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The Trump Factor in Indiana: Will He Help or Hurt GOP Efforts to Take a Senate Seat from Dems?

The Trump Factor in Indiana: Will He Help or Hurt GOP Efforts to Take a Senate Seat from Dems? Read Transcript


- [Amber} It's a tale oftwo candidates sounding

like they're from the same party.

- Together we'll build the wall.

- [Amber] Or At Least FollowingPresidential Footsteps.

- I support ICE and fundingPresident Trump's border wall.

- But hold on, one is a Democrat.

So, what gives?

It's like not matterwhere you go these days,

the Trump Administration is on the ballot.

Indiana Senate candidate,Mike Braun says for him,

that's a good thing.

The businessman is bankingthat Trump's appeal

to conservative Hoosiersand his similar plea

to blue collar workerscould be enough to carry him

to victory against incumbent,Democrat Joe Donnelly.

- The system needed tobe shaken a little bit

and I think that's whyDonal Trump was elected.

- [Amber] Braun tellsCBN News his experience

tackling issues like healthcarewithin his own company

surprises some voters.

- Then they got surprisedthat I was actually

a business guy that took on healthcare

which is by far, I thinkit's the biggest issue

across the country.

- [Amber] But Indiana is a big state

and not everyone is ready towelcome a Trump-like candidate.

According to an IndianapolisBusiness Journal poll

the two candidates arepolling neck and neck.

But taking a deeper look,Braun has gained ground

since the Kavenaugh confirmations

but Donnelly dominates with two groups,

young people and women.

Donnelly talks aboutbeing one of only a few

pro-life Democrats on the Hill.

He voted in favor of Neil Gorsuch

but against Bret Kavenaugh.

- I voted against JudgeKavenaugh because of concerns

about his impartiality and concerns

about his judicial temperament.

- [Amber] That decisioncould make the difference

for this candidate bykeeping the Democrat vote

and wooing modernsuburban women who aren't

so happy with the president.

- In a midterm, they can'tvote against the president

'cause he's not on the ballot

so they're taking it out onsome Republican candidates.

But that's just onceslice of the electorate.

The dirty secret about closeraces is that everyone matters.

- [Amber] And he's right.

A Republican source inIndiana tells CBN News

that same decision tovote against Kavenaugh

re-energized conservativesto get out the vote

and push for judges and the Supreme Court.

- I know in our own statethat has really galvanized

a lot of folks that mayhave been kind of resting

on the laurels of the Trump campaign.

- While his campaign admay sound similar to Trump,

Donnelly says, unlikemost of his colleagues

here in Washington, hehas the ability to work

with the President and against him.

- 62 percent of the time I've voted,

I've voted with President Trump.

Mike was for JudgeKavenaugh on the first day.

If President Trump put up Bugs Bunny,

Mike would've said, heshould go on the Court.

- [Amber] CBN News requested an interview

with Senator Donnelly, but his office

said he was unavailable.

Braun says Donnelly'smoderate talk is all a facade.

- All of this is beingdone in an election year.

And I go back to thethings I remind Hoosiers of

is that he voted againsttax reform, he voted for

Obamacare originally as a Congressman,

he voted against its repeal.

- [Amber] The Jasper, Indiana native says

like most people where he comes from,

what you see is what you get,

even down to his blue button down.

- I decided not to put onthe suit coat and the tie

that evening, because I'dnever worn one in 37 years.

Anybody from where I grew up and came from

would've said, Mike lookslike he's different.

- [Amber] Time will tell which message

clicks with Hoosiers.

Election Day is right around the corner.

Amber Strong, CBN News.


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