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The EXTENDED Interview with President Trump: CBN News Aboard Air Force One

The EXTENDED Interview with President Trump: CBN News Aboard Air Force One Read Transcript

- Well, Mr. President,

thank you so much forhaving us on Air Force One.

- Thank you both.

Thank you both.

- Yeah, first question.

We're just a few daysaway from the midterms.

How are you feeling,

and what do you think aboutthis so-called blue wave?

- Well, I think the bluewave is dead, frankly.

And I think we're doing very well.

It looks like we'regoing to win the Senate,

which is very important.

That's why I'm here tonight,

and we're going to Florida where we have

a great gubernatorial candidate,

and a great Senate candidatein Rick Scott for the Senate.

Rhonda Santos for governor.

And I think we're doing just very well.

There's a lot of feeling about the horrors

of the illegal immigration problem,

where people think they're justgonna come into our country

and take over our country,

and it's just not gonna happen.

We're not gonna let that happen.

But the Democrats wanna let that happen.

It's crazy.

So we're doing very well,

and the numbers reflect it, as you know,

I think we'll win the Senate.

I think we're gonna do well in the House.

- Mr. President, what aboutNancy Pelosi's comments?

She's already kind of spiking the football

with, "We will win! We will win!"

What do you make of some of that?

- Well, I haven't seen her comments.

I know that, look, she'sbeen losing for a long time,

so, you know, she would like to win.

If you go by history,

but nobody's ever had aneconomy like I produced.

We have an economy that'sthe best that's ever been.

We have probably the greatest economy

we've ever had in this country

with jobs and everything else.

But she's been saying she'sgonna win for a long time.

She hasn't been doing too well.

We'll see what happens.

I think we're gonna do verywell in the House also.

- Have you thought muchabout after the midterms?

What's kind of top of your mind?

- Well, it depends on what happens.

If we win the midterms,

we're gonna go on to even greater things,

and if for some reason we don't,

for instance, if we lose the House,

it's gonna be a different kind of a game,

but it can be a very good game.

- We've heard so much abouthostility and incivility,

and the media has been on you.

This just in, the media has been on you.

What kind of role do youbelieve that you play?

Do you feel like you have any

responsibility in this whatsoever?

- Well, I think the mediais extremely unfair.

It has been from the time I announced.

And a lot of that has to do with the fact

that I'm Republican, I'm conservative.

Many other reasons,

and probably me too,

but I will say, the media,

if you look at yesterday,I went to Pittsburgh.

I was treated so well,with the First Lady.

We were treated so well.

It was sad, obviously, very solemn,

but it was so instructive; so beautiful.

The Rabbi was great.

We had such a great day.

We met the first responders.

We met the SWAT team.

We met some very bravepeople in the hospital.

We went over to the temple.

Went into the temple.

It was so beautiful.

And there was a small group of protestors,

but they were very far away,

so we didn't get to see 'em or hear 'em.

They were very far away,

and it was a very small group.

They tried to make itlike it was a big group.

It was maybe a hundred people, maybe less.

And we came home,

and I thought it wasactually a beautiful day.

And the media justabsolutely went after me.

It was the most incredible thing.

They were so violent and vicious.

All of the news.

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN I don't even watch,

but I assume, you know, Iknow I'm (mumbling) with CNN.

'Cause they're just automatically fake.

But it was really fake news.

We had a great day.

It was so respectful ofthe office of President,

and if you got home,

and if you read the New YorkTimes or the Washington Post,

or if you saw any of the networks,

you would say it wasviolence, it was riots.

I think it was most incrediblething I've ever seen.

And everybody that was onthat trip agreed with us.

It was so wrong what they did.

It was so phony.

And I think that phony news, fake news,

when you see the kind of things happen

like happened yesterday wherePittsburgh was so beautiful.

Went to the hospital,they didn't even cover it,

and they didn't have to cover it,

but it was a great thingto meet these warriors.

They're really warriors.

They did a phenomenal job, orit could have been even worse.

It could have been much worse.

They did such a great job.

They don't even cover it.

All they did is sayprotestors, protestors.

And the protestors were blocks away,

and it was a very small group.

I know protests.

It was a very small group of protestors.

But if you read thismorning's New York Times

or Washington Post or saw the networks

you would say it was World War III.

It's really disgraceful.

- There are people kindof following up on that

who like to call you anti-Semitic.

Who like to call you aracist, Mr. President.

What would you say to these people?

- Well, you know, theword racist is used about

every Republican that's winning.

Anytime a Republican is leading,

they take out the R word, the racist word.

And I'm not anti-immigrant at all.

I'm all for people cominginto the country legally

and people based on merit.

But when you see a caravanthat's pouring up to our country

with thousands of people,maybe 10,000 people now,

and then you see theviolence that was caused

by a second caravan that's forming

on the northern Mexicoside where you look at

what's going, Guatemala and Honduras,

and you look at the violenceand people being hurt.

Mexican soldiers being hurt and police.

They're throwing rocks in their face.

Look, we're not gonna letthem come into our country.

We have 10,

and we might even go to 15,000soldiers on our boarder.

We are building a wall in its own way.

We're putting up walls of barbed wire.

And when you look at what we're doing,

they're just not coming into our country.

They might as well go back now.

But take a look at the violence

that they've created down there.

I mean, these are notangels, as you would say.

These are not angels.

- You say you're not gonnalet 'em into the country.

What is this about tent cities?

And that could be a tricky situation.

- Well, we're gonna build housing.

Obviously it has to be built very fast.

And we're gonna give them better

housing than many of them have.

We're going to hold them.

We are not gonna release them.

We're gonna hold them untiltheir deportation hearing goes,

and their asylum hearings.

- No catch and release?

- No, we're not gonnado catch and release.

Catch and release is no good.

Obama proved that.

President Obama proved that.

Catch and release is no good.

And we've got it downto a very good system,

and we're gonna be very strong on it.

We're not going to be releasingpeople into our country

that never show up for their court case.

- I wanna ask you aboutthe African American vote,

Mr. President.

And Kanye West coming out

and saying that he'sgetting out of politics.

What did you make of that?

- Well, I think I have a verygood relationship with Kanye.

In fact, one of my people spoke to him

just a little while ago.

Kanye is very happywith me, as he tells me,

and I think we have avery good relationship.

I think I'm doing great withthe African American vote

because we have the bestunemployment numbers.

If you look at our unemployment numbers

that just came out, again,they're the best in the history

of our country for African Americans.

And frankly, for Asians and for Hispanics.

They're the best ever in our country.

The best in 65 years for women.

So I think when people see that,

I think I'm doing very well.

You've seen the African American numbers.

You've seen the Hispanic numbers.

Look, I'm strong on the boarder,

but you know who wants thatmore than anybody else?

Hispanics that are living in our country.

- Real quick, on immigration,one last question.

What about the critics who say, look,

you're just doing allof this for political,

you know, to gin up thebase and everything.

What's the answer to that?

- Well, if I am, I've beendoing it for a long time,

because I've been on thisissue for a long time.

Ever since you've known me.

- True.

- And now we have a chanceto do something about it.

The problem we have is wehave no Democrat votes.

We need Democrat votesin order to pass bills.

You know, 'cause we have avery tiny, little majority.

We'll see what that is.

But now we have anotherelection coming up.

We need Republicans because the Democrats

will go us no votes on anything.

They don't mind open boarders.

They don't mind crime, becauseopen boarders mean crime.

They don't mind crime.

They don't wanna takecare of our military.

They don't wanna take care of our vets.

And that's where we are.

But we have no votes onimmigration with the Democrats.

And we can't let that happen.

So I've been very strong on immigration.

David, as you know,right from the beginning,

right from the first time you saw me.

- Okay, well, I guess I wanted to

ask you about the evangelicals.

I know you love the evangelicals.

We've talked about that.

2016, they showed up in spades for you.

If they don't do it this time,

then there could be amuch different outcome.

Are you in agreement with that?

- Well, they're going to show up for me,

because nobody's done more forChristians or evangelicals,

or frankly, religion, than I have.

You see all the things that we've passed,

including the Johnson Amendment,

and so many things that we've nullified.

Nobody's done more than we have.

Mexico City, take a look at that.

Things that frankly, until Ronald Reagan,

I mean, nobody did anything.

So I know they're very happy with me.

We've seen they're very happy.

The question is whether ornot they're gonna go out

and vote when I'm not running.

I have no doubt they'regonna be there in 20.

I hope they're gonna be there now.

Because it'll be a lot easier if they are.

A lot better.

You know, many of thethings that we passed

to make it good for Christians

and evangelicals and so many others.

You look at any religionyou really talk about.

So many of those things can be terminated.

It's all fragile.

You put the wrong people in office,

and the evangelicals, all of a sudden,

they're gonna end uplosing a lot of the things,

maybe all of the things that I gave them

and got to them and fought for them.

They've been tremendous supporters.

I love 'em.

I think they love me.

I think they understand me.

They've been great.

We've had great support.

- Mr. President, thank you so much.

- Thank you very much.

Thank you, Jenna; thank you.


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