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The 700 Club - November 1, 2018

Pastor Erwin Lutzer issues a call for the Americans waging the culture war. Plus, a wrestler goes down for the count. Watch what gets him back in the ring. Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] Coming up,the latest health craze

that's actually been around for centuries.

Go inside the world of essential oils

and see how they'rebeing used for everything

from cleaning your houseto curing your acid reflux.

Plus, Pastor Erwin Lutzer issues a call

for the Americans waging the culture war

on today's 700 Club.

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- Hey, have we got aprogram for you today.

This is The 700 Club.

We've got an exclusive withPresident Trump on Air Force One

with our reporters.

And I wanna tell you howyou can sleep like a baby.

I've got in my hand just acouple of the little things

we're gonna be talking about,I'm gonna be talking about.

And Lorie's gonna be tellingus the biblical truth

about essential oils.- The quotations of all of it,

yes, and, I mean, you've really found them

to be helpful.

- One drop of thesepuppies, look at this thing.

You see this thing right there?

It's got a real...- Mm-hm.

- You put one drop right here, one drop,

and you put it up here,

and that's it.- And it helps you sleep.

If he falls asleep during the show,

I just wanna say(Pat laughing)

that I'll carry on (laughing).

- Honestly, you wannahave, this is the cheap

and easy way to do itfolks, let me tell you.

You don't have to gothrough all those problems.

Well anyhow, we're gonnahave a good time today.

Lorie has got informationyou wouldn't believe.

And she is fabulous, and she'll be here.

But first of all, PresidentTrump tells CBN News

that he believes thecode blue wave is dead.

He's not buying the idea that Democrats

are going to swamp Republicansin Tuesday's midterms.

The president also talked about the views

of the migrant caravan, theunfairness of the news media,

and why he hopes evangelicalvoters will turn out next week.

- Well the commander-in-chiefspoke with CBN's David Brody

and Jenna Browder in his private office

on Air Force One Wednesdayas he began his Bigfoot push

toward the midterm election finish line.

Here's their report.

- We are finally putting America first.

(audience cheering)

- [David] He is the Energizer president

going from rally torally with just days left

before the midterm elections.

The mainstream media havebeen saying for months

that a big blue Democrat wave is coming

to wash over Trump and his party.

But aboard Air Force One,in his private office,

the president told CBN'sJenna Browder and me

that he's not buying it.

- We're just a few daysaway from the midterms.

How are you feeling, and what do you think

about this so-called blue wave?

- Well I think the bluewave is dead, frankly.

And I think we're doing very well.

It looks like we'regoing to win the Senate,

which is very important.

- Mister President, whatabout Nancy Pelosi's comments?

She's already kind of spiking the football

with, we will win, we will win.

What do you make of some of that?

- Well I haven't seen her comments.

I know that, look, she'sbeen losing for a long time,

so she would like to win,

but she hasn't been doing too well.

We'll see what happens.

I think we're gonna do verywell in the House also.

- [David] Our trip aboard Air Force One

was a virtual whirlwind.

At our stop in Florida, we went backstage

for a glimpse of the calmbefore the Trump campaign storm.

- [Announcer] The presidentof the United States,

Donald J Trump.(audience cheering)

♪ And I'm proud to be an American ♪

♪ Where at least I know I'm free ♪

- [David] And as usual, thepresident was in rare form.

- Who voted, who voted?

(audience cheering)

Everybody voted already?

(audience cheering)

- Here on the ground in Florida,

the energy for President Trump

and his Republican candidates is palpable

(audience cheering)

and so is that drain-the-swamp anger.

- Yeah, and I would alsosay that he is dishing out

the red meat, as we know,he does it all the time

at these rallies.

So the question is civilityor, as his critics say,

lack thereof.

It's something we discussedwith him on Air Force One.

We've heard so much abouthostility and incivility.

And the media has been onyou as, let's just say,

the media's been on you.

What kind of role do youbelieve that you play?

Do you feel like youhave any responsibility

in this whatsoever?

- Well I heard themedia's extremely unfair.

It has been from the time I announced,

and a lot of that has to do with the fact

that I'm Republican, I'm conservative,

many of the reasons, and probably me too.

- [David] He specifically believes

that they breathe dissensionby unfairly covering events

like his trip to the sceneof the synagogue shooting.

- We had a great day.

It was so respectful ofthe office of president.

And if you got home, and ifyou read the New York Times

or the Washington Post, or ifyou saw any of the networks,

you would say it was violence.

It was riots.

I mean, it was the mostincredible thing I've ever seen.

And everybody that was onthat trip agreed with us.

It was so wrong what they did.

It was so phony.

- There are people kindof following up on that

who like to call you anti-Semitic,

who like to call you aracist, Mister President.

What would you say to these people?

- Well you know the word, racist, is used

about every Republican that's winning.

Any time a Republican is leading,they take out the R word,

the racist word.

And I'm not anti-immigrant at all.

I'm all for people cominginto the country legally,

and people based on merit.

But when you see a caravanthat's pouring up to our country

with thousands of people,maybe 10,000 people now,

look, we're not gonna letthem come into our country.

We have 10, and we mighteven go up to 15,000 soldiers

on our border.

We are building a wall in its own way.

We're putting up walls of barbwire.

And when you look at what we're doing,

they're just not coming into our country.

They might as well go back now.

But take a look at the violence

that they've created downthere, the level of...

I mean, these are notangels, as you would say.

These are not angels.

- You say you're not gonnalet 'em into the country.

What is this about tent cities?

And that could be a tricky situation.

- Well we're gonna build housing.

Obviously, it has to be built very fast.

And we're gonna give them better housing

than many of them have.

We're going to hold them.

We are not gonna release them.

We're gonna hold them untiltheir deportation hearing goes

and their asylum hearings.

- No catch and release, right.

- No, we're not gonnado catch and release.

Catch and release is no good.

Obama proved that.

- [David] As issues likeimmigration get touchy at times

for some, evangelicals continue

to stick with this president.

The question for Trump is will they do so

even though he's not onthe ballot next Tuesday?

- Well they're going to show up for me,

because nobody's done more for Christians

or evangelicals or, frankly,religion than I have.

You see all the things that we've passed,

including the Johnson Amendment

and so many things that we've nullified.

Nobody's done more than we have.

Mexico City, take a look at that,

things that, frankly, untilRonald Reagan, I mean,

nobody did anything.

So I know they're very happy with me.

We've seen them very happy.

The question's whether ornot they're gonna go out

and vote when I'm not running.

I have no doubt they'regonna be there in '20.

I hope they're gonna be there now,

because it'll be a lot easierif they are, a lot better.

- There're a lot of folkspraying for you out there.

We hear this all the time.

You and Mike Pence hear this all the time.

How has that moved you,

because a lot of peoplethink the empathy factor,

with you as president, ison the low end, if you will?

- I don't think they do think that.

I think they think- I think the critics

- it's on the high end.- think that, the critics.

- Well maybe the critics say it,

because they're doing anythingto get us all out of office.

No, I think we've had tremendous support

in the form of prayer.

And I get it all the time,"I'm praying for you,

"Mister President, I'm praying for you."

I hear it so much, it's nice,

and it's great to seeit and great to hear it.

But all the time peopleare coming up to me

and they're saying, "MisterPresident, I'm praying for you."

It's very nice.

- [David] While PresidentTrump appreciates the prayers,

he will be looking for votesto carry him and his party

over the finish line next week.

With Jenna Browder aboard Air Force One,

David Brody, CBN News.

- Well you can find extended coverage

of David and Jenna'sinterview with President Trump

on our website,

And you can watch liveelection coverage, I might add,

on our news channel, CBNNews Channel, Tuesday night.

And you can find the channel in your area.

Just go to our CBN News website.

Our election coverage will also air live

on the Freeform channel at10:00 p.m. Eastern time,

so it's gonna be--- 11:00 p.m. Eastern time.

- Well that was a great time.

They just called the last minute

and they said, "Hey, couldyou guys send a couple

"of reporters with us down to Florida?"

- It's wonderful, because there's a warmth

that you get from him in a one-on-one

or two-on-one like that.- Oh, yeah.

- I mean, that's true for everybody,

when you're standing infront of a ginormous crowd,

you're just talking at them.

- We've been friends for years,

and he is just such a gracious man.

And he's interested in your family.

He's interested in what you're doing.

But he is indefatigable.

- Unbelievable.- There's no human being,

I mean, talk about the Energizer bunny,

he just sleeps couple of hours.

He's amazing.

- He really is astonishing.

I mean, his schedule's incredible.

- Lorie, what's she got?- Well pray for him.

Well coming up, they're mentioned

more than 300 times in the Bible.

And today they are thelatest health craze.

Everything you always wanted to know

about the healing powersof essential oils,

our health reporter, LorieJohnson, brings us the scoop

when we come back.

(dynamic music)

- Well you may have heardabout the health benefits

of, what are called, essential oils.

But you might be wondering,do they really work?

Our health reporter, Lorie Johnson,

attests, they are the real deal.

Take a look.

- [Lorie] Although essential oils

are the latest health craze,

they've actually been aroundfor thousands of years.

In fact, they're mentioned morethan 300 times in the Bible.

Through the ancientprocess of distillation,

essential oils harness the healing power

of the growing thingsGod placed on the earth:

flowers, and shrubs,trees, roots, and bark.

The more than 50 essentialoils on the market today

are used to cure dozens of health issues

from acid reflux to warts,not to mention their ability

to clean our homes and our bodies

without using toxic chemicals.

- Well Lorie's here with us.

Lorie, it's always a joy to see you.

And you've come up withthese essential oils.

Look, how do you know thesethings are the real goods?

I mean, you can scam thesethings pretty well, can't you?

- That is actually the best question.

And you went right tothe heart of the matter.

There are so many cheapimitations out there

and not only do the cheapies not work,

they don't give you themedicinal properties,

they're actually harmful to you.

So you've gotta stay away fromthe artificial fragrances.

And one great way to choose the right kind

of essential oils is to make sure

they're USDA certified organic.

My favorite type ofessential oil is called,

Ancient Apothecary.

And you can see the littleUSDA organic sign on it.

These are made by Doctor JoshAxe, who is a friend of mine.

He's a Christian.

He's a man of honesty and integrity,

so you really need to trust these oils.

- He's got a website, so youcan buy 'em off his website,

right?- Yes, you can.

And he has, ah, wonderful videos

to show how to use them.

He has this fantastic book.

This is my favorite book on the subject.

He talks about how essentialoils were used in the Bible

so many times.

- Talk about the ancient, I mean,

who in the ancients used it,

and where are they referred to?

- Quick answer, everybody all the time.

(both laughing)- Well that took care of that.

- God created them on the third day

with all of the vegetation,

and he created so many things that grow

that all have medicinal properties.

Different plants and things

have different medicinal properties.

And people used 'em all theway back in ancient times,

King David, King Solomon.

Of course, we know thewise men brought myrrh

and frankincense to Jesus.

And there's every reason to believe

that myrrh and frankincense at the time

were every bit as valuable as gold,

the other gift that they brought Him

because of the medicinal properties.

- Well how do they distill that oil?

How do they get it?

- Well it's a great question.

What they do is they boil water

and then they put the leaves,or whatever, above it.

And then it evaporates,and then it's cooled.

And then when it condenses,the water goes down,

and then the essential oil goes up,

'cause oil and water separate.

- Our news director came to see me.

He said, "You put me on to something."

He was having stomach problems,

and I said there's somethingcalled oil of oregano.

And you take eight dropsof that in a glass of water

and it'll kill every bug thatever grew in your stomach

that's bad.- Right.

- One night I was so sick.

I had the most awful, I went out to dinner

and all I could eat was onetablespoon of bean soup.

I couldn't eat another thing.

I was at the dinner, Icouldn't eat a thing.

And I took eight drops of oil of oregano

in a glass of water.

The next morning I was completely well.

I was hungry as a horse,

and I just ate a great big breakfast.

It was amazing.

- It's absolutely great.

And I wanna talk about oregano here.

I love it so much, becauseof exactly what you said.

This is nature's antibiotic.

It fights all kinds ofinfection: flu, cold, bacterial,

parasites, like worms, fungal infections,

like yeast infections.

- [Pat] It'll kill all that?

- All of that, it's fantastic.

It's a little bit strong, so it's not

for pregnant women, nursingmothers, infants, and children,

and should only do itfor 10 days at a time.

Then take a week offand then go back on it.

You can do it prophylactically to prevent,

or, as you used it, to heal.

But you, just like you said,put a few drops of oregano oil

in some water and stirit up three times a day

for 10 days at a time.

I wanted to talk about anotherone, which you mentioned,

and I know you love it,which is lavender oil.

Lavender oil is the most consumed oil

in the world right now,and for good reason.

It is fantastic forsleep, anxiety, and PTSD.

It's even been shown toreduce PTSD in people,

because it lowers cortisol,the stress hormone

and raises melatonin,which helps us sleep.

A lot of people, including me,like to diffuse it at night.

This is a diffuser, and thisis actually my diffuser,

which I use at night.

And what you do is youjust put a little bit

of water in it and thenyou put a few drops

of your lavender oil.

You can see it's alreadystarting to bubble.

You put the lid on, and allthis wonderful, wonderful...

Evaporates all night long.

- That's lavender oil in a diffuser.

Where do you get the diffuser from?

- Well this diffuser is...

I bought, this is actually mine.

I put this on my nightstand every night.

I got the cheapest one I could find,

because I'm a penny-pincher.

But you can buy beautifulones that are very ornate

and decorative.- Well forget all that,

just the stripped-down version.

- Yeah, this was like, less than 10 bucks.

But, kids, if you're watching,

momma could use an upgrade of a diffuser

for a Christmas present.

But, yeah, I got that atAmazon, but you can get 'em

at Walmart, or really,Bed Bath and Beyond.

- And just a few dropsof that lavender oil.

- Yeah, they say onlyabout three or four drops,

but I usually put in more than that,

'cause I just love it so much.

But I just sleep like a baby.

And by the way, speakingof Christmas gifts,

this is a wonderful Christmas gift.

This the reference book by Josh Axe,

my friend who makes these oils

and who is a wonderfulman, very knowledgeable.

And it talks about all thedifferent essential oils,

like rosemary.

Here's one, it tells you all the things

that the essential oilsdo in alphabetical oil,

Sandalwood, natural aphrodisiac.

Or if you're dealing witha certain health issue,

you can go over here,like muscle aches, nausea,

all listed in alphabetical order.

So you can search--

- Which do the recommend for muscle aches?

Muscle aches, it's peppermint, I believe.

Would you like me to look it up?

- You can if you want to.

- And the good thingabout this is usually,

and thanks be to the Lord for this,

it's not usually just one thing.

So if you don't have one...

It says here, muscle aches.

- Tumeric?- Peppermint, yay!

I got it right!

- Tumeric?- Pop quiz.

Cypress, margarine, andlemongrass, and lavender.

Another one of the wonderful,wonderful essential oils,

another one of my veryfavorites is frankincense.

And this is called the king of oils.

This particular oil wasmentioned more than 100 times

in the Bible, becauseit's anti-inflammatory,

and it helps with brain health,

including warding offthings like Alzheimer's

and dementia.

And also, it's even been shownto kill breast cancer cells.

Frankincense--- Come on!

- It's so wonderful.

And what you can do with frankincense

is just put a few drops on yourhands, put in on your neck.

What's so wonderful about essential oils

is they have really small molecules,

so they sink down in yourcells, in your tissues,

even in your bloodstream.

And they evaporate really rapidly too,

so you can smell them.

It gets in your olfactory system

which is directly tied- And you just rubbed them

- to your--- on your neck?

- Some of 'em you can rubdirectly onto your skin.

Some of 'em are a little bit,

they can cause some skin irritation,

so again, consult the reference book,

because sometimes you'llneed to dilute 'em

with something likecoconut oil or jojoba oil.

- I'm gonna dig into my pocket,then I'm gonna show you,

since you've been on this thing,

I decided I was gonna follow Lorie.

And I have in my hand fourof those little bottles.

- Oh, you brought your own stash!

- You better believe it.

- Yeah!- I got these from Doctor,

now is he a Doctor, Axe?

Is he a...?

- He is a doctor of natural medicine.

He has videos online, which are free,

on the YouTube channel.

- Well I got these things.

- He demonstrates all this.

He's wonderful.- All right,

I'll take two of these.

And I've got, let's see,what have I got here?

There's something called holy basil.

It's so funny.

I tell my wife I've got holy basil,

and rosemary, and hereis the frankincense.

And what else do I have?

Well tumeric, I've got--- Ooh, tumeric,

that's so good for you,good for your brain.

- But then the amazingthing about this is,

and I wanna show you,ladies and gentlemen.

It takes one drop of these puppies.

Just you see that little...

You put it up, and one drop comes out,

and you got a drop on your finger.

- Yeah, it's super concentrated.

- And I put it right undermy nose when I go to sleep.

I mix 'em up, two of'em, sleep like a baby.

- Good for you!

I'm so happy for you!

- Well I'm happy for you,

'cause you brought these--- What a neat endorsement.

(Pat laughs)Listen,

talk about some other medicine.

- Please do.- I've got more

in my little demonstration.

Lemon, so wonderful for coughsand a great way to use lemon.

Also, lemon is great forrelieving nausea as well.

It's been shown torelieve morning sickness

for women who are pregnant,and then digestive issues

like IBS, irritable bowel syndrome.

And a great way to relieve your cough,

so you don't have tobuy the cough medicine,

is just a few drops oflemon in some hot water,

a little bit of organic honey.

And yeah, you just mixthat up there and drink it

and it coats your throat.

It's a great cough reliever.

- [Pat] It's lemon oil and honey?

- Yeah, lemon oil is the keyingredient and then honey.

And then this is ylang-ylang, which is--

- Ylang (laughing)?

- Ylang-ylang,

this grows in thePhilippines and Indonesia.

It's a beautiful flower.

It's great for cardiovascular health.

It's a natural aphrodisiac,

and so it also improvesyour self-confidence.

You know, these essential oilsreally do affect your mood.

The lavender makes you calm.

Peppermint gives you anenergy boost, makes you--

- [Pat] Now you justput that on your wrists.

- I do, I mixed a littlebit of ylang-ylang

with jojoba oil, and I put it

in one of these cutelittle roller ball things,

which, again, you can get anywhere.

I mean, they sell 'em atWalmart or at the vitamin store.

And so this natural aphrodisiac is great

if you're trying to catch amate or if you already have one

and they're trying toget 'em interested again.

(both laughing)

- You give that to your mate,or you keep it for yourself?

- (laughing) So you mightwanna carry a big stick,

'cause you'll have to fightoff the men if you use this.

Your Sandalwood isanother great aphrodisiac,

and it raises testosterone.

Clary sage is great for lowering estrogen

for people who are havinginfertility issues.

- [Pat] Good grief!

- There are so manythings, and that's, again,

why I recommend this book so highly.

It's a great Christmas present,

because it tells you allof the essential oils,

what they do.

And then you can cross-reference it

for whatever kind of ailment you have,

what oils are good for it.- Josh Axe says that too,


- This is his book, and he isthe author, Doctor Josh Axe.

It's really wonderful, all the things.

But you do have to be careful,because they are medicines,

and they were used as medicines all

throughout biblical times.- Well you've got

so many aphrodisiacs,

you'll have a wholegroup of men chasing you

through the studio.

We'll have to have a guardprotecting you, right?

- (laughs) Then when I don't wear it,

nobody notices me (laughs).

(Pat laughs)

- Lorie, this is fun, it really is fun.

I gotta get one of those,

a diffuser.- Diffusers.

- Yeah, that's right.

- And these are great.

They make really pretty ones.

- I can testify, I sleep more soundly.

Two drops, just mix the twoof those things, frankincense

and one of the others.- Lavender

is the big sleep aid.

And I've heard so manypeople who can attest

to the fact that they slept poorly before.

They started using thelavender oil at night,

and they sleep really well now.

It really does work.

I did forget to mentionone more thing, peppermint.

Peppermint is great forheadaches and, as you mentioned,

for some other kinds of digestive issues.

And again, peppermintdoes boost your energy.

It's a pick-me-up.

But what a great way to use peppermint

is just put it on one ofthese warm compresses,

just a few drops, and thenput it on your temples,

on your forehead, the back of your neck.

But peppermint, smell it.

- Mm!- Doesn't it smell

like Christmas?- Whoowhee!

That's something nice, all right.

Well Lorie, you know, I might add

we had a huge, when we offered that book

about the gut flora, wejammed the telephones.

We had more calls thanI think we've ever had

in the history of CBN.

Thousands of people calledto get that gut flora thing.

- Well good, because it'simportant information.

This is one of the most important topics.

You were the one who suggested,called me up, and said,

"Would you please dosome stories on this."

And I do believe that theLord put that in your heart,

just like with the essential oils piece.

People think that Icome up with this stuff.

It's not me, it's him, he calls me, says,

"Do a thing on essential oils."

(both laughing)

- I'm onto these things, and all I do

is I just push the buttonand Lorie's off running

with this wonderful stuff.

The diseases, Parkinson'sfor example, you were saying,

and we were saying thatyou fix the gut flora,

and does it actually heal Parkinson's?

- Well there's absolute evidence

that shows that healing the gut flora,

having a healthy gut flora,your intestinal flora,

the good bacteria in yourgut, prevents Alzheimer's,

Parkinson's, all kinds of otherneurodegenerative diseases,

ALS, and so forth.

There's reason to believethat if you catch these things

in their early stages,that you can reverse

some of the symptoms.

But clearly, prevention is definite.

Curing it, not as much, because, you know,

once these brain cells die,

it's hard to bring them back to life.

But, Pat, I will tell you,

our brain cells start to die 10 years

before we start to have symptoms.

So by the time you start having symptoms--

- [Pat] It's too late.

- We really need to focus on prevention.

- Okay, well you're gonna come back.

We're gonna talk about the epigenetics.

You've got a whole series on that.

- So exciting!

It's so exciting!

The bottom line, people arelike, "What is epigenetics?"

Epigenetics means you canturn off or on your genes.

So let's say you have, forexample, the Alzheimer's gene.

You can suppress it, and youdon't have to get Alzheimer's.

- When will you be with us on that one?

- Probably, within thenext two or three weeks.

- You're a sweetheart.

God bless you.

- Likewise, God bless you.

- Lorie Johnson.

Terry, you got all that?

Write it all down.

- You know, I don't have to,

because I have Doctor Axe's book too,

and it's pretty wonderful, soyeah, it's a great reference.

Well up next, what happens in your church

if a man in the congregation wants

to use the women's restroom

because he "identifies" as female.

Well the pastor emeritus ofMoody Church tackles this

and other challenges facingChristians in our culture today.

Doctor Erwin Lutzerjoins us live after this.

(upbeat music)

(dynamic music)

Well research shows that23% of Americans identify

as atheist or agnostic.

And one in five Americanswho were raised as Christians

now claim no religious affiliation at all.

In this current culture,

Christians have lost thehome-field advantage,

and we're becoming moreand more marginalized.

Take a look.

- [Narrator] As America has become

more polarized politically,racially, and religiously,

the church has been steadilylosing its influence

on society.

But Pastor Erwin Lutzerbelieves there's still hope.

In his book, The Church in Babylon,

Pastor Lutzer shares anurgent but timely message

of standing on the truth inan ever-deteriorating culture.

- Please welcome to The700 Club Erwin Lutzer.

It's great to have you here.

- Great to be with you, Terry.

- Let me mention the title of your book,

The Church in Babylon.

What are the similaritiesbetween what we're facing

as the church today andBabylon in, say, Daniel's time,

and Jews at that time?

- Well when I looked at the Old Testament,

I could see that one of the best parallels

is the Jews in Babylon,because they had to survive

as a minority in the midstof a majority pagan culture.

And so God gives theminstruction how to do that.

But, Terry, one of themost important things

is for us to learn is they couldaccept part of the culture.

Shadrach, Meshach, andAbednego, and Daniel

actually become advisors to a wicked king,

but there was a part of theculture they couldn't accept.

Daniel, it was food,maybe because of the fact

that it was not kosher.

But here is the three menwho are not willing to bow.

And one of the greatestexpressions of faith

is when they say, "We know, oh king,

"that our God can deliverus, and we believe He will.

"But if He doesn't, we willnot swerve in our allegiance."

And my burden is this.

American Christians have to be willing

to take the consequences of their belief.

I wrote this book trying toshow how we live in an age

in which our light isperceived as darkness,

and what faithfulnessmeans in light of a culture

where we are marginalized.

- And where right iswrong and wrong is right,

it's very confusing to people.

I mean, you have a chapterin here about immigration.

Talk about that, becausethat's in the news every day.

- You know, Terry, here is the problem.

I hear evangelicals sayingthings which, in my opinion,

are quite foolish.

I wrote the chapter, first of all,

to show what immigration means to Muslims.

It's actually a form of Jihadfor the radicals, at least.

But the real reason I wrote it

is because you have evangelicals saying,

"Well the gospel is for everybody,

"so our country should be for everybody."

And I distinguish betweenthe role of the state

and the role of the church.

The symbol of the state in theNew Testament is the sword.

The symbol of the church is the cross.

And if we don't keep those distinct,

and, you know, you have things like,

well Jesus was an immigrant.

His parents went down into Egypt.

Fine, well we don't knowthat they broke any laws,

for one thing.

And foreigners were welcomed in Israel.

Yes, that's right, butthey were proselytes.

They became part of theculture and the religion.

It has nothing to do with America.

So I argue that we, thatthere's nothing in the Bible

to suggest that a nationdoes not have the right

to determine who comesto live within them.

Now obviously if a statecan be compassionate,

it should be, but you cannotrun a state on compassion.

- There needs to be some sense of order

in everything that's done.

- And that's the role of the state, yeah.

- Another issue in our world today

that I think is so confusing to believers,

because it's infiltrated our families,

is the whole sexuality-transgender issue.

What does a parent say to a child

who comes home and says,"I'm not female, I'm male,"

or, "I'm not straight, I'm gay"?

- You know, that's thereason I wrote the chapters,

because a grandmotherasked me that question

when her 13-year-old asked the question.

Let's be very precise, and Iknow I have to be quick here,

that when a man, whomI identify in the book,

is 53 years old, and heidentifies as a six-year-old girl

and plays with dolls, doeshe have a body problem,

or does he have a mind problem?

I think he has a mind problem.

And when a boy says, "I'mactually a girl inside,"

he doesn't have a body problem,

he has, indeed, a mind problem.

So how do you handle it?

Society says, "What you have to do

"is go through bodymutilation to make sure

"that there's a harmonybetween who you are inside

"and who your are outside."

That leads to depression, regret.

It's a horrible pursuitthat is never satisfying.

The other possibility is to say that,

"You know, I'm strugglingwith these issues,

"but I'm going to,instead of avoiding them,

"I'm going to lean into my pain.

"I'm going to grieve over my pain."

But in the process ofthat grief and acceptance,

there is wholeness and help.

And then cleave to the words of Jesus,

"Come unto me all ye wholabor and are heavy laden,

"and I will give you rest."

- You talked about God givinginstruction to the Jews

in the time of Babylon,

well the instruction bookwe have today before us.

But I wonder,

is the church prepared to stand up

and to live out who we are supposed to be

in the day that we live in?

- You know, I'm concernedabout the church today,

because we are being shamed into silence.

And my great desire isthat churches will be able

to face the culture with courage.

We are not called to be successful.

We are called to be faithful in a culture

that has lost its wayand a whole new sense

of dependence upon God

and if we're willing to be out there.

You know, I was just asked amoment ago on social media,

"What does the averageChristian do today?"

Witness to your faith.

Give your coworkers a book on the gospel

and say, "We're gonna havelunch together next week,

"and let's talk about it."

And don't be, even if youare mocked for your faith,

accept that as part of thecross that Jesus has given us.

It's an exciting day to bealive if we pick up the cross

and take it into the world.

- Engage (laughing) right?- Yeah.

- Well the book is called,The Church in Babylon.

There's also a DVD.

It's available where books are sold.

If you'd like to hearmore from Erwin Lutzer,

check out our Facebook page.

Just go to

A book well worth reading,thank you so much.

Great to have you.- Thank you so much, Terry.

God bless.

- Well still ahead, a youngwrestler suffers a head injury

followed by six months of pain.

- Pain, I only got relief when I slept.

- It was so hard, becauseyou hurt when your kids hurt.

And you just wanna take away the pain.

- [Terry] Watch this athletereceive a supernatural healing

in an instant.

Plus, later on, yourquestions, some honest answers.

A viewer says, "ShouldI feel bad when I sin,

"even after becoming a Christian?"

Stay tuned, Pat's got thatone, and it's coming up.

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- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

More protests in Pakistan today,

hundreds of men took to the streets

against the release of Asia Bibi.

The Christian womanwas acquitted Wednesday

after eight years ondeath row for blasphemy,

convicted of insultingIslam's prophet, Muhammad.

Her family says she plansto leave the country

as radical Islamists heldrallies for a second day

against the verdict, blockingroads and burning tires.

Protesters are calling forher to be publicly hanged.

Here at home, the theme for next year's

National Day of Prayerwill be love one another.

300 Christian leaders gathered

in Northwest Arkansas this week

to map out plans for the event.

Doctor Ronnie Floyd announcedthat it will call Americans

to love one another.

The theme comes from John,chapter 13, verse 34,

when Jesus says, "Love one another

"just as I have loved you."

The Day of Prayer will beheld Thursday, May 2, 2019.

Well you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by visiting our website at

Pat and Terry will be backwith more of today's 700 Club

right after this.

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- Well welcome back, you'rewatching The 700 Club.

Man, it's been a tremendous day.

And we've got some morewonderful testimony for you.

But I wanna tell you,first of all, about Sheika.

She's a five-year-oldgirl who lost her home

and everything she owned in a fire.

Her single mother and sisterswere also left with nothing.

But most of all, Sheikamissed her prize possession,

a pink party dress.

- [Narrator] Ruth andher daughters were forced

to live temporarily in atent after a fire destroyed

their shantytown home in Belan, Peru.

They just returned fromvisiting Ruth's sick mother.

- [Interpreter] When we got back,

everything was ashes and smoke.

- [Narrator] Ruth and the girlslost everything in the fire,

but her youngest daughter,five-year-old Sheika,

seemed to be especiallyhard hit by the loss.

- [Interpreter] My dressand my shoes were burned.

Everything burned.

- [Narrator] Ruth is a single mom.

Before the fire, shesupported her children

by baking and selling items near her home.

Sheika liked to help.

- [Interpreter] I like being with my mom,

and I love her a lot.

- [Narrator] But everythingfrom the business

was destroyed too.

- [Interpreter] At night,I would cry, asking God

why all this happened to me.

- [Narrator] When OperationBlessing came to the community

to help, we learned that the government

would rebuild the houses,

so we provided Ruth everything needed

to restart her bakingbusiness, including pans,

ingredients, and a new oven.

- [Interpreter] Since I wasvery little, I worked hard.

I never had anyone given me anything.

It is a joy for me to receive all this.

- [Narrator] Finally, we took Sheika

on a little shopping trip

and bought her silvershoes and a new pink dress,

just like the one she'd lost in the fire.

- [Interpreter] Thanks, Operation Blessing

for helping me to push forward.

- [Interpreter] Thank youfor my new dress and shoes.

(upbeat music)

- What's it worth tomake a little girl happy,

to give somebody life and hope?

You know, that was down in Peru,

but that's just one of the people.

And we've helped millions andmillions around the world,

suffering people, hurting people.

We wanna be the hand of Jesusextended to those who suffer.

And so if you wanna participate,we'll invite you to do so.

Be a member of The 700 Club,

and together we can makea lot of difference.

You say, "How do you do it?"

It's just 65 cents aday, that's loose change.

You can't get a bottle of sodapop for that kind of money.

65 cents a day, it's $20 a month.

And if it's done on a regular basis,

month to month to month, and hundreds

and maybe even billionsof people get together,

we can make a huge difference.

So let's help people like that.

And for those who participate,I wanna give you something.

It's called, Miraculous Blessings,

and it tells you howyou can have a miracle,

how you can have a blessing in your life,

the things that'll bringabout miraculous blessings

and the things that'll hinder them.

And we'll give this to you as our gift

when you join The 700 Club,so please pick up the phone

and call us, say, "Look,you can count on me.

"I wanna be one of thoseto help little girls

"like Sheika, and I want tohelp people who are suffering,

"who are up against it in poverty.

"And I wanna help them."

And the Lord will lookupon us, and He'll say,

"You're doing My work,and I'm smiling upon you,

"and I'm gonna bless you."

- Can I tell you what Donnafrom Whitehall, Michigan

had to say- Please.

- about Miraculous Blessings?

She said (clears throat), excuse me,

"We really enjoyed theMiraculous Blessings DVD.

"It was so inspiring to watch all

"of the in-depth conversations with Pat.

"You've been such ablessing to this country.

"Passing on all of these miracles

"that God has done issuch an inspiration!"

And I think that's what we all want,

is something that inspiresus to stay the course.

- Miracles, we believe in them.

Again, the telephone number,folks, is 1-800-700-7000.

It's easy to remember,700-7000, and dial 1-800.

It's toll-free, and wewanna hear from you.

So please pick up the phone, call.

Somebody's here who loves you.

Now we've got the storyof a healing miracle.

- Patrick McGee was hiton the bridge of his nose

during a wrestling match and months

of painful migraines followed.

He couldn't go to school orparticipate in any sports

until the day he was instantlyhealed right in his own home.

Take a look.

- [Narrator] In 2013, PatrickMcGee received a head injury

while participating in afreshman wrestling match.

A few weeks after his injury,

he started having chronic headaches.

- It was constant pain.

I only got relief when I slept.

I couldn't focus on a whole lot,

and it was hard to get things

to take the pain off of my mind.

- When you asked himwhat his pain level was,

it was around an eight

all the time.

It was so hard, because youhurt when your kids hurt.

And you just wanna take away the pain.

- [Narrator] Patricksaw several specialists

and underwent surgery to correcta severe deviated septum,

but the surgery didn't relievePatrick of his symptoms.

Medicine and pain managementdidn't help either.

Eventually, the headachesprevented Patrick

from attending school.

- I had to do online schooling.

I was away from my friends.

I couldn't do any sports,which was a big part for me.

And it just impacted me a lot.

- [Narrator] Although the doctors

couldn't offer Patrick answers or relief,

Patrick and his family knew where to turn.

- We prayed all the time.

He trusted that God would heal him.

He didn't give up on that,even when he was crying

almost on a daily basis.

- I just had to havefaith that it would end,

no matter how long.

- [Narrator] On June 11, 2014,six months after his injury,

Patrick heard something on television

that caught his attention.

- Since he was home, we oftenwatched The 700 Club together

in the mornings.

- And I saw Pat Robertson on the TV.

And the first thingthat I heard him say was

that he was going to pray,and he was gonna reach out

for people with sports-related injuries.

So that caught my attention immediately.

And so he started praying,and I closed my eyes

and I prayed with him.

- Somebody got hit, likeon the bridge of your nose

or in your forehead.

Right now, just touch itand the pain will leave.

And whatever's there will benormal in the name of Jesus.

- And he says, "By thepower of Jesus Christ

"and the Holy Spirit, letthese people be healed."

And I got the tingle down my spine,

and I instantly did notfeel my pain anymore.

It was definitely the greatestexperience ever that I felt.

And it was...

It was amazing.

- Just the fact thatit just happened so...

(snapping fingers) just like that,

so we knew that it was an instant healing,

that God just decided,

"I'm gonna do that this time for you."

- [Narrator] Since thatday, Patrick's headaches

have completely disappeared.

He's back in school

and has even rejoined the wrestling team.

- I know God hears all our prayers.

It was like, wow, wereally got to experience

one of those truly awesomeGod moments, you know,

when He really does justlet you know, "I hear you,

"and I'm here, and Icare, and I love you."


- It is really my favorite story to tell.

I think that God used meso I can tell my story

to people and that other peoplecan strengthen their faith.

- God knows Patrick's name,and He knows your name.

And He knows your need, and He hears you.

And so we wanna take sometime today to pray for you.

- We sure do.

And folks, there's nothing impossible.

All you have to do is justreach out to the Lord.

The Lord is all-powerful.

He can heal any disease.

He can heal any sickness.

I don't care what the doctorshave said or haven't said.

It's not a question ofwhose report do you believe?

You believe the report of the Lord.

Terry and I are gonnajoin hands right now.

We wanna pray for you.

This can be your day.

Father, we hold before youthe people in this audience,

and we ask for an anointingof the Holy Spirit.

We ask for the power of Godto come into their lives.

We ask for a healing miracle.

Thank you, Jesus.

There's a lung congestion.

I think the name's Charlie.

You've got a serious lung congestion.

It's some kind of a fungus or infection.

Right now, God is healing.

He's clearing it completelyout, completely out.

Just breathe deep and cough,

and you are healed in Jesus' name.

Terry...- There's someone else.

You have a problem.

You've damaged, somehow,your trachea, your esophagus,

that whole part of your throat.

And God is healing thatcondition for you right now.

You're just gonna feellike a warmth come into you

as you swallow.

Your speaking will be normal again.

Just receive it in Jesus' name.

- There's a neck muscle, it's popped out.

Just put your hand on it right now.

In the name of Jesus, you're healed.

God is doing miracles.

Just receive an answer.

May the anointing of theHoly Spirit rest upon you.

May you be set free fromthat which would bind you.

In Jesus' name, be made whole, amen.

- There's someone with atumor on the back of your leg

behind your knee, too.

That's going down rightnow in Jesus' name.

- Amen.- Amen.

- Amen, Terry...

- Well up next, we've got your email.

Joshua says, "I'm 19 years old,

"and I worry that I won'tfind that special someone.

"Should I worry, or havefaith that God has a plan

"for my future love life?"

We've got your questions andsome honest answers after this.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

Well we wanna answer someof the email you've sent in.

This first one, Pat, isfrom a viewer who says,

"Should I feel bad when I sin,

"even after becoming a Christian?

"I have an identitycrisis every time I sin.

"Do I need a fresh revelationon the grace of God?"

- The Bible says do notgrieve the Holy Spirit

with which you have been sealedunto the day of redemption.

And when you as a Christiancommit acts of sin,

you grieve the Holy Spirit,because you are part of Him,

and He's part of you.

And the Spirit of Jesus is in your heart.

I think there's not a day that goes by

that anybody who's walking with the Lord

doesn't know that he'ddone something wrong.

And so the Bible saysas we walk in the light

as He is in the light, we have fellowship

with one another, andthe blood of Jesus Christ

is continuously cleansing us from sin.

So we're continuously being cleansed.

But hey, if you're keeping ondoing whatever you're doing,

you can't do it.

If you say you love the Lord,of course you'll feel bad.

If you don't, there's something wrong.

The Holy Spirit is grieved.

Just don't keep ongrieving Him, all right?

- Okay, this is Joshua whosays, "I'm 19 years old

"and just got out of along-term relationship.

"I pray that God will giveme guidance during this time.

"However, I worry that I won'tfind that special someone

"who can help me create afamily that brings glory to God.

"Should I worry or havefaith that God has a plan

"for my future love life?"

- There was--- 19.

- There was a song they used to sing.

They Called it Puppy Love.

But I tell you, at theearly days in high school,

those romances, they reallycan hurt if they break up.

They really can.

But trust me, you're 19.

There's a whole long time ahead of you.

You're not an old man yet, believe me.

And there're many years ahead of you,

so God has a whole lotof living for you to do.

And there're many, many, many other people

who He can bring across your path.

So do not despair.

(laughing) There's awhole life ahead of you

and some great things are gonna happen.

But hey, it hurts, Iknow, when you break up

with somebody that you love,

and it's the first orsecond one in your life.

Yes, but God will bring theright one for you, all right?

- This is Joe who says, "Hi, Pat.

"I was taught that onlythe unsaved will appear

"at the great white throne judgment.

"If that's true, then can youexplain why the Bible says

"that the book of life will be opened

"and anyone whose name is not in the book

"will be thrown into the lake of fire?

"If only the unsavedare going to be there,

"then why does the bookhave to be checked?"

- I think you're getting alittle too technical on me.

I really do.

I think...

I think before the Lordat the last great judgment

the Bible says that ifyou believe in the Lord,

if you hear My word andbelieve on Him who sent Me,

you will not come intojudgment, but you'll pass

from death unto life.

So you're passed fromdeath unto life right now.

But all humanity may well come before,

we're gonna stand before theso-called bema of Jesus Christ

to account for whatwe've done in our bodies

even after we're saved.

The great white thronejudgment, apparently,

is in this one, we'retalking about all humanity.

And those that are writtenin the Lamb's book of life

are not gonna come into any judgment.

You're not gonna be throwninto the lake of fire,

any terrible thing.

You're passed from death unto life, okay?

- This is Thomas who wants to know,

"How was the show's title decided?

"Does the title, The700 Club, have meaning?"

- It did at the time.

We were looking for 700 peopleto give 10 bucks a month

to keep us going.

That was our total budget.

- It takes a little more than that today.

- A whole lot more.

But we had a 700 Club telethon

when the anointing of the Lord came in

in such great power.

There was a real, true,honest-to-goodness revival

where the Holy Spiritswept into this community.

And it was so wonderful.

We decided we wanted to keepgoing and do the same thing.

We called it that name.

It also had kind of a namelike 007 and all that stuff

that was sort of popular.(Terry laughs)

So anyhow, well today's power minute is

from the book of John.

Jesus spoke to them again,saying, "I am the light

"of the world.

"He who follows me shallnot walk in darkness,

"but have the light of life."

From Terry and all of us, Iappreciate you being with us.

This is Pat Robertson,and we'll look forward

to seeing you on The700 Club the next time.

So God bless you, bye-bye.

(dynamic music)


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