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The Global Lane - November 2, 2018

Finally freed from prison. What's next for Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi? Nazi massacre against Jews in Pittsburgh & combating anti-Semitism; Election time in the USA. Blue wave or blue trickle? And might voter fraud change election outcomes? Read Transcript

- Today from the Global Lanefinally freed from prison.

What's next for PakistaniChristian, Asia Bibi?

Massacre against Jews in Pittsburgh.

We take a look at what can be done

about rising antisemitism in America.

And it's election time in the USA.

Blue wave or blue trickle?

And might voter fraudchange some of the outcomes?

And it's all right here, rightnow from the Global Lane.

(upbeat music)

Asia Bibi is now free from prison.

Pakistan's highest courtacquitted her on charges

of blasphemy that led toher death sentence in 2010.

Pakistan's Chief Justiceannounced the verdict

to a packed courtroom.

The landmark ruling set off mass protests

by hard line Islamist.

Bibi had been held atan undisclosed location

for security reasons.

The charges against her dateback to a hot day in 2009

when Bibi went to get waterfor her fellow farm workers.

Two Muslim women refused to drink

from a container used by a Christian.

A few days later a mobaccused her of blasphemy.

She was convicted and sentenced to death.

Joining us from London is Wilson Chowdry,

the British PakistaniChristian's Association.

So Wilson, what's your reaction?

- Well PakistaniChristians across the globe

are extremely elated.

I know that every --

I've spoken to Christians in Switzerland,

in France, in Germany, in America.

We've been giving each other --

because this has been a long campaign

and many Christians havebeen involved in that.

Mostly we've spoken to thefamily of Asia Bibi as well

and I can tell you that AshiqMasih is just over the moon.

And Asia Bibi's obviouslywill take some time to recover

but we know that she's pleased to be out.

She was actually quite surprised

when she was first toldthat she was going to leave.

But it's now become very real to her.

I can't say more thanthat, but for her now it's,

she's about to starta new time of freedom.

There is no Christian, anyPakistani Christian anywhere,

that would have wished an extra day

in a jail cell for Asia Bibi.

All the rioting, and the protests,

and the threats of violence,

all of them are just totally elated

that Asia Bibi is set free.

But, of course, they areliving in trepidation,

they are fearful of what might be coming

their way in the next few days.

Fortunately government does seem

to be taking a fairly tough stance

and have threatened 10 year sentences

for anybody caught disturbingor in acts of violence

against the Christian community.

This is no victory.

This woman has been incarcerated

for 10 years under trumped up charges.

If anything it shouldnever have taken this long

for her to be set free.

It's not a landmark decision,

it's a decision that should have happened.

It's a shame that it's got this far

and we hope and pray that other victims

don't have suffer so long.

There are still dozensof blaspheme law victims

from the Christian communityin cells across Pakistan

serving sentences for nothingmore than petty jealousy

or adhering to their Christian faith.

The Draconian Medieval lawssimply must be removed.

They serve no purposein modern day society.

(upbeat music)

- It was the worst actof violent antisemitism

in the history of American Jewry.

On Saturday, October27th, a crazed Nazi gunman

shot and killed 11 people at

the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

President Trump and fistlady, Melania Trump,

visited Pittsburgh to comfort survivors

and thank the first responders.

76 year old Barry Werbersurvived that synagogue attack.

He told USA Today, "Thiswas the land of liberty.

This was the land wherewe could breathe free air,

where we could not worry about anything.

We were away from oppressionand the Nazis are here again."

Well joining us forinsights on how future acts

of hate and violence againstAmerican Jewish community

may be prevented is Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

He's of the Simon WiesenthalCenter in Los Angeles.

Rabbi Cooper, Barry Werber said it,

the Nazis are here again.

Most Americans are shocked,

we've seen Swastikas paintedon temples and on synagogues,

but never something like this.

How could this happen, as Werber said,

in the land of liberty, of all places?

- Well obviously this horrific crime,

I actually happened tobe in Austria at the time

and a few hours after the shooting

we had a memorial programfor Simon Wiesenthal,

who was liberated by US troops

at Mauthausen concentrationcamp in Austria.

And that does also recall, of course,

one huge difference, it's everything.

Today when you call 911 the police come,

emergency services come,the fire department comes.

The difference between then and now

is then when you called the police

they were part of the Nazi problem.

There was nobody to call for help.

The horrible crime that took place,

which could have been even worse

had it not been for the early responders,

and bless them, including those

who are recovering now in the hospital,

the difference is that for now

we're talking still about the hatred

from the fringes of society.

What's changed in Americasince, for example,

when we were targetedin 1999 by Buford Furrow

wanting to blow up the WiesenthalCenter, also a Neo-Nazi,

is that today the shooter has access

to social media and the internet.

And the subculture of hate online

validates, incubates hatred.

It encourages extremists like him

to feel that he has people who back him

across the United States andelsewhere around the world,

and emboldens people to dothese types of horrific actions.

Of course antisemitism from both

the far extreme right andthe far left in America,

where we feel it mostly, on the campuses,

is troubling enough.

But the introductionof an automatic weapon

into a house of prayeron a Shabbat morning

is right there now in theannals, recent annals,

of mass murders in churchesin the United States

and basically we wannatalk about the future

and how we stop it.

We need a coalition from the ground up,

we need neighbors toreach out to neighbors,

whatever our faith is.

A fundamental of what makes America great

is freedom of religion.

The shooter knew that,

the shooter understoodwhat a hate crime is,

and the shooter understood the impact

of his murdering of innocent people.

- Briefly I want us to listen to

the comments of Dr. Michael Rydelnik,

professor of Jewish Studies

at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago

and he's a son of Holocaust survivors.

He says antisemitism islike a contagious disease

always under the surface that spurs up

to epidemic proportions.

And he thinks the real source of it

is Satan and those who hate God.

Listen to this.

- They hate the God ofIsrael and so therefore

they wanna hurt him by hurting his people.

Those who love the God of Israel

need to be the loudestvoices in opposing it.

- So Rabbi Cooper, are we really facing

a spiritual battle here?

What do you think?

- Well we are, with thegreatest respect to a scholar,

I'm only, you know, a lone rabbi.

I'm of the faith and of theopinion that we can't offload

the responsibilities onto the Satan.

The choices that are made in life

are made by flesh and blood human beings

who are all imperfect.

And we all have thecapability what's called --,

we can repent, we can acttogether, we can work together.

So I think that this is a time

really for religiousleaders to take the lead

and in their pulpits, notinstructing people how to vote,

but reminding peoplehow they need to behave

in the day to day interaction.

And one other comment thatI think Natan Sharansky,

who you've interviewed in the past,

the great human rights icon,

formally Soviet refused andthen a great figure in Israel,

made a fantastic comment,and I think it's a great

suggestion for all Americans.

He said, look, it'snot my roll to tell you

whether to be aConservative, or a Liberal,

or a Progressive, it's irrelevant.

In a democracy you canchoose your own path.

However, when someone speaking in the name

of your ideology, party, orphilosophy does something

that's bigoted, that'sracist, that's antisemitic,

you have a responsibilityas someone who holds

that ideology to speak out first.

It's easy from theright to knock the left,

and easy from the Progressives

to continually knock thePresident of the United States.

What we're missing arehonest brokers at both ends

who will take on and takedown extremists at both ends

and help restore a basic-- to our national,

social, and political conversation.

And then beyond that, you know,Simon Wiesenthal was asked

was he surprised by howmany Nazis there were.

And he said, no not at all,but I was very, very surprised

by how few anti-Nazis there were.

That's our challenge.

- Well you've given usa lot to think about,

Rabbi Abraham Cooper ofthe Simon Wiesenthal Center

in Los Angeles.

Always appreciate you.

Thank you for sharing your insights.

- God bless, nice to speak with you again.

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- In 2016 America andthe world were shocked

when Donald Trump brought a red wave

of populism into the White House.

Will the Mid-term Electionbring another red wave surprise,

or will Democrats riseup to reclaim Congress?

Well joining us ispollster, John McLaughlin.

John, it's always good to seeyou, thanks for joining us.

What are the latest polls showing?

First let's look at the Senate.

- Well first of all the Senate is

a unique piece of territory 'cause

you have 35 US Senate races are up

and 26 of them are in statesheld by Democrats right now.

So there's only 9 Republicans up

and 10 of those 26 Democratic seats

are in states that Donald Trump won,

and some of them by double digits.

So you've got a lot of Democratic Senators

who are in trouble, andthe Republicans look like

they're going to win Senate seats

because of the SenateSeats that were in trouble

on the Republican side, MarshaBlackburn's pulled ahead

of Phil Bredesen in Tennessee,

the Nevada race isclose but it looks good.

- In 2016 a lot of these polls were wrong.

I mean everyone expectedthis was going to be

a blue wave in 2016, and then wow,

here comes Donald Trump,here come the Republicans.

So what do you think this time?

Are a lot of the pollsgoing to be incorrect?

- I had a lot of fun back in 2016

working for PresidentTrump, or then Donald Trump.

And I remember tellinghim at the time, I said,

you need to, and this wasearly on in the spring

during the Primaries, I said,

you need to get up everyday and attack Barack Obama

and attack Hillary Clinton'cause the voters want change.

And he told me, I could do that.

Then this year you have63 million Trump voters

and they need to be motivated to go win.

'Cause in a Mid-termElection you only get,

in 2010 we had 90 million voters out,

2014 we had 83 million voters out total.

And if we could get the larger share

of those 63 million Trumpvoters out in this election

we can not only win Senateseats, but hold the House.

And the House would be difficult

because there's so manyRepublican retirees

and there's so manytossup competitive races

where the Republicans are in trouble.

We need to make sure thatthe Trump voters go out

because look at the Democrat agenda.

Nancy Pelosi would become

the most powerful Democrat in the country.

And she's very unpopular,

55% of all voters at our September survey

that we did with Pat Caddell,

55% are unfavorable to Nancy Pelosi.

Only 30% favorable.

Only 23% of all voters in the country

want her to be Speaker again, 56 did not.

Including a good sharequarter of the Democrats

don't want her to be Speaker again.

And she's gonna have an agenda

to derail the President's agenda.

The Trump voter's gotta get reengaged

and they have after Kavanaugh,

but they have to be there on Tuesday.

- And I think the immigrationthing with the caravan coming

that kind of motivates some people.

Overall what is the moodof the country, John?

How might that affect this election?

- We put up a national pollon our website last Friday,

at,and 43% said the country

was headed in the right direction.

That's the highest it's been in years.

- [Gary] Okay, and anyraces to watch closely

as results come in, thosethat may give us a clue

as to the election might go?

- Well I think there's certain races like,

there's very strong incumbentthat the Republicans

got elected last time in districtsthat Hillary Clinton won.

So you've got people like Barbara Comstock

in northern Virginia,

Carlos Curbelo who wework for in south Florida,

John Faso in upstate New York,

these are all popular incumbents

that have done well andcreated their own brand,

who are trying to fightagainst this green wave

of democratic money thatNancy Pelosi is firing up.

So as they come in, plus you've got

the bellwether state of Florida.

I mean Florida lasttime when we saw their,

initially when most of the polls closed

we were down 50,000 votes and I was able

to tell people in the Trump campaign,

don't worry when the Panhandle closes

we'll go up another 50 to 100 thousand

'cause we'll win the Panhandle two to one.

But now you've got a deadheat for the US Senate race

with Rick Scott and Bill Nelson,

and you've got a dead heatfor the Governor's race

between Congressman DeSantis

and Andrew Gillum, Mayor of Tallahassee.

Those races would really be a forecast

to what's gonna happen nationally

if the Republicans can get the turnout

and winning those states.

- Well people always seemto vote pocketbook issues

and it'll be interesting to see if this is

not just the President, becauseobviously he's not running,

but if they feel thattheir members of Congress

are also responsible andthey deserve reelection,

or someone who will votefor the President's agenda.

Well John McLaughlin, we'll be watching

to see what happens on election night.

I thank you for joining us.

- Thank you for the opportunity.

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- After the 2016 electionAmericans learned

that some Russians triedto influence the outcome.

Our next guest suggestsinstead the Russians,

we should be moreconcerned about voter fraud

being committed by Americans.

Is fraud so extensive thatwe should demand change?

Or does it only occur occasionally?

Is the fraud just a fewminor irregularities

that have no influenceon election outcomes

or something else?

Well Eric Eggers is aresearcher and reporter

with the GovernmentAccountability Institute.

He's author of the book

Fraud: How the Left Plansto Steal the Next Election.

So Eric, the next election is upon us,

tell us overall how does the Left

plan to steal this electionbased on your research?

What's your conclusion?

- Thanks, Gary.

My conclusion is that Americansshould be very concerned

about the security andsanctity of elections,

both this week and moving forward.

Part of the research for the book I did

we looked at actual votes cast in 2016

and we found nearly 21 hundred instances

of double-voting in thestate of Florida alone.

Gary, what that means is that's four times

the margin of victory fromthe 2000 Presidential Election

in just one state.

- Okay, let's look at some examples then.

One that you mention in your book

took place in the mid'90s in Orange County.

Loretta Sanchez, her congressional race

against Bob Dornan, she beat Dornan by

I think it was about 979votes, less than 1,000.

And I went to the home of one non-citizen

who admitted to me on camera

that he and his wifevoted in that election

because they were told they could go ahead

and vote as long as theircitizenship was in process.

So tell us more about that,

give us some other examples, Eric.

- Well that's a great point, Gary,

because what I think happens is

is there's so much confusion on behalf

of non-citizens or foreign citizens

who aren't really surewhat the law allows.

- You mention Takoma Park, Maryland

and I know non-citizens are allowed

to vote in local elections there,

how might that practice affectstate and federal balloting?

Voting in local election?

- Right, it's a great point you mention

about Takoma Park, Maryland

because what people shouldknow is that Tom Perez,

who's the current head of theDemocratic National Committee,

he actually worked for CASA de Maryland,

which is basically like a --,

they received funding from George Soros

and they've pushed fornon-citizen voting rights.

And Takoma Park, Marylandwhere Tom Perez is from,

has actually been allowingnon-citizens voting since 1992.

So I was shocked todiscover that non-citizens

were legally allowed to vote

in local and regional elections.

And so I think there's 13 states

that allow some form of that.

So what I think it does is

is imagine not only thelogistical nightmare

for election supervisors to determine,

well you can vote in this election,

but not in this federal election.

So it becomes verydifficult to keep track of

which because of the statisticsthat I've already cited

we know that elections officials struggle

to keep tabs on who shouldand shouldn't be voting.

I mean the reality is there's 248 counties

with more registered voters than citizens

of legal voting age across this country.

- Let's look at this time around,

early balloting in this election,

Texas voters complained thatwhen they voted straight ticket

electronic votingmachines actually changed

their selections to the opposite party.

Election officials claimed it was just,

well, it's just user error.

What do you think?

How concerned should we beabout electronic balloting,

the software and the hardware?

- Well I think, let's take

that premise of your question, right?

Whether you're somebodywho's worried about

your ballot changingbecause it's on a machine,

or you're one of thepeople that you mentioned

at the beginning of this interview

who's worried about Russiansinterfering with elections,

or you're somebody whoI talk about in the book

which is concerned aboutthe Democrats and, I think,

their activities to manipulate elections.

I mean notice that we wouldall and should all agree

that our elections are far fromas secure as they could be.

So I think we need to acceptthat as a basic premise

and move forward towardtaking common sense solutions

to try to make them as secure as possible.

And I think that includes paper ballots.

But you know, Texas is an interesting case

because in just a couple of weeks ago

there were a number of non-citizens

that received voter registration forms

with the boxes saying "Yes,I'm a citizen" already checked.

And they were actually sentby the Texas Democratic Party.

So that's an example ofhow the vulnerabilities

are manipulated regardless of what type

of voting software orvoting system you use.

- Also I know in your book, Eric,

you mentioned the problemof absentee balloting.

Why should we be concerned about that?

- Absentee balloting is, I think, by far

the most vulnerable typeof voting for voter fraud.

And even people thatdon't think voter fraud

posses a very real problem would agree

that it's basically an honor system

and it's particularlyproblematic for senior citizens.

In the book I write about this practice

known as granny farmingin which you've got

these paid political operatives,

in Florida they're known as balloteros,

in Texas they're known as politicaros,

and they go out andthey form relationships

with these senior citizens,

they form relationships with the people

that run senior citizencenters and they essentially

harvest the ballots and harvest the votes.

- Why do so many Democratsoppose Voter ID Laws.

I know we have one herein the state of Virginia,

it doesn't appear that it hassuppressed the vote at all.

So what's going on with that?

- Yeah, it's a great question, Gary,

and that's actually, yourobservations from Virginia

are consistent with what'shappened nationwide.

The Democrats are opposed to Voter ID Law

because there's this idea or belief

that somehow it's racist torequire someone to show an ID

even though if you wanted tobuy an alcoholic beverage,

or you know, drive a vehicle.

Go to the DemocraticNational Convention 2016

you'd need a Driver's License

and so I actually thinkit's maybe a little bit

paternalistically racist to suggest

that there are minority populations

that can't perform basic civic functions.

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I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

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- It's been a busy weekhere at the Global Lane,

but a good one.

Pakistani Christian, Asia Bibi,has been freed from prison.

And here in America, the Mid-term Election

is almost behind us.

Glad to see those politicalads coming to an end.

I'm sure you are too.

Regarding Asia Bibi, I've been reporting

about her for nine and a half years.

I've interviewed her family onseveral occasions in Pakistan

and it's good to see justicefinally prevail for them.

God is good.

The prayers of people aroundthe world were answered.

But let's not forget others in Pakistan,

and in other countries.

Those wrongfully accused of blasphemy

or crimes simply becausethey're Christian.

They author of Hebrews13:3 reminds us to remember

those in prison as if you weretogether with them in prison,

and those who are mistreated as if

you yourselves were suffering.

And concerning the US Mid-term Election

let's not just sit at home and complain

about the politicalclimate in the country.

Sure, we should pray for godliness

and righteousness to prevail,

but we also must put our faith into action

and then go out and vote.

That's another wayChristians can have an impact

to bring about change in this culture.

And lets be a light in ourcommunities and at the polls.

Well that's it from the Global Lane.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook,

iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Twitter.

And now 24/7 on the CBN NewsChannel on Broadcast TV.

And until next time, be blessed.


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