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'Jesus Can Change Anyone': These Ex-LGBTQ People Are Bringing a Freedom March of Hope to L.A.

'Jesus Can Change Anyone': These Ex-LGBTQ People Are Bringing a Freedom March of Hope to L.A. Read Transcript

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- The message of the goodnews will be shouted from the

rooftops by former transgender,

lesbian, and gay individuals.

People who have left the LGBTQ lifestyle

and turned to Jesus aretaking part in a freedom

march in Los Angeles this weekend.

Praises will be heardand testimonies will be

shared at this eventin the hope more people

will come to Jesus and becompletely transformed.

Jeffery McCall is thefounder of this movement.

He said this march is notabout suppressing anyone

but finding freedom in Christ.

- I really want to send a message to the

LGBTQ community that there is hope.

Hey we were in the samelifestyle as you were in y'all

and we came out of thatand followed Christ.

And there's a whole other life.

A life that we didn'teven know was possible.

A life of joy, and peace, and freedom.

We want to reach back out to them

and let them know there is another way.

- [Talia] McCall, diagnosedwith gender dysphoria,

by a physiatrist used tolive as a transgender woman

until he says, "God's lovetransformed his life."

- I just spoke out to God,I don't even know really

where it came from, but my inner spirit.

And I said, "Well I ever live for you?"

I just want to know, willI ever live for you or not?

This is, I'm so far away,

from whoever I think that you could be.

And he spoke to me, all mythoughts in my mind went silent

and I heard him say, "Yes,you will live for me."

And when he said that, I wasjust shocked and stunned.

I couldn't believe that theGod I always heard about

was actually speaking to me.

- [Talia] McCall says, "that'swhen everything changed."

Luis Ruiz and Angel Colonhave similar stories.

They're survivors of the 2016deadly Pulse gay nightclub

shooting in Orlando, where49 people were killed.

Colon was shot six times and survived.

And Ruiz says he was nearly trampled

to death as people fled to safety.

- Just watching the newswhile I was on a hospital bed

full of pain and everything,and seeing the names going by,

and God started workingin my heart, you know.

I could have been number50, but now I'm alive.

And I'm telling you I have a chance

to share my story with the world,

and share that Jesus canchange anyone, anyone.

- [Talia] Ruiz and Colonare now part of the team

in planning the upcomingFreedom March in L.A.

And a march in Orlando in 2019.

- We're a group ofovercomers that used to be

in the LGBTQ and now we're just

sharing our story with the world.

- [Talia] It's a storyof hope and redemption.

And the leaders want toconnect fellow overcomers

reach out to the LGBTQ communityand equip the local church.

- There is a group that is,and I believe a massive group

coming out of this community so the church

has to be ready to lovethem, bring them in,

and help disciple them and grow them.

- If you'd like to learn more information

about the marches go to CBNNEWS.COM.

Well that's CBN Good News, I'mTalia Wise, until next time,

make time to spread alittle bit of good news.

(upbeat piano music)


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