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Faith Nation: October 26, 2018

Faith Nation: October 26, 2018 Read Transcript

(lively instrumental music)

- An arrest made in thenationwide bomb scare.

Good evening and welcome to Faith Nation.

I'm Jenna Browder.

Well after three straightdays of mail bomb discoveries,

federal authorities have a man in custody.

He's been charged with fivedifferent crimes including

illegal mailing of explosives.

CBN National SecurityCorrespondent Eric Rosales

has been following the developments.

And Eric, what do we knowabout the suspect and

the charges, he faces?

- Well Jenna, his name is CaesarSayock he's, 56 years old,

and he lived in South Florida.

Just outside of Miami.

Now, sources told me that the FBI actually

had him under surveillancefor the past 24 hours.

Now, he's no stranger to law enforcement.

He does have a criminalpast including threats,

a possessing explosive devices,fraud, even drug possession.

And he had been a person on their radar.

He now faces five counts, if convicted,

faces up to 58 years in prison.

- This is a law and orderadministration, we will not

tolerate such lawlessness,specially not political violence.

- We can confirm, that 13 IED's were sent

to various individuals,across the country.

Each device, consisted ofroughly six inches of PVC pipe.

A small clock, a battery, somewiring and what is known as

energetic materials.

Which is essentially, potentialexplosives and material

that give off heat and energy through a

reaction to heat, shock or friction.

Though we're still analyzingthe devices in our laboratory,

these are not hoax devices.

- FBI Director, ChristopherWray, warned the public that

more devices could be outthere and more arrests could

take place, in this ongoing investigation.


- Eric what are you hearing about how

they exactly tracked down this man?

- Well sources told me that itwas DNA off of one of the 12

envelopes and a fingerprintand that information

was confirmed at the news conference.

It was DNA off of the envelope sent by

Congresswoman Maxine Waters and the

fingerprint was foundon one of the devices.

Due to an arrest inFlorida, the suspect was

already in the system andthat came up as a match.

- And Eric what did the President

have to say about all of this?

- Well, speaking at the YoungBlack Leadership Conference,

President Trump said that hedoes plan to bring the weight

of the justice system on the suspect.

And he applauded the workof the federal authorities.

Take a listen.

- I want to applaud theFBI, Secret Service,

Department of Justice, theU.S Attorney's Office for

the Southern District ofNew York, the NYPD, and

all law enforcementthroughout the entire country.

Incredible partners, thesepeople have worked so hard

and to have done it so quickly.

It's looking like, you'relooking, it's a needle

in a haystack; how doyou do this so quickly?

They've done an incredible,incredible job and I wanna

congratulate them.

(crowd cheers)

- Jenna, everyone's justcalling it good police work.

- Alright, Eric Rosales,thank you very much.

- You got it.

Well ahead of the arresttoday, President Trump took to

Twitter to say the nationalbomb scare was slowing the

momentum of republicans headinginto the midterm elections.

Saying, but politics weren'tgetting as much news coverage.

For months, there have beentalk of a blue wave of voters

getting the House andSenate back to Democrats.

Now though with just 11 daysto go, that is not so certain.

Races are tightening up, asvoter enthusiasm has grown in

Republicans favor.

A big reason is backlashfollowing the Democrats attacks on

Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh,

during his confirmation.

- The plants and factories are coming back

like never before.

- One reason for therecent change in polling,

is President Trumps non-stop campaigning.

So far this month, he's visited23 cities and plans another,

at least, 10 rallies before election day.

His appearances are beingmet with great enthusiasm.

This Texas stadium packedwith 18,000 supporters.

While tens of thousands more wanted in.

It's this enthusiasm, that's giving

Republicans increased confidence.

One administration officialtells us they think the

Presidents campaigning andthe Supreme Court confirmation

of Justice Brett Kavanaugh,will help them pick

up a seat or two in the Senate.

The same administrationofficial, also thinks the idea

of a blue wave, has been over-blown.

A GOP source on the ground tells CBN News

they've seen a majorenthusiasm shift because

of the ugly Supreme Courtbattle over Kavanaugh.

This source says it's makingraces in the, toss up,

states of Missouri, NorthDakota and Indiana much tighter.

- She's going to befantastic, Marsha Blackburn.

- [Jenna] In other states likeTennessee it's neck-and-neck.

Hoping to change that,Representative Marsha Blackburn,

is full on embracing Trumpand appears to be pulling

ahead of her opponent, Bill Bredesen.

That according to a newWashington Post Schar School poll,

the most contested battleground House districts

still remain too close to call.

With 50% of those polledsupporting Democratic candidates

and 47% backing Republicans.

From now until November 6th,voters can expect to hear a lot

of similar themes.

- This will be the election,of the caravan, Kavanaugh,

Law and Order, tax-cut's and common sense.

- The question is whocan keep enthusiasm high

enough, to drive them to the polls?

And that is the question.

Well Capitol Hill Correspondent,Abigail Robertson, joins

me now to break down someof the key Senate races.

Abigail, let's start with Missouri,

we were just talking about that.

How big of a factor isKavanaugh and the courts there?

- Well it's been interesting as I've

covered some of these close races.

In some states, likeFlorida, it's not top of mind

for voters but in Missouri,it is just the opposite.

It is a huge deal for voters,the judiciary, they care

very deeply about it.

As Congresswoman Ann Wagnertold me, just a few weeks ago,

that it will definitelybe a make or break issue,

for people in Missouri and takea look at what she told me.

- It's huge, you know thereare a lot of voters that I've

talked to, especially inmy district, during the

last election, some of them voted for

Donald Trump specificallybecause of the court.

Not just the Supreme Courtbut what he would be able

to do to impact the federal bench, also.

- And, what's interestingis Democratic incumbent,

Senator Claire McCaskill,did not vote to confirm

Judge Kavanaugh.

She voted against him and before that vote

happened she held a threepoint lead, in what has been a

neck-in-neck race, and afterthe vote Josh Hawley gained

and now he is up about,over 1% over McCaskill.

So it definitely had aneffect with the voters there

and but I talked to McCaskill,a few months ago actually

in Missouri, and she toldme that she feels like she's

done a good job, in Washington,

representing the people of Missouri.

And she feels like she'sdone a good job working cross

the isle and yeah, so take a look,

we have a slot from her as well.

- If that's what people reallywant, they want us to quit

yellin' at each other and they

want us to start working together.

And I gotta a lot of proofpoints that, that's exactly

the kind of Senator I've been and

I'm hopeful that will be enough.

- And despite her goingdown in the polls, recently,

I spoke with her on theHill about a week or two ago

and she said she feels greatabout the state of her race

but it is neck-in-neck.

- Yeah, that Brett-bouncegiving him a lot of momentum.

Abby, what do you think isthe big thing, if there's

one or two things to watch in this race.

- Well at this point, justover a week out from the

election, I feel like a lotof voters in this state have

made up their mind and whatI'm going to be watching is

the final results in this election.

President Trump won the stateof Missouri by 19 points.

And even though it's themidterms, the President is very

much on the ballot and I think seeing who,

if Claire McCaskill wins this race.

Then that I think is avery telling sign for if

the President is losing hisgrip on the state in 2020.

- Yeah, Missouri, one of the key races.

Alright well as Abigailmentioned, 2016 President Trump

won Missouri by 19 pointsand in the lead up to the

mid-terms, Josh Hawley hasreally aligned himself with

much of Trump's agenda including

when it comes to religious freedom.

I sat down with Hawley to find out

why it's so important to him.

- The country needs us.

- [Anchor] He's a rising star in the GOP.

- The culture needs us,our society needs us.

- [Anchor] And at just 37,Missouri Attorney General

Josh Hawley hopes to be theShow Me State's next Senator.

And he has President Trump's support.

- Josh, our next Senator, where is he?

(crowd cheers)

He's gonna be a great Senator.

- [Anchor] And it's not just Trump,

Hawley has support fromother Republicans, like

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

One issue he's especially passionate

about is Religious Freedom.

- It rests at the very centerof our Constitution and

the reason for that is,religious liberty tells the

government there is a linethat you may not cross.

You cannot tell us what tothink, you cannot tell us

what to believe, who togather with or who to worship.

It protects that allimportant right of conscious.

- [Anchor] As AttorneyGeneral, he's fought

human trafficking andgone after giants like

Google and the pharmaceutical industry.

McCaskill, has taken noticeand is hitting hard criticizing

Hawley for running for higheroffice after only one year

in his current position.

- I believe Josh Hawleyhas spent more time talking

to the insiders in Washingtonthe last four months

then he has Missouri.

- [Anchor] Hawley sayshe's ready for Washington

and with his family by his side,

is standing strong on his faith.

- Well you know, I'mready to serve the Lord,

which is the most important thing.

And my wife and I, I'm blessedto be married to a wonderful

woman, who believes in theLord Jesus with all her heart.

We've got two little boys athome and we feel like the Lord

has called us, to do ourpart, in the public sphere.

- And last night McCaskilland Hawley held their final

debate, we will bring youmore on that later on,

in the show.

Well down in Texas,the latest figures show

Senator Tedd Cruz up six points

to his challenger, Beto O'Rourke.

A new poll from the University of Texas

and the Texas Tribune, showsCruz with 51% of likely voters

in the state, O'Rourke with 45%.

Although Senator Cruz has a sizable lead,

the Cook Politcal Report still

ranks the Texas race as a toss up.

And the President campaignedthis week for Cruz in Houston,

with this narrow lead over hisDemocratic opponent, the GOP

hopes the Presidents visitwill help seal the deal come

November 6th, Abigail has that story.

- Gotta vote for Ted Cruz.


(crowd cheers)

the Democrats are a bigrisk to the American family,

and our country cannot affordto take those kind of risks.

- [Anchor] John Graves, Presidentof Vision America, tells

CBN News he's not surprised tosee Republicans losing a grip

on the conservative strong-hold.

- I've been telling people for years,

Texas is trending that way.

Donald Trump won Ohio by8.1%, he won Texas by 9%.

And people think ofOhio as a purple state,

they don't think of Texas as one.

- [Anchor] Vision America,encourages Christians around the

country to vote.

Their non-partisan voter guidefor Texas shows where both

candidates stand on issueslike the Supreme Court,

Right to Life and protectingreligious liberties.

Over the weekend, however, anunknown person made fraudulent

copies of the guides, changingthe text of the issues and

mix them into piles passed out at

multiple churches in Texas.

- They snuck inside churchesto deceive church members and

I've been around this forover 20 years, I've never seen

or heard anything like that.

- [Anchor] O'Rourke has seensupport from some pro-life

women in Texas, unhappy with the families

being separated at the border.

And the fake guide claimsSenator Cruz supports this.

Cruz told CBN News, hestrongly opposes the policy.

- I can tell ya when we sawthe issue of family separation,

I introduced legislation,I stepped forward and led

legislation that would mandatefamilies stay together.

That we keep familiestogether, that we keep kids

with their parents.

- [Anchor] The fraudulentguide also claims O'Rourke

supports the Right to Life,because he increased access

to health care.

Without showing his stance on abortion.

- I will only vote to confirma Supreme Court Justice

who believes in a woman'sright to make her own decisions

about her own body.

O'Rourke strongly opposes the President.

Saying he will vote forimpeachment if elected.

And will not support a wallon the Southern border.

Cruz on the other hand,has embraced the President.

Inviting Trump to headlinethe Monday rally, where

tens of thousands gathered.

- I am honored that PresidentTrump is here endorsing and

supporting my campaign and Ilook forward to campaigning

along side him in 2020,for his re-election as

President of the United States.

- Yeah, this race definitely closer then

Ted Cruz would like to see.

Abigail why do you think it is so close?

Texas is typically, deep, deep red.

- Yes, well many Texans I talked to

and I asked that question,they pointed out that the

population of Texas has grown by more then

three million peoplein just under a decade.

So, Texas as a state it's changing.

The people who make up thestate, it's changing and

as a result, I think conservativesare losing their grip

on that stronghold.

And I also spoke with somepeople, some Republicans, who say

they don't believe that we'rethat far off from seeing

Democrats have a real shot atwinning these statewide races.

I think Senator Cruz has acomfortable, enough lead that

he will pull out a victory in this one.

But it has been decades, sincea Democrat won a statewide

race in this state but Idon't think we're far off

from seeing these racesget a lot closer in Texas.

- Yeah, and you were juston the ground in Texas,

you were talking about how,there's really this movement

of pro-life, evangelical women,who are actually supporting

O'Rourke and not Cruz.

- Yes, they uh, there aresome women that we know of in

Texas that are pro-life,conservatives but they say despite

that they've been pro-life theirwhole life, they still are.

Right now they think the morepressing pro-life issue is

reuniting these families that have been

separated at the border.

So they are going to vote forBeto O'Rourke because they

are associating the familyseparation with the President and

with Senator Cruz, as wesaw in the package I asked

Senator Cruz about this.

And he said that he has putbills forward to reunite this

family but I think it's justone of those things, that we're

seeing that people are,they don't like the policy.

Republicans are in powerand they are going to blame

Republicans for that.

And not vote for Senator Cruzas a result but when I asked

Cruz's campaign they believethat it's not, they believe

that they have the majorityof support from conservatives

or from Christians andpro-life conservatives.

They think it's just asmall amount of people.

- Yeah, interesting trend indeed.

- Yes.

- Alright, well Florida is another state

with particularly close Senate race.

In fact, it's become themost expensive in the

whole country and Abigail inaddition to Texas you're also,

you've been all over theplace, you were in Florida too.

- Yes, I was just inTampa and I spoke with

Political Analyst, Susan MacManus,

about why this race isparticularly competitive.

- Partisanship is very deep in this state.

The stakes are high, money is rolling into

this race from outside the state.

Obviously because Democrats are holding

on for dear life to that seat.

- [Anchor] And Republicansare giving it their all,

to win it over.

With 28% of the stateregistered as no party, however.

- Govern Scott has a reallytough time because he knows

that he's got to capturea certain part of that,

no party affiliation independent vote and

he's got to continue tohold on to Republicans.

And at the same time try tothink about some of those

Conservative Democrats in the Panhandle

that might vote for him.

- [Anchor] MacManus callsFlorida the most difficult state

for campaigning because ofit's diversity and size.

Statewide candidates must be careful

on sensitive issues like gun control.

- The issue itself plays quitedifferently depending upon

where you are in Florida.

- [Anchor] For example, ruralvoters see guns as necessary

protection, while urban votersassociate the weapons with

two deadly events stillfresh in their mind.

- They have to talk aboutissues that are important to

Florida, how to fix things.

- [Anchor] Republican votersargue Nelson has been in

Office, far too long.

- He's a career politician, at this point.

- Senator Nelson, isprobably a great man but

he hasn't been in Florida in a long time.

- [Anchor] Democratsbelieve he's done a good job

fighting for medicare, socialsecurity and protecting

Obama Care.

- I like his stance on the issues.

- [Anchor] MacManus says at this point,

it's still anyone's guess.

- Yeah, and of course, HurricaneMichael, just devastating

Florida here recently.

Abigail how do you thinkthat will affect this race?

- I honestly think that thisdevastation, it's catastrophic.

I think it spells a lot oftrouble for Republicans.

Because these areas in thePanhandle, these counties are

typically some of the highestvoter turnout in the state.

Where races are won, statewideraces are won by less then 1%

frequently and these countiesare some of the strongest

Republican counties in the state.

And this could be very troublingbecause voting right now

might not be top of mindfor a lot of these people.

Who just lost everything!

Not to mention their pollingcenters are, changing.

Their gonna have troublegetting to the polls, so

it could have a big effect in the race.

- Mm-hm, and Politicothey were reporting today,

that the President isnervous about Florida.

Do you think Democrats could sweep?

We have about 30 seconds left.

- Yes, they very much socould win, the Governor's race

and the Senate race.

President Trump has campaignedstrongly for both of those,

for both the Republican candidates there.

He wants to see GovernorScott as Senator Scott helping

him push his agenda inWashington and he wants to see

Desantis win the Governorship,to help him in 2020.

And getting resources in Florida, so yeah.

- There could be a couplemore rallies down in Florida.

- Alright, Abigail, thank you.

Well up next why the CaliforniaGovernor's race could

end up in a surprising upset.

- [Announcer] Watch liveelection coverage on the CBN News

Channel, Tuesday November6th from 8pm to midnight.

- While much attentionhas been paid to the

House and Senate, many states are holding

close Governor's races, in these midterms.

36 of 50 states will electGovernors come November.

The decision made on statelevels will have a federal

impact of course, 26 ofthose newly elected Governors

will be in place for re-districting,

that means they will have the power to

veto or approve a redrawingof Congressional Maps.

In California it would beconsidered an upset if the

Governors race goes to theRepublican candidate, John Cox.

Polls indicate he seems tobe in striking distance, of

heavily favored Democrat, Gavin Newsom.

CBN's David Brody has the story.

- [Anchor] California is oftendescribed as the liberal,

left coast but John Cox, whobills himself as a common-sense

business man, is gainingenough ground to spark

rumors of an upset.

Some recent polling showsCox only trailing Democrat

Gavin Newsom by single digits.

I spoke to Cox, recently in San Diego,

where he addressed hundreds of Pastor's.

- Californians, I think, havealways wanted some change.

And they've always wantedto have a check on their

legislator and frankly I think that's

even more true now, then ever David.

We've got a legislaturethat's off the rails, it's

regulating plastic straws,it's not doing much about

the cost of living and aboutthe homeless situation and

the housing crisis and the water crisis.

And schools, that arenow, 47th in the nation.

This is not the Californiathat people remember.

- [Anchor] We reached out to his opponent,

with multiple interview requests and

received no responsefrom the Newsom campaign.

In a recent interview, theformer San Francisco Mayor, said

that Cox is too out of touchwith California values.

- I'm passionate, in terms ofmy progressive principles and

values, but I have no interestin reverting back to the old

days, of tax and spend and deficits.

And so, in the spirit of GovernorBrown, I want to maintain

that fiscal discipline but withsome emphasis on investments

and early childhood educationand the conveyor belt for all

talent, are intuitions of higher learning.

- [Anchor] Cox arguesthat the state is facing a

myriad of problems includingthe cost of housing,

high electricity billsand the water situation.

- Recently the legislator,imposed water rationing,

in a state that sits next tothe largest, body of water,

in the World, we're gonnabe imposing water rationing

on the people of this state.

They won't even be able totake a bath, in this state,

in a few years.

- [Anchor] On immigrationCox says Newsom's

views on Sanctuary Cities make no sense.

- The major problem, frankly,is the country to the

South of us, which has beenruled by corrupt governments,

to a large extent.

It's not been able to getahold of it's drug gangs and

it's criminality, frankly,the last thing we want is that

coming here and making our life miserable.

So when we do things likethe Sanctuary State, we're

sending a message, that we're gonna

somehow put up with criminality.

Well, yeah know, if youput up with criminality,

you're gonna get more of it.

- [Anchor] Newsom says Cox'shas tied himself to President

Trump's aggressive moves on immigration.

- He's a bully.

The fact is California, wedon't need to be intimidated,

we're the 5th largest economyin the world, our populations

larger then 163 nations, wepunch above our weight and

you don't react by kowtowing,as some cities and counties,

across the country and states have done.

We protect and we preserveour values and we defend our

diverse communities and we assert

ourselves as only California can.

- [Anchor] Cox came hereto tell Pastor's how

Christian values have shaped his policies.

He grew up learning responsibilityin a very unexpected way.

- My real father, didnot, take responsibility.

My mother said she was raped,was probably a date rape.

You know, I don't know, I wasn'tthere, I was the conception

as a result of that, andhe married my mother.

Because I guess you did thatin 1955, he did do that.

But then he left.

And he didn't take responsibilityand he never supported me.

And my mother was leftto fend for herself.

I'd like to instill innot only the faithful,

but people who don't havea faith, the idea that it

really helps your inner beingwhen you take responsibility

and when you put yourself inthe community and you help.

So, I'd like to see thatas one of my missions,

as Governor of this state.

- [Anchor] We'll see if it'sa winning message November 6.

For Faith Nation, David Brody, CBN News.

- And we'll be right back,with more Faith Nation.

In the wake of the mailbombs sent to Democratic

leaders this week, a renewedcall for civility is being

echoed across the country.

It was an issue Missouri Senatecandidates Claire McCaskill

and Josh Hawley addressedin a debate, last night.

- No, I am very concerned,Mike in answer to your question

about the culture of incivilityand confrontation and

even outright violence,that we're seeing across

the country.

I think it is extremelyconcerning to hear politics come

to this level.

- That's the problem.

This is a problem on both sides.

We gotta turn down the temperature,

their are people bein' ugly on both sides.

All the consumer protectionsthat he's trying ...

- And although they agreedabout the lack of civility

being seen in the country right now,

they didn't agree on how we got there.

Hawley mentioned the toneof Democratic leaders like

Eric Holder and protesters who have

approached law makers in public places.

While McCaskill spoke about therhetoric of President Trump.

Well that is going to do itfor Faith Nation this week.

Have a great weekend andwe'll see you right back here

on Monday.


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