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Synagogue Massacre Aftermath: Media Blame Trump as Midterms Muddied by Hate Speech and Fake News

Synagogue Massacre Aftermath: Media Blame Trump as Midterms Muddied by Hate Speech and Fake News Read Transcript

- Both the presidentand the vice president

have condemned the synagogue massacre,

but their critics say it's not enough.

- Our nation and the world are shocked

and stunned by the grief.

- It was an attack on innocent Americans

and it was an assault onour freedom of religion.

- [Heather] On Monday,media pundits and critics

pointed the finger at the president,

suggesting that hisrhetoric may have helped

to fuel the synagogue attack.

Some have even said the president

should not go to Pittsburgh.

- I'm just gonna pay my respects.

I'm also going to thehospital to see the officers

and some of the peoplethat were so badly hurt.

- [Heather] But Rabbi JeffreyMyers said the President

of the United States is always welcome

and he called on political leaders

to stop the divisive rhetoric.

- Stop the words of hate.

My mother always taught me,

if you don't have anythingnice to say, say nothing.

- [Heather] The presidentput out multiple tweets

blaming, what he called,the Fake News Media

for stirring up hatred.

And Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

pushed back against the idea

that the president is toblame for the violence.

- The very first thingthat the president did

was condemn the attacks,both in Pittsburgh

and in the pipe bombs.

The very first thing the media did

was blame the presidentand make him responsible

for these ridiculous acts.

- [Heather] Christian leadershave condemned the massacre.

Southern Baptist spokesmanRussell Moore said,

"An attack on the Jewish peopleis an attack on all of us."

Others are calling for repentance

and an end to inflammatory words.

- We as a nation need to repent.

We need to repent for theevil that we've allowed

into our nation.

We need to be asking Godto give us reconciliation.

- The only thing that candrive out darkness is light.

And we're called to bethe light of the world.

As Christians, through ourvote and through our testimony,

our public witness, we must,

must bring a messageof peace to this world

that desperately needs it.

- [Heather] A messagedemonstrated by Jewish doctors

and nurses who treatedthe suspect Robert Bowers

at the hospital.

On Monday, Bowers appearedin federal court calm

and quiet as he faced the death penalty.

Funerals began Tuesday in Pittsburgh

as two brothers are laid to rest.

Monday night, the statelit the capitol in blue

in honor of those who lost their lives.

Heather Sells, CBN News.


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