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Colorado Strikes at Christian Baker Jack Phillips Again…and He Strikes Back

Colorado Strikes at Christian Baker Jack Phillips Again…and He Strikes Back Read Transcript

- For Jack.

The state agency acting against Phillips

lost here at the US Supreme Court

with justices specifically blasting it

for hostility towardPhillips' religious beliefs.

Now the Colorado Civil Rights Commission

is going after the Christian baker again,

this time for refusing atransgender celebration cake.

- At this point, they'rejust targeting Christians.

This is outright Christian persecution.

- [Paul] This time around, though,

Constitutional attorney Jenna Ellis

believes the Commissionwill be more subtle.

- The Masterpiece decisionwas very particular

to the Commission to say youcannot be overtly hostile.

So now what they're doingis they're just gonna say,

"Well, we won't be asobvious about our hostility,

"but we still wanna go after Jack."

- [Paul] Meanwhile,Phillips and his lawyers

are going on offense by suingthe Colorado bureaucrats.

- They are actually striking back

and saying this is justoutright persecution.

You're not interested instopping discrimination,

you're interested inhunting Christians down.

- If Christians are alwaysonly on the defensive,

then we're going to continueto lose ground eventually.

We have to be also making sure

that we're standing up andwe're standing forward.

- [Paul] Ellis and Huntwarned people of faith

should be deeply concernedabout their religious freedom

given some of today'sleaders and officials.

- Even after the ColoradoCivil Rights Commission heard

from the US Supreme Courtin a seven-two decision,

including Obama-appointees,

telling them to stoptargeting people of faith,

the government essentially ignored it.

- This is about whether or not

the government can compel you or me

to say something and toembrace and celebrate messages

that go against our sincerelyheld religious beliefs.

- [Jeff] Jack Phillipsis very much a canary

in the coal mine with regardsto the very legal issues,

very important legal issues,that we're gonna be facing.

- So why care about this one baker

and his little MasterpieceCakeshop in a suburb of Denver?

Because, if you hold certain beliefs,

and you're a Christian,

you could be the next Jack Phillips.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reportingfrom the Supreme Court.

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