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News on The 700 Club: November 2, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” November 2.: Read Transcript

- Well welcome to the 700 Club.

Now might not be the besttime to go to Saudi Arabia,

but still, a delegationof American Evangelical

leaders felt it was a risk worth taking.

So they made theirhistoric visit and met with

the Saudi Crowned Prince andother government leaders.

- As Chris Mitchell reports, the Christian

delegations trip had along term purpose in mind.

And it was filled withspiritual opportunity.

- The visit came followinga global firestorm

over the death of Saudijournalist Jamal Khashoggi.

But the planning began a long time ago.

The meeting betweenevangelical leaders from the US

and Mohammed Bin Salman hadbeen in the works for months.

But it came to pass when thedelegation made a visit here

to the United Arab Emirates.

- There's a lot of peoplethat would say this

is the wrong time to go to Saudi Arabia

and meet with the leadership there.

I understand thatcriticism, but I disagree.

- [Chris] While theyrealized the potential for

controversy, the groupfelt the opportunity

to help Christian'sthere was more important.

- Given the fact thatwe care about the people

of Saudi Arabia, Christianityin the Arabian peninsula,

the desire to see more freedom of worship.

Even Christian churchesbeing allowed to be built.

This and this all seemed important to us.

- When people ask why would you go,

and why would you meet?

I mean as a christian,called to be a peacemaker.

As an advocate for freedom of worship.

As an advocate for toleranceand peaceful coexistence.

My answer to thatquestion is how can I not?

- [Chris] They went notwith a political agenda,

but with a Christian mission.

- Well when I think of Saudi Arabia,

I think of that verse weare ambassadors for Christ.

That's who we're representing,not the United States

of America, we're representingthe Lord Jesus Christ.

- You know in the bible,people like Ester,

who's in a royal court,Daniel who approached several

kings and played key positions,God used them to speak

to people in authority, kingsand the bible says we're

to pray for them.

- [Chris] This is the latestin a series of meetings

with Sunni Arab leaders.

Those leaders includingJordan's King Abdullah,

Egyptian President el-Sisi,

and the Crowned Prince of the UAE.

The meetings are partof a long term agenda.

- We aren't here for a short term purpose.

We are not here for a photo op.

We could care less about that.

We're here to build longterm relations and to benefit

our brothers and sistersthat are here in this region.

- [Chris] Rosenburg encouragedChristian's to pray.

- I want to know illusionsabout the challenges

that have been in Saudi Arabia and remain,

but I think it'srespectful to go and listen

to leaders who havethe opportunity to make

life better for Christian's.

And actually for Muslims, and potentially

for Israel as well.

I ask people to pray, pray for the King,

pray for the Crowned Prince,pray for the leaders.

Pray for the people of Saudi Arabia.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell, Abu Dhabi,

the United Arab Emirates.

- Well, we need to pray for breakthroughs,

it's more than just the murderof a journalist in Turkey.

The ongoing tragedy inYemen, where over a million

people are facing starvation,the blockade of cutter.

I mean, there are a whole host of issues.

And then on religiousliberty, it's illegal to have

a church in Saudi Arabia.

It's illegal to have abible, if you are mailed

Christian literature, you go to jail.

These are all very serious things,

but is there hope, can we pray?

Yes, there is.

And lets hope and pray wecan have a breakthrough.

In other news, anotherworld leader says he

will move his country'sembassy to Israel to Jerusalem.

Well, John Jessup hasthat story from our CBN

News Bureau in Washington, John?

- That's right Gordon,Brazil's newly elected

President Jair Bolsonaro repeated

that promise Thursday on Twitter

saying "as previouslystated during our campaign,

"we intend to transfer theBrazilian embassy from Tel-Aviv

"to Jerusalem. Israelis a sovereign state,

"and we shall duly respect that."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

praised Boltonaro's move

as "a historic, correctand exciting step!"

Netanyahu also invitedhim to visit Israel.

Well here at home, pollsin the Michigan Senate race

showed Republican challenger John James

closing the gap on Democraticincumbent Debby Stabenow.

Most recent polling hasStabenow ahead by a clear

margin, but Democrats aretaking the challenge seriously.

With former President Obamastumping for Stabenow,

just last week, CaitlynBurke brings us this look

at a race where Republican'sare hoping to take

a seat away from the Democrats.

- [Caitlyn] The Senate racein Michigan has gotten closer.

With underdog Republicancandidate John James

making a late October surge in the polls.

Now, he's giving incumbentSenator Debby Stabenow

the political fight of her life.

- This whole race started on my knees.

This whole thing startedwith praying for wisdom,

and asking the lord tonot necessarily make my

path easy but to make it clear.

And He's absolutely done that.

So I have the faith andbelief that I may be in this

position for a time such as this.

And that's not becauseI'm anything special.

But because God ispreparing to do a great work

in the state of Michigan.

- [Caitlyn] Michiganis a key battleground.

President Trump barelywon the state in 2016.

- It was the closest margin of victory

of any state in the country.

So although he did win, his victory shows

a very closely divided state.

- [Caitlyn] Now, asRepublicans fight to maintain

control of the House andSenate, political analyst

and reporter Robert Yoon sees Michigan

as a state to watch,because voters here tend to

cross party lines forcandidates who appeal to them.

- They've shown that inelections in the past

where they've elect Republican governors

and a Democratic Senatoror in the case of 2016,

voted for a Republican for President.

- [Caitlyn] Democratic incumbent Stabenow

has represented Michiganin the Senate for 18 years.

Serving as a commissioner,state representative,

and US representative along the way.

We reached out to the Stabenow campaign

with interview requestsand received no response.

Throughout her campaign,Stabenow has focused on

standing up for families,farmers, and job creation.

She also points to her abilityto work across the aisle

even in a divisive political climate.

- I've worked with Democratsand Republicans my whole

life to get things done.

- [Caitlyn] John Jamesmeanwhile has no previous

political experience, he'sa veteran and a successful

Detroit business man.

- You have so many people in Washington,

who are, as far as business is concerned,

they're legislating andregulating industries,

and they've run a business before.

I would say what are their qualifications

to impose on people.

I believe that there's no replacement

or substitute for experience.

- He says his time on the front lines

taught him about strong national security,

business experience formed his stance on

economic opportunity, and bybringing together soldiers

from different backgroundsunder his command,

he knows a thing or two about unity.

During the primaries,President Trump endorsed

James when he was trailing,helping him secure

the Republican nomination.

Now with only days leftuntil the election,

the White House continuesto support the political

novice from Michigan.

Yoon says that whileStabenow initially ignored

her Republican rival,she's now running ads

about her work withveterans and the military.

And warning about theclose tie between James

and President Trump.

Not much time remainsto see what will make

the difference for thesecandidates on Tuesday.

Caitlyn Burke CBN News,Grand Rapids, Michigan.

- Thanks Caitlyn, well morethan three weeks after one of

the most powerful hurricanesto hit the United States,

people in Florida's panhandleare still struggling

to pick up the pieces.

Operation Blessing has been on the ground

from the beginning,helping survivors rebuild

their lives, George Thomasbrings us that story.

- [George] After HurricaneMichael completely decimated

Mary Everett's home, and thisneighborhood in Panama City,

shaped like so many othersis counting her blessings

to be alive.

When the third strongesthurricane in US recorded

history hit, Everettsaid she knew the lord

was protecting her, evenas walls of her home were

caving in all around her.

- I was such at peace, that'sprobably the most peace

I have ever felt in my life.

Like I said, I knew I was gonna be okay.


- [George] 40 students fromthe University of Alabama,

decided to use their fall breakto join Operation Blessing

Disaster Relief teams asthey canvassed Everett's

neighborhood, removingdebris, passing out hot meals,

and personal hygiene kits.

- I just want to help,that's why I'm down here.


- [George] While Meyer'screw worked on removing

tree limbs and trying tosalvage bits and pieces

of Everett's life.


Stephanie Robinson andmembers of her local church

volunteer to join all the clean up teams

not too far away, going house to house

trying to repair, restore,and replace belongings.

That included Robinson's own home,

which was wrecked in thestorm, while she was out

ministering with OB toother hurting homeowner's,

Operation Blessing teamswere busy trying to make

her home livable.

- When you don't feellike you can stand up and

keep yourself up andthey hold your arms up

and they bring suppliesin, they meet every need

they can possibly meetthat is within the realm

of what they can do.

- [George] With powerstill down in many places,

and supplies low, OperationBlessing partnered

with Snyder's of Hanover, to deliver food

and other essential items tovictims of Hurricane Michael.

Giving people hope thateven in the hardest times,

others will come andhelp shoulder the burden.

George Thomas, CBN News.

- Thanks George, andGordon, no doubt the people

trying to rebuild theirlives appreciate OB's

help and the volunteers.

- Well if you're a member of the 700 Club,

thank you, you're partof that appreciation

because of you, we're able to be there.

If you want to do a specialgift to Operation Blessing's

Disaster Relief fund, allyou have to do is call

the number on the screen, 1-800-700-7000.

Say yes, I want to be a part of it.

You can also write to us atCBN Center Virginia Beach,

Virginia, just put disasterrelief fund on the memo line

of a check, or you canjust call or go to

Either way, do it now, be apart of it, 1-800-700-7000.


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