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Rise Up 18: Christians Are Covering the Midterm Election in Prayer, and You Can Join In

Rise Up 18: Christians Are Covering the Midterm Election in Prayer, and You Can Join In Read Transcript

- As the 2018 midterm election approaches,

Bishop Harry Jackson isleading a prayer movement

for it and America called Rise Up 18.

He joins me now to tell us more

about this two night eventsurrounding the election.

Bishop Jackson, always good to see you.

- Good to be seen. Greatto be with you again.

- First of all,

tell us about thisIntercessory Prayer Conference.

- Well, we believe that God moves because

of prayers of the saints,

but we also believe that Amos 3:7 says

that God will do nothingexcept He reveals his secret

to His servants, the prophets.

So, I believe that propheticintercession is critical

in the days going intothis midterm election,

and we've got Supreme Court justices

and lower court judges at stake.

We have a lot of policiesthat have a Christian agenda,

and we need to have a healing

between Democratic Christiansand Republican Christians.

We need to take the higherground of praying God's agenda,

not partisan political agendas,

in this important season of time.

- I love it, and how didall of this come about?

- Well, a man named MarioBramnick reached out to me.

He had a vision of bringingpeople like Cindy Jacobs

and Lance Wallnau, Ramiro Pena, Jim Garlo,

Michelle Bachmann, and people

of that nature who have spiritual footing

and political footing together to pray,

and so Mario asked me if I would host it.

We just finished abeautiful new sanctuary,

state-of-the-art, right inthe Maryland suburbs of D.C.,

and it seemed to be the perfect timing

for us to have such an event,

and certainly there isa cause for which we are

to contend spiritually.

- Amen. Now Bishop, withall of the divisiveness

since the last election,

why is it so important now more than ever?

- Well, I believe we have a lot at stake.

Religious liberty is at stake.

We understand that somehow, the language

and the intensity, thehatred has racheted up.

We're hearing aboutbombs that are being sent

to former political figures.

We have all kinds of issues that tell us

that there's an anti-Christand a, what I'm going to call,

an anarchistic spirit thatis trying to manifest itself

to create deeper division in America,

and the Church is the only unifying factor

that can turn things aroundand cause us to get on track,

stay on track, be on track.

- Awesome. And Bishop, whatdo you believe God wants

to say to Christians in the midst

of all the political hatredand cultural differences

in our nation right now?

- Well I think that we needto not hate, but we need

to participate, and what I mean by that is

that no matter what yourpolitical orientation is,

vote your values, vote theBible as best you understand it,

and engage. Half the Christians

in America do not even vote.

So no matter what party youare or if you're Independent,

it's critical that we participateas a prophetic influence

into the political system of our day.

I believe someday as westand before the Lord,

He will want us to give an account

of how we lived our life

and how we voted because voting is part

of the prophetic conscience of our nation.

- And what would you sayto all Americans regarding

the outcome of thiselection or any election,

and how we should act following it?

- Well, the first thing I want

to say is if you don'tvote, don't complain.

You know, my father wasthreatened at gunpoint

by a state trooper in 1953,

and the guy dischargedhis weapon over his head

and said, "next time, usean N-word, I'll kill you."

People have paid with theirblood for the right to vote.

It's a sacred right, andmany, many governments are

under tyrannic, oppressive regimes.

We have freedom.

I believe it's oursovereign responsibility,

and then I believe asfar as you are concerned

as a Christian, vote your values.

Vote the things that matter to you.

If you'll do that, and we all pray

before we go into those booths to vote,

I believe that the will

of God will be manifest versus the will

of the culture at large.

We are a large enough votingblock that we can make

the distinctive anddecisive difference in this

and every election thatis to come in our nation.

- [Host] I totally agree with you.

Bishop Harry Jackson, thankyou so much for your time.

- Thank you very much.


- [Narrator] And CBNnews will show coverage

on election night from 8 p.m.

to 12 a.m. Eastern time November 6th.

Be sure to tune in.


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