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In Reliably Red West Virginia, Manchin Faces Tough Challenge from Morrisey

In Reliably Red West Virginia, Manchin Faces Tough Challenge from Morrisey Read Transcript

- Over the past 20 years,the Mountaineer State

has done a political somersault,

flipping from deep blue to reliably red.

It's entire congressionaldelegation is Republican,

except for it's seniorsenator, Democrat Joe Manchin,

who's facing a challengefrom state attorney general,

Patrick Morrisey.

He's West Virginia's first Republican A.G.

in nearly 80 years.

As a senate candidate,he's taking full advantage

of enthusiasm for PresidentTrump, who won the state

with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

- [Narrator] Pro-life,pro-gun, pro-coal, pro-Trump.

- I'm Patrick Morrisey andI'm your conservative fighter.

- [Jennifer] And in this new red state,

he's painting hisopponent as out of touch.

- Liberal Joe's gotta go.

Amen, brothers.

- [Jennifer] Manchin isplaying a trump card, too,

reminding voters that he choosesWest Virginia over party,

like his well-timed vote toconfirm Justice Kavanaugh.

- [Joe] I'm Joe Manchinand I approve this message,

because for me, all roadslead to West Virginia.

- [Jennifer] And he's notletting the loss of the NRA's

endorsement to Morriseystop him from showing off

his gun rights bonafides.

- Now the threat is PatrickMorrisey's lawsuit to take away

health care from people withpre-existing conditions.

He is just dead wrong.

- [Jennifer] Pro-life groupsare taking aim at Manchin

for his lukewarm support for life.

The senate race coincides witha constitutional amendment

that clarifies West Virginianeither secures nor protects

the right to abortion.

Here at the Romney Diner,voters are quick to share

who they're supporting.

- I'm a vote for Morrisey.

- [Jennifer] For GarySeville, it's simple.

He's happy with President Trump and wants

to send him a solid soldier.

- That's what I want to see,somebody that'll support him.

- Quite frankly, Joe's the guy that needs

to be in Washington.

- [Jennifer] Nicholsonappreciates Manchin's willingness

to cross the aisle andvote with Republicans.

- You vote with your heartand not with your party,

you gotta go on your owngut belief and your research

to make a decision andyes, more people need to go

across the aisle.

There's no doubt about it.

- [Jennifer] Bill McDonaldsupported Manchin in the past

but he's voting for Morrisey.

Look no farther than PresidentObama's energy policies,

he says, to understand whyso many West Virginians

have switched parties.

- We're proud, and wewill not allow people

to close our coal mines

and to intudate us with opioids, okay,

and take away our livelihood,and they want to continue

doing that and they don't ever wanna stop,

they won't give up, 'causethat's clean energy.

- [Jennifer] Morrisey tookObama's clean energy plan

to the Supreme Court and won.

Donna Hoqq voted early andfor her, the answer was easy.

- Manchin.

- [Jennifer] But she says thereal solution to the problems

here and the nation,don't require an election.

- We need to get back to God.

They took God out ofschools, kids went haywire.

We need that spiritual base.

The spiritual base is the only thing

that can fight the evilness.

- If Manchin wins, he'll remaina sought-after swing vote.

If Morrisey pulls off avictory, it will be huge

for West Virginia Republicansand President Trump.

Reporting from the windymountains of West Virginia,

Jennifer Wishon, C--


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