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Future Nominees Could Face Attacks Even More Withering than those Against Kavanaugh

Future Nominees Could Face Attacks Even More Withering than those Against Kavanaugh Read Transcript

- As we now know, Justice Kavanaugh's

confirmation battle was so vicious,

it's become a majorelection for both sides.

Well, what happens next time?

Will the process stay thesame or may get even worse?

Constitutional law attorney, Jenna Ellis,

watched the latest confirmationprocess with dismay.

- To see how just incrediblyevil the process was

and to see just the screaming

and the interruptions of the Senate.

- [Paul] Policy analyst Jeff Hunt

of Colorado Christian Universityalso found it disturbing.

It was clear all throughoutthe Kavanaugh hearings.

Where they're banging on thedoors of US Supreme Court,

they're in violent protests.

- [Paul] Hunt and Ellisbelieve pro-abortion forces

attacked so furiouslybecause of their panic

about what a conservative majority

on the court might do to Roe versus Wade.

- Women want to have theso-called right to choose

and Kavanaugh is representing everything

that the left fears.

- This was really justabout stopping somebody

who might be pro-life who would look

at the Constitution inan original intent way.

- [Paul] That's why a Conservative

like Judge Amy Coney Barrett,

a known pro-life catholicand constitutionalist,

could face even worseattacks if nominated.

A number of senatorsmade her faith an issue

during her confirmation toa federal appeals court.

- She's a woman and so theattack will be different.

But she's a very openly faith-based woman,

she's a mom, she's very pro-life.

And as Senator Feinstein said,

the dogma lies loudly within you.

That's gonna be partially the attack

and that's type of political animosity

really has no place in ourconfirmation hearing process.

- [Paul] Hunt says Barrett or any other

pro-life constitutionalistwill likely face an onslaught

from the left in the Senate and media.

- They want to stop them because

of their judicial philosophy.

And so with Amy, you get someone

who looks at the Constitution and wants

to interpret the Constitution according

to its original intent.

But they're gonna throw everything

they possibly can to stop it.

- [Paul] Writer DavidCarter recently observed

on the conservative website,

"The attempted wholesaledestruction of Brett Kavanaugh,

"consisting as it did oflurid fact-free allegations

"of the worse kind,ultimately revealed itself

"to be nothing less than adesperate attempt to keep off

"of the Supreme Courtanyone who might demonstrate

"fidelity to the Constitution as written."

And David French wrote in National Review,

"many of his Kavanaugh'saccusers were operating

"in blatant, obvious bad faith.

"They were willing, eagereven, to destroy him

"to keep him off the Supreme Court."

- That's horrible.

We are better as asociety and as a country

than just trying to seek to destroy

someone's reputation solelyto win political battles.

- [Paul] Anyone's faith issupposed to be off-limits

when they're considered for public office.

But people's faith has come under attack

more and more these days.

Even Pastor Andrew Brunsonpraying at the White House

after his release from Turkey.

- A couple of the senators remarking

how it was so great that he prayed

with President Trump in the Oval Office.

There was a lot of twitter attacks

against a couple of senators for saying

as a senator and in the Oval Office,

there's a separation of church and state.

I mean they're trying tomake this the new norm.

- [Paul] What can people offaith do to battle this trend?

Ellis says one of the mostimportant ways is to vote

or you may see your rights decay.

- If we don't speak truth into our culture

and we don't make sure thatwe are electing the people

to best represent and protectour rights in the midterms

and in 2020 and beyond, then yes,

we're going to start seeing that.

And we need to be involved in our families

and our churches but alsoin our civil society.

We are members of America and we need

to make sure that we participate.

- Voting in those midtermsis already happening

across the country and the final day

to vote is Election Dayitself, November 6th.

Paul Strand, CBN News, the Supreme Court.


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