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Studio 5: Burn the Ships

Grammy winning duo For King and Country share the story behind their latest project and perform. And we go behind the scenes of the new film The Green Book. Read Transcript

(invigorating music)

- Welcome to Studio 5.

Burn the Ships is the latestFor King & Country project.

They're here to talkabout it and to perform,

so let's not waste another minute.

It's time to fire up the Countdown

and begin our look at this week's best

in uplifting entertainment news.

- [Announcer] At number five.

- Our next guest hasbeen compared to everyone

from Adele to Amy Winehouse.

Her new CD just debuted at number one.

She's amazing.

Here to perform Still Rolling Stones.

Please welcome Lauren Daigle.

- [Announcer] Lauren Daigle'snew project brings her

to the Ellen stage.

♪ Six feet under ♪

♪ I thought it was over ♪

♪ An answer to prayer ♪

- [Announcer] But thisisn't a first time meeting

for Lauren and the talk show host.

- Long time ago, I was ajudge on American Idol,

and she was on the tiny seasonthat I was on American Idol,

and look at her now because of me.

Thank you so much.

(audience cheers)

- [Announcer] At number four.

- Did you already put your order in?

(woman chuckles)

Good to see you.

Hey, what kind of food we got?

All burgers, huh?- It's pretty fried.

- [Announcer] We told youGolden State Warrior Steph Curry

and his business partnersin Unanimous Media

are teaming up withHollywood's DeVon Franklin

to produce the film Breakthrough,

starring Chrissy Metz, MarcelRuiz, and Topher Grace.

- Topher plays me.

Topher Grace.- Yeah, I know.

- And he does such an excellent job.

- [Announcer] This week,we're learning more

from Pastor Jason Noble,who's portrayed in the film

as a witness to the truestory of a 14-year-old boy

who falls through the ice, drowns,

and is prayed back to life.

- Just last week, StephCurry signs on as--

- As an executive--

- Producer.- Yes.

- What were your thoughtsas that unfolded?

- Well, we've had to keep it quiet.

We've known for aboutthree or four months,

and it's been hard to keep it quiet.

A couple of interviews I almostslipped and like, said it.

And so, but we're so excited.

He read the script, loves it,loves DeVon, loves the story,

and you just see God puttingthe puzzle pieces together

in such a powerful wayto make His name famous.

- [Announcer] Breakthroughis in American theaters

Easter week, April 17, 2019.

- That's a great start to our Countdown,

and this show gets evenbetter with our next guest.

Here's a sample of For King& Country's latest project

as the Smallbone Brothers take their seats

for the Studio 5 sitdown.

♪ And if you need a refuge ♪

♪ I'll be right here ♪

♪ Until the end ♪

♪ Oh, it's time to ♪

♪ Burn the ships ♪

♪ Cut the ties ♪

♪ Send the flame into the night ♪

♪ Say a prayer ♪

♪ Turn the tide ♪

♪ Dry your tears and wave goodbye ♪

- [Announcer] The newproject, Burn the Ships.

What does that mean?

- My wife and I got three kids,

and when she was pregnantwith my middle son, Phoenix,

she was having a bunchof morning sickness,

a whole bunch of nausea, andso she went to the doctor,

and they said, "Oh, wecan help you with that.

"Here's some medicine toeliminate the nausea,"

and for about six weeks itworked, and then she went back,

and said, "Hey, it's not working anymore,"

and they gave her moremedicine and upped the dosage.

And I was in Austin, Texas,with a show that night, and

she calls me, and she says,

"Hey, I need you to come home.

And she says, "I've beentaking this medicine,

"and I just can't stop."

And so they prescribedher outpatient therapy

for about two weeks, and soI drop her off at 9:00 a.m.

in the morning, pick her up at two,

and she was showing so muchimprovement in two weeks,

they said, "Hey, youknow, you're free to go,

"and you've done tremendously well,"

and soon after that, she hadthat bottle of pills at home.

And she said, "Luke, I needto go and take these pills.

"I need to go and just flush them

"because these pillsrepresent so much guilt

"and so much shame in my life."

And I remembered the story many years ago

about an explorer whowas going to a new land,

and when he arrived to explore this land,

to explore the horizon in all these ships,

he realized that the mendidn't want to follow him

because they wanted to stayeven in the dirty confines

of these boats justbecause it was comfortable,

not because it was good.

- And easy.

- And easy, right?

And so soon after that,he calls them back up

onto the shoreline again.

He said, "I want everysoldier on the shoreline."

And once he got all of hissoldiers on the shoreline,

he gave the command, "Hey, burn the ships

"because we're not retreating.

"We're moving into a new day.

"We're going to go andexplore a new world."

And I think when my wifeflushed those pills,

that was her, you know, burning the ships.

- I love that.

Move forward, push past the past.

- That song was written.

It wasn't even written intheory for this project.

It was written two and a half years ago,

and our wives have really been both,

Courtney and my wife Moriah,

have really been laced into this project

on the creative side.

The last of the record, we sing with them.

Even down to the fact that, you know,

Courtney really came to Luke and said,

"Hey, I want to share this story.

"Like, if God can kind oftake me from this place

"of addiction and soradically shift my story,

"I want you to share that with people."

- I love pretty much everysingle song on the album,

but one that stands out forme is when you're singing

God Only Knows.

- We were always taken withthat phrase, God Only Knows,

because it's such aflippant, at face value.

People say, "Oh, God only knows."

- It's a throwaway.

- It's a throwaway, andyet, if this is all true,

that there is this Creator andthis Designer, and He came.

He intervened intohumanity 2,000 years ago,

and that there is redemption,

and He knows the hairs on our head,

and yet He still has thissuperhuman, superhero kind

of love for us, that's radical.

When we were coming up withthe music video concept,

it was the same week that Anthony Bourdain

and Kate Spade passed away,and it kind of rocked us all.

As I know it did America,

and so we kind of built theconcept of the music video

around suicide prevention, and man,

I've got to tell you, Efrem.

As we've dug into this,it's an epidemic, I mean.

It's the second biggestkiller of those our age.

We were to a college a couple weeks ago,

and I just kind of..

I've not done it before,but I asked the audience,

"Hey, how many of you,directly or indirectly,

"have been impacted by suicide?"

And probably 80% of the kids, pow.

You're starting to seeit all over the place.

It's starting to become common,

and I think there's a realconversation to be had

about statistically in the 80's,

20% of Americans said they were lonely.

Now in 2018, almost 50%.

And yet in that 38 year span,

through smart devices andtechnology and the Internet,

we've become more connectedthan we ever have in history,

but it seems like we'redoing so much of it here.

It needs to be done here,and it needs to be done here.

And so that's part of thesong and the record's theme

is to sot of provoke some ofthose questions in ourselves,

first and foremost, and in others.

- Great job, thank you, guys both so much.


Thank you for the new project.

I look forward to what's next.

- As do we.

- What a heart-opening conversation,and there's still more.

Joel and Luke are performinga Studio 5 session

a little later in this exciting show.

They're singing God Only Knows.

- [Announcer] Still Ahead.

- [Tony] Come on, take and eat.

- I prefer not to getgrease on my blanket.

- Oooh, I'm gonna getgrease on my blankie.

- [Announcer] A reallife friendship plays out

on the big screen.

Get your first look at Green Book.

- Welcome back to Studio 5,

the Countdown of the best headlines

and uplifting entertainment continues now.

- [Announcer] At number three.

♪ Home ♪

♪ To me ♪

- [Announer] Fresh from theirRoyal Wedding performance,

those are the voices ofLondon's Kingdom Choir

and their new album.

♪ You fixed me ♪

♪ Now I'm blinded ♪

♪ Now I'm blinded ♪

♪ By your grace ♪

- [Announcer] The choir'ssocial media is filled

with images celebratingthe completion and release

of the project, aptly titled Stand by Me.

The song that grabbedthe world's attention

at their Royal Wedding performance.

♪ No, I won't ♪

♪ Be afraid ♪

♪ No, I won't ♪

♪ Be afraid ♪

♪ Just as long ♪

♪ As you stand ♪

♪ Stand by me ♪

- [Announcer] At number two.

- We're in Houston, Texas,

on National First Responders Day.

- [Announcer] That'sactor Matthew McConaughey.

- Turkey here.

- [Announcer] CelebratingNational First Responders Day

this week and deliveringlunch to emergency workers

in Texas.

- This year, I said, look,

let me get you down here to my home state.

What's a good place to go?

Um, and we came up with this.

Hey, First Responders.

You know, Harvey justhit last August here.

So much of Houston was underwater.

These people rescued.

First Responders hererescued over 123,000 people.

40,000 people had tomove out of their homes

and go to shelters.

So we're going aroundtoday, delivering turkey

and a little burger and a little gratitude

to the men and women that responded first

when that disaster hit.

- And that leaves usonly one more headline

in this week's Countdown.

This next story takes us tothe deep South in the 1960's

where a world-class blackpianist is embarking

on a concert tour.

He hires a driver and protection,

an Italian American from the Bronx.

The two men develop an unexpected bond

in the face of racism and danger.

Inspired by a real life friendship,

here's you Studio 5First Look at Green Book.

- Yeah?

- Some guy called over here, a doctor.

He's looking for a driver.

You interested?

- I am not a medical doctor.

I'm a musician.

I'm about to embark on aconcert tour in the deep South.

What other experience do you have?

- Public relations.

- Do you foresee any issuesin working for a black man?

- You?

In the deep South?

There's gonna be problems.

- Promise me you'regonna write me a letter.

- I promise.

- This is the true storyof a concert pianist

named Don Shirley, who in 1962,

his record company wassending him on a tour

of the South, and he was alittle nervous about going,

so he went down to Copacabana,

hired the toughest bouncer from the Copa,

an Italian guy with afifth grade education

named Tony Lip to drive him,and the two of them head out

through the South in a car together.

- [Tony] Tell me that don't smell good.

- I've never had fried chicken in my life.

- Your people love the fried chicken.

- You have a very narrowassessment of me, Tony.

- No, man, I'm good.

♪ On the way, I know ♪

- We will be interacting withsome of the wealthiest people

in the country.

It is my feeling that yourdiction could use some finesse.

- Why you break my balls?

- Because you can dobetter, Mr. Vallelonga.

♪ Trying to hold on ♪

- [Tony] Take and eat.

- I prefer not to getgrease on my blanket.

- Oooh, I'm gonna getgrease on my blankie.

- Don Shirley just popped off the page

in such an extraordinary way,

and I had never played anything like that.

And honestly, I've never seenthat guy on the screen before.

So selfishly,


and I think also,

the story was so strong.

- This gentleman says that I'mnot permitted to dine here.

- I'm afraid not.

- [Tony] How does he smile andshake their hands like that?

- Because it takes courageto change people's hearts.

- I've never played an Italian American,

but I've never played anyonefrom New York City, either.

I was born in New York City,

and I've never played someone form there,

so I was kind of worriedabout being up to, you know,

the standard of the rest of them.

But I got so much helpfrom the Vallelonga family,

Nick Vallelonga and the familyabout, you know, just things

about mannerisms, the wayof speaking and mindset

of their dad, you know, Tony Lip,

that I stopped worryingabout it after awhile,

because I had a vote ofconfidence from them.

- Put this down.

Falling in love with you

was the easiest thing I've ever done.

- Nothing matters to me but you,

and every day I'm alive,I'm aware of this.

I loved you the day I met you.

I love you today, and I willlove you the rest of my life.

So can I put "P.S. Kiss the kids"?

- A P.S.?

- Yeah, like, at the end.

- That's like clanging a cow bell

at the end of Shostakovich's Seventh.

- Right, and that's good.

- It's perfect, Tony.

- I think there's a realpotential in people seeing

sort of

a little bit of mirroring

between the segregation of that time

and the segregation ofideas that we live in now.

We really are living more in a time of

conservatives over here,liberals over here,

and there's no cross-pollinatingof ideas or experience.

And if you don't have that,

there's no cross-pollinating to happen

for them to influence oneanother in a positive way

and therefore actuallyget to know each other.

- Come on, get out.- Damn.

- You never win with violence.

You only win when youmaintain your dignity.

- You don't know your own people.

You, Mr. Big Shot, doingconcerts for rich people.

- So if I'm not black enough,and if I'm not white enough,

then tell me, Tony, what am I?

- Green Book comes toAmerican theaters November 22.

That's Thanksgiving.

And still to come.

♪ Burn the ships ♪

♪ Cut the ties ♪

- [Announcer] Another trackfrom For King & Country,

Burn the Ships project in aStudio 5 sessions performance.

- And welcome back to Studio 5.

We have made it to the final headline

in this week's Countdown of the best

in uplifting entertainment.

- [Announer] At number one.

- Pete and Ellie took inthree children 10 days ago.

- [Announcer] Just in time

for November's National Adoption Month.

Mark Wahberg stars in a comedybased on the real life story

of a couple who adopts three children.

- The county puts this on

because they can match a lotof kids and parents quickly.

- Look at the big kids.

- Everybody's avoiding them.

I'm gonna go and say hi.

- But they're teenagers, okay?

They use drugs,

and they watch people playingvideo games on YouTube.

We're not equipped for any of that.

- Hi, just FYI, we can all hear you.

- [Announcer] It's called Instant Family,

and it's loaded with laughs and heart.

- What do you think this film says

about the whole ideaand concept of family?

- Family and faith arethe most important things,

and you know,

what a family looks like today

could be anything, andthat's an important message

to get out there when familiesare being pulled apart.

It's so important to encouragepeople to bring people in,

to be inclusive.

And you know, we should all.

If everybody's faith andfocus was on the same things,

we'd be living in a muchdifferent world right now.

- [Announcer] Instant familyis in American theaters

November 16th.

- That wraps up Countdown for this week

and brings us back to For King & Country.

We chatted about suicide andtheir song God Only Knows

in our Studio 5 sitdown just moments ago.

And they're now in studioto perform God Only Knows.

(reflective music)

♪ Wide awake while theworld is sound asleepin' ♪

♪ Too afraid of what mightshow up while you're dreamin' ♪

♪ Nobody, nobody, nobody sees you ♪

♪ Nobody, nobody nobodywould believe you ♪

♪ Every day you try topick up all the pieces ♪

♪ All the memories thatsomehow never leave you ♪

♪ Nobody, nobody, nobody sees you ♪

♪ Nobody, nobody would believe you ♪

♪ God only knows what you been through ♪

♪ God only knows what they say about you ♪

♪ God only knows that it's killing you ♪

♪ But there's a kind oflove that God only knows ♪

♪ God only knows whatyou've been through ♪

♪ God only knows what they say about you ♪

♪ God only knows the real you ♪

♪ There's a kind of lovethat God only knows ♪

♪ There's a kind of love that ♪

♪ There's a kind of love ♪

♪ You keep a cover overevery single secret ♪

♪ So afraid if someone sawthem, they would leave ♪

♪ But somebody, somebody,somebody sees you ♪

♪ Somebody, somebodywill never leave you ♪

♪ God only knows what you been through ♪

♪ God only knows what they say about you ♪

♪ God only knows how it's killing you ♪

♪ But there's a kind oflove that God only knows ♪

♪ God only knows whatyou've been through ♪

♪ God only knows what they say about you ♪

♪ God only knows the real you ♪

♪ There's a kind of lovethat God only knows ♪

♪ There's a kind of love that ♪

♪ There's a kind of love ♪

♪ There's a kind of love that ♪

♪ There's a kind of love ♪

♪ For the lonely ♪

♪ For the ashamed ♪

♪ For the misunderstoodand the ones to blame ♪

♪ What if we could start over ♪

♪ We could start over ♪

♪ We could start over ♪

♪ Oh, for the lonely ♪

♪ For the ashamed ♪

♪ The misunderstoodand the ones to blame ♪

♪ What if we could start over ♪

♪ We could start over ♪

♪ We could start over ♪

♪ There's a kind of lovethat God only knows ♪

♪ God only knows whatyou've been through ♪

♪ God only knows what they say about you ♪

♪ God only knows the real you ♪

♪ There's a kind of lovethat God only knows ♪

♪ God only knows whatyou've been through ♪

♪ God only knows what they say about you ♪

♪ God only knows the real you ♪

♪ There's a kind of lovethat God only knows ♪

♪ There's a kind of love that ♪

♪ There's a kind of love ♪

♪ There's a kind of love that ♪

♪ There's a kind of love ♪

- God Only Knows, a powerful song.

You can hear more from For King & Country

on their latest project, Burn the Ships.

It's available right now.

- [Announcer] Still Ahead.

- Celebrate the creativity of God.

This is the creativity of God.

- [Announcer] Making love comealive with athlete, author,

and pastor, Miles McPherson.

- And welcome back to Studio 5.

It's been fun bringingthis show to you today.

There's always music in myear while preparing this show,

and this week, it's a tunefrom Green Book's sound track.

Take a listen and hearwhy this song, Pray,

from Sam Smith and Logic iswhat's playing in my ear.

♪ Maybe ♪

♪ Maybe I'll pray ♪

♪ I have never believed in You ♪

♪ No ♪

♪ But I'm gonna pray ♪

- Maybe I'll Pray.

Quite a heartfelt song.

We are almost out of timefor this episode of Studio 5,

so let's look ahead and showyou what we're working on

for next week.

- So how are you doing?

- I'm doing great, you know, just, um...


Just doing what needs to be done.

- What does that mean?

- I'm sorry, Dad, um...

- Why don't we just have lunch and talk?

We can do that, right?


- [Announcer] It's beingcalled the heartbreaking

and inspiring experience ofsurvival, relapse, and recovery

in a family coping with addiction.

- My son is out there somewhere,

and I don't know what he is doing.

I don't know how to help him.

- [Announcer] We're takingan up close and personal look

at the film Beautiful Boy.

- I hope this movie ignitesan emotional reaction

out of people, but I can sell it to myself

almost in my head thatwe're not doing it like...

I mean, it's...

This is something a lot ofpeople are going through.

- Do you know how much I love you?

I love you more than everything.

- Everything?

- [Father] Everything.

- That's next week,

and we certainly hope youwill join us for that.

As for the final word for this show,

we wanted to turn to NFL playerturned pastor and author,

Miles McPherson.

He has a powerful message about love.

- The Bible calls us to loveeach other, on each other.

If my greatest commandment isto love you as I love myself

or love my neighbor as myself,

I have to give you the label neighbor.

If I give you any labelless than neighbor,

I dehumanize you.

I disqualify you from having to love you,

'cause you're not my neighbor.

So I am permitting myself, bynot calling you my neighbor,

I can call you a white this, a black this,

an immigrant, or an illegal immigrant.

If that's the label I puton you, or a terrorist.

If that's the label I put on you,

I now permit myself toallow you to be mistreated

because you're not equal with me.

I just dehumanize you.

The Bible says I have tolove my neighbor as myself,

and Jesus specifically said,

"I'm talking about your enemies, too."

And so we as the peopleof God have no choice.

We have to look at everybodyand say, "That's my neighbor."

That person was made in the image of God.

That person has the abilityto honor God and worship God.

- We all have the ability tohonor God and to worship God.

That is a great final wordfor this edition of Studio 5,

and that wraps this week's lookat uplifting entertainment.

Until next time, make timeto uplift someone else.

Bye, bye, everybody.


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