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Inside the Caravan: Left-Wing Group Blocks Mexican Police, Others Offer a New Life in Jesus

Inside the Caravan: Left-Wing Group Blocks Mexican Police, Others Offer a New Life in Jesus Read Transcript

- (chanting in foreign language)

- [Chuck] The massive caravancurrently making it's way

north through Mexico is no isolated event.

Immigrants from around the world

have traveled this route for decades.

Making the 1400 mile trekis always a difficult

and dangerous undertaking.

It would be all but impossible

if it weren't for someorganizations that encourage

and assist these travelers on their way.

This most recent caravanhas prompted many to ask

about who is helpingfacilitate what's becoming

one of the largest massmigrations in modern history.

I interviewed some who werehelping these Hondurans

make it to the United States.

Mexico recently electeda pro-migrant president.

But the Mexican government ishaving trouble deciding how,

or even if, they shouldhelp these migrants

who have come intotheir country illegally.

So I'm just outside ofTapachula in southern Mexico,

and a group of migrants just walked by.

They're behind the maingroup, but it's still

a couple hundred peopleand they were stopped

by some immigration agentsin several immigration vans

basically just encouraging them

to take the legal stepsnecessary to declare

asylum in Mexico.

But the migrants didn't likethat idea and they ran off.

And so now the police andthe immigration authorities

are kind of standing aroundtrying to figure out what to do.

When the confrontation happened,

another group of supporters showed up.

A left wing group, committed to open

borders and gun control,

called The SwedishFellowship of Reconciliation,

stepped between the migrantsand the Mexican police.

(foreign language)

They didn't want to be filmed.

- I don't think anyonecan see these images

of women marching in the hot sun or

sleeping on the streets atnight with their babies,

and not have a tug at their heart strings,

but many people are startingto ask whether or not

charity has to include encouraging people

to make bad choices.

- They don't need to leave.

They can stay, set in roots,and develop their own land.

- [Chuck] Graham and Nicole Davis

moved to Central America fiveyears ago to help young people

break the cycle of violence and poverty.

- We have based our foundationon the obvious principles

that it makes more sense tomeet people where they are.

It's much more cost effectiveand it's much more successful

than moving them across borders

and forcing them intoa new education system.

We meet them right wherethey are and care for them,

and they grow.

We're earning the right to be heard

by moving into theirneighborhood and educating them.

Our students aren'trunning for the border.

They see the value in being where they are

and growing in leadership.

The Advance Project develops leaders

in the developing world,that's what we do.

- [Chuck] Through mentoring,education, leadership,

and the gospel, this familyis making a difference,

by showing a young generationof Central Americans

that they don't necessarilyneed the United States.

What they need is Jesus.

For CBN News, I'm Chuck Holton,in Chiapas State, Mexico.


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