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Freedom Is Unfolding in This Arab Country: US Evangelicals Find UAE 'Treasure of Moderation'

Freedom Is Unfolding in This Arab Country: US Evangelicals Find UAE 'Treasure of Moderation' Read Transcript

- [Chris Mitchell] Israel'sMinister of Culture and Sports,

Miri Regev, listened tohistory being made as Hatikvah,

her country's national anthem,

played during the medal ceremonies

following this internationaljudo competition.

That followed Israeli PrimeMinister, Benjamin Netanyahu's,

short visit to Oman, the firstby an Israeli Prime Minister.

Another first came whena delegation of American

Evangelical leaderscame here to Abu Dhabi,

the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

- What we found here in ourmeetings with the Crown Prince

and with many senior leaders here,

is an extraordinary story that's almost

a hidden treasure of moderation,

of resistance to radical Islamism.

To wanting a close relationshipwith the United States

and freedom of worship for Christians.

- [Chris Mitchell] Thedelegation, which represents

millions of Christians,

met with the Crown Princeand other senior leaders.

- You're seeing these Islamicleaders all across the region

say, "We're done with the terrorists.

"We're done with the extremists.

"We're gonna change from the inside out

"and we are going to bea more tolerant society."

And the UAE is like milesand miles ahead of the pack.

They even have a Minister of Tolerance.

- Respect each other.

Believe in each other.

- We have come over here asadvocates for Jesus Christ

but also for our fellow believers.

You've seen alreadythere's numbers of churches

that are already operating here.

There's been a real growth among believers

and there's been a toleranceon the part of the Muslim

government in the United ArabEmirates towards Christians.

- It's not an Americanmodel of religious freedom

for everyone and freedom of speech

but they're moving ina very good direction.

This would be a great modelfor the regions in the area.

- [Chris Mitchell] Rosenbergsees a geopolitical convergence

of the U.S., Israel, andthe Sunni Arab states

unifying to fight Islamicterrorism in a common enemy,


- Americans should beencouraged that, you know what,

there are serious threats in this region,

but there are also real serious allies.

- [Chris Mitchell] Many herehope this is the beginning of

a new day in the Middle East.

- [Johnnie Moore] In theMiddle East right now,

there is a wave of changegoing all across the region.

It is unbelievable.

- We are entering into a new season.

The fact that an AmericanEvangelical Christian

delegation is here,

headed by a dual U.S. Israeli citizen.

This is not normal forthis part of the world.

But it's exciting.

- [Chris Mitchell] ChrisMitchell, CBN News,

Abu Dhabi, the United Arab--


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