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On Air Force One with President Trump: 'Nobody's Done More for Christians or Evangelicals'

On Air Force One with President Trump: 'Nobody's Done More for Christians or Evangelicals' Read Transcript

- We are finally putting America first.

(crowd cheers and applauds)

- [David] He is the energizer President,

going from rally torally with just days left

before the midterm elections.

The mainstream media havebeen saying for months

that a big, blue, Democrat wave

is coming to wash overTrump and his party,

but aboard Air Force One,in his private office,

the President told CBN'sJenna Browder and me

that he's not buying it.

- We're just a few daysaway from the midterms.

How are you feeling

and what do you think aboutthis so-called blue wave?

- Well, I think the bluewave is dead, frankly,

and I think we're doing very well.

It looks like we'regoing to win the Senate,

which is very important.

- Mr. President, what aboutNancy Pelosi's comments?

She's already kind of spiking the football

with we will win, we will win.

What do you make of some of that?

- Well, I haven't seen her comments.

I know that, look, she'sbeen losing for a long time,

so you know she would like to win,

but she hasn't been doing too well.

We'll see what happens.

I think we're gonna do verywell in the House also.

- [David] Our trip aboard Air Force One

was a virtual whirlwind.

At our stop in Florida, we went backstage

for a glimpse of the calmbefore the Trump campaign storm.

- [Announcer] The Presidentof the United States,

Donald J. Trump.(crowd cheers)

♪ Proud to be an American ♪

♪ Where at least I know I'm free ♪

- [David] And as usual, thePresident was in rare form.

- Who voted?

Who voted?

(crowd cheers)

Oh, wow!

Everybody voted already?

(crowd cheers)

- Here on the ground in Florida,

the energy for President Trump

and these Republicancandidates is palpable,

and so is that drain the swamp anger.

- Yeah, and I would also say

that he is dishing out the red meat.

As we know, he does it allthe time at these rallies,

so the question is civility

or, as his critics say, lack thereof.

It's something we discussedwith him on Air Force One.

We've heard so much abouthostility and incivility

and the media has been on you as...

This just in, the media's been on you.

What kind of role do youbelieve that you play?

Do you feel like youhave any responsibility

in this whatsoever?

- Well, I think the mediais extremely unfair.

It has been from the time I announced.

And a lot of that has to do with the fact

that I'm Republican, I'm conservative,

many other reasons and probably me too.

- [David] He specifically believes

that they breed dissensionby unfairly covering events

like his trip to the sceneof the synagogue shooting.

- We had a great day.

It was so respectful ofthe office of President.

And if you got home

and if you read The New YorkTimes or The Washington Post,

or if you saw any of the networks,

you would say it wasviolence, it was riots.

I mean it was the mostincredible thing I've ever seen.

And everybody that was onthat trip agreed with us.

It was so wrong what they did.

It was so phony.

- There are people kindof following up on that

who like to call you anti-Semitic,

who like to call you aracist, Mr. President.

What would you say to these people?

- Well, you know, the word racist is used

about every Republican that's winning.

Anytime a Republican is leading,

they take out the R word, the racist word.

And I'm not anti-immigrant at all.

I'm all for people cominginto the country legally

and people based on merit.

But when you see a caravanthat's pouring up to our country

with thousands of people,maybe 10,000 people now,

look, we're not gonna letthem come into our country.

We have 10, and we mighteven go up to 15,000 soldiers

on our border.

We are building a wall in its own way.

We're putting up walls of barbed wire.

And when you look at what we're doing,

they're just not coming into our country.

They might as well go back down.

But take a look at the violence

that they've created downthere, the level of...

I mean these are not,these are not angels,

as you would say.

These are not angels.

- You say you're not gonnalet them into the country.

What is this about tent cities.

That could be a tricky situation.

- Well, we're gonna build housing.

Obviously, it has to be built very fast.

And we're gonna give them better housing

than many of them have.

We're going to hold them.

We are not gonna release them.

We're gonna hold them untiltheir deportation hearing goes

and their asylum hearings.

- No catch and release?

- No, we're not gonnado catch and release.

Catch and release is no good.

Obama proved that.

- [David] As issues like immigration

get touchy at times for some,

evangelicals continue tostick with this President.

The question for Trump is will they do so

even though he's not onthe ballot next Tuesday?

- Well, they're going to show up for me

because nobody's done more for Christians

or evangelicals or, frankly,religion than I have.

You see all the things that we've passed,

including the Johnson Amendment

and so many things that we've nullified.

Nobody's done more than we have.

Mexico City, take a look at that.

Things that, frankly, until Ronald Reagan,

I mean nobody did anything.

So I know they're very happy with me.

We've seen they're very happy.

The question's whether or notthey're gonna go out and vote

when I'm not running.

I have no doubt they'regonna be there in '20.

I hope they're gonna be there now

because it'll be a lot easierif they are, a lot better.

- There are a lot of folkspraying for you out there.

We hear this all the time.

You and Mike Pence hear this all the time.

How has that moved you?

Because a lot of people think, you know,

the empathy factor with you as President

is on the low end, if you will.

What does--- I don't think

they do think that.

I think they think- I think the critics

- it's in the high end.- think that,

the critics.- Well, maybe

the critics say it becausethey're doing anything

to get us all out of office.

No, I think we've had tremendous support

in the form of prayer.

And I get it all the time,

I'm praying for you Mr.President, I'm praying for you.

I hear it so much.

It's nice and it's great tosee it and great to hear it.

But all the time, peopleare coming up to me

and they're saying, Mr.President, I'm praying for you.

It's very nice.

- [David] While PresidentTrump appreciates the prayers,

he will be looking for votesto carry him and his party

over the finish line next week.

With Jenna Browder aboard Air Force One,

David Brody, CBN News.

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