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Take It from Someone Who Used to Talk to Satan: Halloween Is a Bad Idea

Take It from Someone Who Used to Talk to Satan: Halloween Is a Bad Idea Read Transcript

- Well, should Christianscelebrate Halloween?

Some believe it can be takenback like other holidays.

But a former Satanist, whois now a pastor, says no.

Christians should not celebrate it.

I recently caught up with John Ramirez

and he had a strong warning for believers.

Tell us a little bit aboutwhere you were in relation

to Satanism and worshiping the devil.

- Eight years old boy,little boy, eight years old,

demon church, you learn beingtrained by a high-ranked

devil worshiper, warlock,and spiritual witches.

Training me to know howto take over territory

and demonic contrary domain,different demon territory,

demons, principalities,first, second heaven.

I was being trained allthe way to the age of 35.

Sold my soul to the devil,got married on Halloween,

had a demonic wedding on Halloween.

I baptized my daughter tothe dark side at age 11.

So that was my whole entire life.

I breathed, ate, and slept witchcraft.

I was also projecting.

I would actually projectold Region to leave my body.

I actually project, cursedthe region, because if I can

curse the region, Ican capture the people.

- Knowing what you came fromand what you used to do,

you're pretty discouraged that you see

Christians celebrating Halloween, why?

- I don't know how you can cheat on God.

I don't know how you can cheaton the Lord Jesus Christ,

because I don't see Satanas comin' on Good Friday

and comin' hangin' out with us, right?

I got married on Halloween,I had a demonic wedding.

Why would you put your kids,your family, why would you

put your purpose, yourdestiny, why would you put your

whole eternity in a demonic altar?

- People say, it's justfun, candy, kids are having

costumes on, but you say it's much more.

- The candy, I never sharedthis before, but this candy,

people from different walks oflife pray over these candies,

witchcraft, they pray over the candies.

You knock on people's door,you don't know if the person

that you knock on if she's a witch.

Okay, you don't know if she'sa witch, she's doing Wicca,

she's practicing New Age,and you knock on her door,

and you comin' in legalrights of this witch

or this warlock, this person'spracticin' this stuff,

givin' you this kind of candy.

Now you takin' that stuffhome, you put that stuff

into your body.

And on top of that, I'm from LaVeyan Sect.

Out of his mouth, you knowhe will do with the ruler

of the church of Satan, right?

Out of his mouth, hesay, I wanna thank every

Christian parent for allowing their child

to celebrate Halloween one time a year.

The Devil's holiday.

And he took Adam andEve to lose everything

because of one mistake.

He took Esau, one circumstanceto lose his birthrights.

So why would you bring thatkind of curse into your house

and curse your family fromthree to four generations?

So when your kids is five,and you think it's cool,

you dress them up.

Once you put a costume onsomeone, the trick of Adam and Eve

in the Garden of Eden, theywere made in the image of God,

they were made in God's perfect image.

The devil tricked 'em with sinand changed their identity.

Once you put the costumeon the kid, I don't care

if you dress 'em up as Noah.

I don't care if youdress 'em up as Abraham.

Once you put this costume on Halloween,

the birthright ofHalloween, you're changing

your kid's identity.

The purpose of theirdestiny has been canceled,

unless you renounce it and bring it back.

- Wow.

- That is the trick of the devil.

- Now that you're sharing,and you share this

everywhere you go.

- Everywhere I go, I'm not afraid.

I'm not politically correct.

I'd rather be right with God.

You be mad with me, butat least you make heaven.

I mean churches they sometimes get mad.

They get mad with me.

They go, why you sayin' that,why you talkin' that way?

But how should I talk?

God told me to speak thetruth, I'm just a mailman.

- Amen.

Now that you're a Christian,you're actually a minister

of the gospel now.

- Amen, yes.

- You said that you're nowin a season in your life

where you're saying, Iwanna pay the enemy back

for all the darkness he caused in my life.

- Every year, 25 years and plus.

I've gone to places that people manifest,

in manifestations and demon.

People castin' out demon,healing the people.

I'm living in the placetoday of the church

of the book of Acts.

The powerful church,the church that came out

of the upper room.

That's where I'm living.

I was just talkin' toanother sister, I was saying,

this Muslim lady came up to the altar,

she have four stagecancer, she's a Muslim.

She renounced Islam, sherenounced the situation.

She accepted Jesus.

She went to the doctor,no trace of cancer.

That's the God that I know.

- Praise God.- That is the

Jesus Christ I know.

- He's the same.- He's the same yesterday,

today, and forevermore.- And forever.

- These people that comefrom the occult practices,

I been in their cult, I didouija board, I did this,

I practiced Wicca, I practicedNew Age, manifestation,

people set free, and yousee the transformation

in their face, you seethe love of Jesus Christ

wrap around 'em.

That is priceless.

I don't mind paying aprice, I'm gonna do that

until God call me home.

And when I leave, my sister,listen to me carefully.

When I leave this world,I'll make Jesus Christ proud.

- Amen.- And heaven will rejoice.

Hell will rejoice 'causeI left the battlefield.

- Amen.- I play for keeps.

- Amen, amen.

- I play for keeps, give the devil a perm.

- That's right. (laughs)

John Ramirez, thank you so much

- Thank you, God bless you.- For taking the time

to talk with us.- Thank you so much.

- God bless you.


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