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Healing Powers of Essential Oils from the Bible Making a Comeback

Healing Powers of Essential Oils from the Bible Making a Comeback Read Transcript

- [Lorie] Although essentialoils are the latest

health craze, they've actually been around

for thousands of years.

In fact, they're mentioned morethan 300 times in the bible.

Through the ancientprocess of distillation,

essential oils harness thehealing power of the growing

things God placed on the earth.

Flowers, and shrubs,trees, roots, and bark.

The more than 50 essentialoils on the market today

are used to cure dozens of health issues

from acid reflux to warts.

Not to mention, they'reability to clean our homes

and our bodies withoutusing toxic chemicals.

- Well Lorie's here with us.

Lorie, it's always a joy to see you.

You've come up with these essential oils,

look, how do you know these things are

the real goods?

You can scam these thingspretty well can't you?

- That is actually the best question.

And you went right tothe heart of the matter.

So many cheap imitations out there.

And not only do the cheapies not work,

they don't give you themedicinal properties.

They're actually harmful to you.

So you've gotta stay away fromthe artificial fragrances,

and one great way tochoose the right kind of

essential oils is to make sure

they're USDA certified organic.

My favorite type ofessential oil is called

ancient apothecary, andyou can see the little USDA

organic sign on it.

These are made by Doctor JoshAx, who is a friend of mine.

He's a Christian, he's a manof honesty and integrity,

so you really need to trust the oils.

- He's got a website, you can buy

them off his website, right?

- Yes you can, and hehas wonderful videos to

show how to use them.

He has this fantastic,this is my favorite book

on the subject.

He talks about howessential oils were used

in the bible so many times.

- Talk about the ancient,who in the ancients

has used them, and wherethey were referred to.

- Quick answer, everybody all the time.

- Well that took care of that.

- God created them onthe third day with all

the vegetation and hecreated so many things

that grow that all havemedicinal properties,

different plants and thingshave different medicinal

properties, and peopleused them all the way

back in ancient times,King David, King Solomon.

Of course, we know theWise Men brought mure

and frankincense to Jesus.

And there's every reasonto believe that mure

and frankincense atthe time were every bit

as valuable as gold.

The other gift that they brought him,

and because of medicinal properties.

- Well how did they did distill that oil?

How did they get it?

- Well that's a great question.

What they do is they boilwater and then they put the

leaves, or whatever aboveit, and then it evaporates.

And then it's cooled, andthen when it condenses

the water goes down andthe essential goes up.

Because oil and water separate.

- Our news director came to see me,

he said you put me onto something.

He was having stomachproblems, and I said there's

something called oil of oregano.

And you take eight drops ofthat in a glass of water,

and it'll kill every bug thatever grew in your stomach

that's bad--- Right.

- One night I was so sick,I had the most awful,

I went out to dinner, andall I could eat was one

tablespoon of soup, beansoup, I couldn't eat another

thing I was at the dinnerI couldn't eat a thing.

And I took eight drops of oil of oregano

in a glass of water, nextmorning I was completely

well, I was hungry as ahorse and I'd just had

a great big breakfast, it was amazing.

- It's absolutely great.

And I want to talk about oregano here,

this is, I love it so muchbecause of exactly what you said.

This is natures antibiotic,it fights all kinds

of infection, flu, cold,bacterial, parasites.

Like worms, fungal infections,like yeast infections.

- [Pat] It'll kill all that?

- All of that, it's fantastic,it's a little bit strong

so it's not for pregnantwomen, nursing mothers,

infants and children,and you should only do it

for 10 days at a time,then take a week off.

And then go back on it.

You can do it prophylactically to prevent,

or as you used it, to heal,but you just, like you said,

put a few drops of oreganooil in some water and stir

it up, three times a dayfor 10 days at a time.

I wanted to talk about anotherone, which you mentioned,

and I know you love it,which is lavender oil.

Lavender oil is the most consumed

oil in the world right now.

And for good reason, itis fantastic for sleep,

anxiety, and PTSD, it'seven been shown to reduce

PTSD in people because it lowers cortisol,

the stress hormone, and raises melatonin

which helps us sleep.

A lot of people, including me,like to diffuse it at night.

This is a diffuser, andthis is actually my diffuser

which I use at night, andwhat you do is you just

put a little bit of water in it.

And then you put a fewdrops of your lavender oil,

you can see it's alreadystarting to bubble.

You put the lid on, and allthis wonderful evaporates

all night long.

- That's lavender oil in a diffuser.

Where do you get the diffuser?

- Well this diffuser is, Ibought, this is actually mine

I put this on my night stand every night.

I got the cheapest oneI could find because I'm

a penny pincher, but youcan buy beautiful ones

that are very ornate and decorative.

- This is a stripped down version.

- Yeah, this was likeless than $10 but kids

if you're watching, mommacould use an upgrade

of a diffuser for a Christmas present.

But yeah, I got that atAmazon, but you can get

them at Walmart, or reallyBed Bath and Beyond.

- And just a few dropsof that lavender oil?

- Yeah they say onlyabout three or four drops,

but I usually put in morethan that cause I just

love it so much I just sleep like a baby.

And by the way, speakingof Christmas gifts,

this is a wonderfulChristmas gift, this is the

reference book by Josh Axe, myfriend who makes these oils.

And who is a wonderfulman, very acknowledgeable

and it talks about all thedifferent essential oils

like rosemary, heres one.

It tells you all the thingsthat the essential oils

do in alphabetical oil,sandalwood, natural aphrodisiac.

And then, or if you're dealingwith a certain health issue,

you can go over here likemuscle aches, nausea.

All listed in alphabetical order.

So you can search--- What do they

recommend for muscle aches?

- Muscle aches is peppermint I believe.

Would you like me to look it up?

- [Pat] You can if you want to.

- And the good thingabout this is usually,

and thanks be to the lord for this,

it's not usually just one thing.

So if you don't have one,says here muscle aches,

peppermint, yay, I got it right.

Pop quiz, cyprus, margarineand lemon grass, and lavender.

- [Pat] Okay.- Another one of the

wonderful, wonderfulessential oils, another one

of my very favorites is frankincense.

And this is called the king of oils,

this particular oil wasmentioned more than 100 times

in the bible, becauseit's anti-inflammatory

and it helps with brain health including

warding off things likeAlzheimer's and dementia.

And also, it's even beenshown to kill breast cancer

cells, frankincense, it's sowonderful and what you can

do with frankincenseis just put a few drops

on your hands, put it on your neck.

And what's so wonderfulabout essential oils,

is they have really smallmolecules so they sink

down in your cells, in your tissues, even

in your bloodstream andthey evaporate really

rapidly to so you can smell them.

It gets in your olfactorysystem which is directly

tied to your--- You just rub them

on your neck?- Some of them you can

rub directly onto your skin,some of them are a little bit,

they can cause some skin irritation.

So again, consult the referencebook, because sometimes

you'll need to dilutethem with something like

coconut oil or cohoba oil.

- Dig into my pocket, I'm gonna show you,

since you've been on thisthing, I decided I was gonna

follow Lorie and I have inmy hand four of those little

bottles.- Oh, you brought

your own stash.- You better believe it.

I got these from Doctor, ishe a Doctor Axe or is he--

- He is a doctor of natural medicine.

He has videos online which arefree, on the YouTube channel,

he demonstrates all this, he's wonderful.

- All right, I take twoof these and I've got,

let's see what have I got here, there's

something called holy basil, its so funny

I tell my wife, I'vegot holy basil and then

rosemary, and here is the frankincense.

And what else do I have, well tumeric,

I've got--- Oh tumeric,

that's so good for you.

Good for your brain.

- But anyhow, the amazing thing about this

is I want to show youladies and gentleman,

it takes one drop of thesepuppies, you see that little

you put it up and one drop comes out

and you've got a drop on your finger.

- [Lorie] Yeah, it's super concentrated.

- And I put it right undermy nose before I sleep

and I mix them up two ofthem, sleep like a baby.

- Good for you, I'm so happy for you.

- I'm happy for you causeyou brought these at me.

- What an endorsement,now let's talk about some

other medicinal, I've got morein my little demonstration.

Lemon, so wonderful for coughs,and a great way to use lemon

also lemon is great forrelieving nausea as well.

It's been shown torelieve morning sickness

for women who are pregnant.

And then digestive issues like IBS,

irritable bowel syndromeand a great way to relieve

your cough, so you don't haveto buy the cough medicine

is just a few drops oflemon in some hot water,

a little bit of organic honey.

And yeah, you just mixthat up there and drink it

and it coats your throat,it's a great cough reliever.

- It's lemon oil and honey?

- Yeah, lemon oil is the key ingredient.

And then honey, and then this ylang ylang,

which is, ylang ylang.

This grows in thePhilippines, and Indonesia

and it's a beautiful flower.

It's great for cardiovascular health,

it's a natural aphrodisiac, and so it also

improves your self confidence.

These essential oils reallydo affect your moods,

the lavender makes youcalm, peppermint gives you

an energy boost, makes you--

- Now you just put that on your wrist?

- I do, I mixed a littlebit of ylang-ylang

with hohoba oil and Iput it in one of these

cute little roller ballthings which again,

you can get anywhere, I meanthey sell them at Walmart

or at the Vitamin storeand so these, this natural

aphrodisiac is great ifyou're trying to catch a mate.

Or if you already haveone and they're trying to

get them interested again.

- You give that to your mate,or you keep it for yourself.

- So you might want tocarry a big stick because

you'll have to fight offthe men if you use this.

Sandalwood is anothergreat aphrodisiac and it

raises testosterone,claire sage is great for

lowering estrogen for peoplewho are having infertility

issues, there are so manythings and that's again

why I recommend this book so highly.

It's a great Christmaspresent because it tells

you all of the essentialoils, what they do.

And then you can crossreference it for whatever

kind of ailment you have,what oil are good for it.

- Doctor Axe says that too right?

- This is his book, and he is the author,

Doctor Josh Axe, and it's really wonderful

all the things.

But you do have to be carefulbecause they are medicines.

And they were used asmedicines all throughout

biblical times.- You've got so many,

aphrodisiacs, you'llhave a whole group of men

chasing you through thestudio, we'll have to have a

guard protecting you.

- But then when I don'twear it, nobody notices me.

- This is fun, it really is fun.

I gotta get one of those--- diffusers.

- Yeah that's one.- these are great,

they make really pretty ones.

- I can testify, I sleep more soundly.

Two drops, just mix thetwo of those things.

Frankincense and one of the others.

- Lavender is the big sleep aid.

And I've heard so manypeople who can attest

to the fact that they slept poorly before,

they started using thelavender oil at night and they

sleep really well now.

And it really does work,I did forget to mention

one more thing, peppermint.

Peppermint is great forheadaches and as you mentioned

for some other kinds of digestive issues,

and again, peppermintdoes boost your energy,

it's a pick me up.

But a great way to usepeppermint is just put it on

one of these warmcompresses, just a few drops.

And then put it on yourtemples, on your forehead,

the bk of your neck, thepeppermint, smell it.

Doesn't it smell like Christmas?

- Woo wee, that'ssomething nice, all right.

Well Lorie, we had a huge, when we offered

that book about the gut flora,we jammed the telephones,

we had more calls thanI think we've ever had

in the history of CBN, thousands of people

called to get that gut flora thing.

- Well good because it'simportant information

this is one of the most important topics.

And I really, you werethe one who suggested

call me up and said wouldyou please do some stories

on this, and I do believethe lord put that in

your heart just like withthe essential oils piece.

People think that Icome up with this stuff,

it's not me, it's him, hecalls me, says do a thing

on essential oils.

- I'm onto these thingsand all I do I just push

the button and Lorie's up frontwith this wonderful stuff.

The diseases, Parkinson's for example.

You were saying and we were saying

that you fix the gutflora and does it actually

heal Parkinson's?

- Well there's absoluteevidence that shows that

healing the gut florahaving a healthy gut flora,

you're intestinal flora, thegood bacteria in your gut

prevents Alzheimer's,Parkinson's, all kinds of

other neurodegenerativediseases, ALS, and so forth.

There's reason tobelieve that if you catch

these things in their earlystages, that you can reverse

some of the symptoms.

But clearly prevention is definite.

Curing it, not as muchbecause once these brain cells

die, it's hard to bring them back to life.

But Pat, I will tell you,our brain cells start

to die 10 years before westart to have symptoms.

So by the time youstart having symptoms,--

- [Pat] It's too late.

- We really need to focus on prevention.

- Okay, well you're gonnacome back, we're gonna talk

about the epigenetics,you've got a whole series

on that.- So exciting, so exciting.

People are like what are epigenetics?

Epigenetics means you canturn off or on your genes.

So let's say for examplethe Alzheimer's gene,

you can suppress it and youdon't have to get Alzheimer's.

- When will you be with us on that one?

- Probably within thenext two or three weeks.

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