And in that ratchetingup, you're going to see

extremes like this, andwhether it's a rifleman taking

on republican congressmanat a baseball field,

or pipe bombs beingdelivered through the mail.

We've got to stop this andit's high time for civility.

Well in other news, the Trumpadministration is seeking

to undo Obama Era policiespromoting transgender rights.

Efrem Graham has that storyfrom our CBN Newsroom.

- Gordon, the Department ofHealth and Human Services

reportedly seeking to narrowthe definition of gender

to male or female at birth.

And it's drawing some strong reactions,

Charlene Arron has this story.

- The Trump administrationis seeking to define gender

as a biological conditiondetermined at birth

as either male or female.

Conservatives praise the move.

- For the Trumpadministration to stand affirm

to say that sex baseddiscrimination really

is only a gender based,biologically male and female

is not only consistentwith science but it's

consistent with the traditionaldefinition that we've had

as a country and understood as a

country throughout our history.

- [Charlene] A reportin the New York Times

cites a Department ofHealth and Human Services

memo seeking to establish alegal definition of gender

under title nine, that'sthe Civil Rights Law

that bans discriminationon the basis of sex.

HHS is proposing aperson's gender be defined

by the genitalia they're bornwith and can't be changed.

LGBT activists are furious,calling it an attack

on transgender American's.

- Making clear that wewill not stand to see

the human rights of transgender people

erased by this administrationfrom federal law,

we have seen so many attacks by

the Trump Pence administrationagainst transgender people

and it is not okay.

- [Charlene] The Obamaadministration loosened

the legal concept ofgender, recognizing it as an

individual choice and notone determined at birth.

That created legal andmoral challenges concerning

transgender access tobathrooms, dormitories,

and single sex programsthat were once defined

strictly by male or female.

- There are sexualpredators out there that

will take advantage of this.

The reason why we keepmales and females separated

is to prevent problems.

But now you're saying,oh, no there's no problem.

- [Charlene] Many see theproposed new definition

as restoring reason and commonsense in the face of a wave

of social change generatedby a vocal minority.

- For the LGBT communityto attempt again to

try to create certainrights that are not present

within sex based discrimination,they're attempting

to draw a distinctly protected class that

really should not properlyor scientifically or

biologically fall under the definition

of sex based discrimination.

- [Charlene] Charlene Arron, CBN News.

- And this week, theDepartment of Justice filed

a legal brief with theSupreme Court arguing

the definition of sex inthe context of federal

discrimination laws isbased on biological markers,

not how a person identifieshis or her gender.

The remnants of tropical storm Willa

are heading for the eastcoast, bringing heavy rain

and winds up to 50 miles an hour.

Coastal flooding is also expected,

meteorologists say asthe storm system moves

north it will affectareas still recovering

from recent hurricanes, that includes the

Florida panhandle, and up intoWilmington, North Carolina.

This is the firstNor'easter of the season,

Willa struck the pacific coast of Mexico

earlier this week as acategory three hurricane.

Defense Secretary JimMaddis is expected to sign

an order sending 800 or moretroops to the southern border.

This comes after PresidentTrump says he is bringing

out the military to address what he calls

a national emergency at the border.

A caravan of some 5000 migrantsis moving through Mexico

and headed for the United States.

Additional troops willprovide logistical support

to border patrol agentsincluding vehicles,

tents, and equipment.

They're about 2000 NationalGuard troops already

at the border.

Earlier this year,Guatemala became the second

country after the UnitedStates to move it's embassy

from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,CBN News was on hand

as Guatemala's newambassador to Israel met

with President Rivlin this week.

And as Chris Mitchellreports, the ambassador

has a special tie to CBN.

- [Chris] It began withpompet circumstance

and Guatemala's national anthem.

(light music)

Then ambassador Mario Bucaro presented his

diplomatic credentialsto Israel's President

Reuven Rivlin, Rivlinnoted the long friendship

between Guatemala and Israel.

- As we all know, Guatemalais one of the oldest

friend of Israel.

Now, as you have said we have the embassy

of Guatemala here in Jerusalem.

- We're friends forforever I will say because

since the border of the state of Israel,

Guatemala has been a friend.

But you have been also friends always.

On my nation and the ordersthat I have received from

the President, is thatwe can strength even more

of our relationship.

- [Chris] The ceremonyended when President Rivlin

invited ambassador Bucaro to sign

the President's guest book.

Later, ambassador Bucaro and his wife

were guest of honors at a reception hosted

by Mike Evans and thefriends of Zion Museum.

Israel's deputy foreignminister Tzipi Hotovely

came to greet the ambassador,as well as ambassadors

from most of central america.

- I feel blessed and witha great responsibility.

But I'm very happy and it'san amazing time being in

Israel is such a dream,

because since I was achild my mom used to sing

me a song that one dayI will be in Jerusalem.

And today I'm here and I'mgoing to be able to honor that.

- We have the vast majorityof ambassadors from

central America here andwhat are we talking about?

We're talking about Godblessing their countries.

God blessing them andit's an amazing thing.

It's part of prophecy.

- [Chris] Before hisposting as Guatemala's

ambassador Bucaro servedas CBN's regional director

for Latin America.

- I just want to say andquote the owners of CBN

and especially the donorsof CBN because for almost

10 years I have been part of this family.

I continue to be the partners with CBN,

thanks Gordon Robertsonand Pat Robertson for

their vigitar example,and I'm here to be able

to tell the world thelonger I have for Christ

take for example to.

And the best is yet to come.

- [Chris] And what did Bucarowrite in the President guest

book?- Hineni, here I am.

Here in Jerusalem I'm here to serve.

To serve Guatemala and to serve Israel.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.

- CBN, a training groundfor ambassadors, Gordon.

- Well it's congratulationsMario, I remember 10 years

ago going to your lawfirm and I know Mario was

the managing director forone of the most successful

law firms in Guatemala city.

And he was a man of some influence there

and I asked him to lay all that aside and

come on board and be ourdirector for Latin America

and he said yes, heleft behind that career

in order to serve the lord.

And now he's leavingCBN to be an ambassador

to Israel, what a wonderfulservice he's taking there.

So congratulations,it's really heartwarming

for me personally to see thathappen to him, so it's great.


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