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Christian World News - November 2, 2018

Christian World News - November 2, 2018 Read Transcript

- [Wendy] This week onChristian World News,

a historic and controversial visit.

Christian leaders meetwith the Crown prince

of Saudi Arabia.

Could this mean greater religious freedom

in the Muslim kingdom?

- [George] Plus, freedom forAsia Bibi, once condemned

to die for blasphemy against Islam.

This Christian woman is now free and safe,

but Christians in Pakistancould face a backlash.

- [Wendy] And this African man

gave his life to Christand found himself targeted

by his friends and family,but his greatest desire

is to go back and sharewith them the love of Jesus.

(upbeat music)

And welcome.

Welcome to Christian World News.

This week, the global Body ofChrist is praying for those

who suffer for their faith.

I'm Wendy Griffith.

- And I'm George Thomas.

November fourth isInternational Day of Prayer

for the Persecuted Church.

Today, we'll bring youa success and struggle

and how you can help.

- We begin with an amazing development

in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

an ultraconservative muslim nation,

where Christianity is outlawedand the Bible forbidden.

This week, in an unprecedented event,

the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia met

with evangelical leaders

representing millions of Christians.

They came following a global firestorm

over the death of Saudijournalist Jamal Khashoggi.

But the invitation tovisit the house of Saud

came months ago,

while they realized thepotential for controversy,

the group felt the opportunityto help Christians there

was much more important.

- There's a lot of people that would say

this is the wrong time

to go to Saudi Arabia and meetwith the leadership there.

I understand thatcriticism, but I disagree.

Given the fact that wecare about the people

of Saudi Arabia, Christianityin the Arabian Peninsula,

the desire to see more freedom of worship,

even Christian churchesbeing allowed to be built,

this all seemed important to us.

- When people ask, "Why would you go?" and

"Why would you meet?"

As a Christian, called to be a peacemaker,

as an advocate for freedom of worship,

as an advocate for toleranceand peaceful coexistence.

My answer to that questionis, how can I not?

- We aren't here for a short-term purpose.

We are not here for a photo op.

We could care less about that.

We're here to build longterm relations

and to benefit our brothers and sisters

that are here in this region.

- [Wendy] The visit in SaudiArabia followed a visit

with Crown Prince of theUnited Arab Emirates.

The evangelical leaders hope these visits

will establish longterm relationships

with the Sunni Arabnations in the Middle East.

- CBN Middle East BureauChief Chris Mitchell

joins us now from Jerusalem.

Chris, you were there with the delegation

before they left for Saudi Arabia.

What did this delegation ofChristians hope to accomplish

and what do you thinkwill come of their visit?

- Well, first of all,George, you had the sense

when you where there with the delegation

that you were really seeinghistory in the making,

visiting, first of allUnited Arab Emirates,

the Crown Prince there,Mohammed bin Zayed.

And, it's important toremember, the meeting

with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

was just the latest ina series of meetings

with many of the SunniArab leaders in the nation.

Evangelical delegationhas met with King Abdullah

of Jordan, Egyptian President el-Sisi,

and the Crown Prince nowof United Arab Emirates

and, perhaps the biggestmeeting of all, most historic,

is with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

They knew the timing of themeeting could be controversial,

because of what happened

with Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi,

but they thought it wastoo important not to miss

and take this opportunityto meet, sit down

with probably the most important leader

in the Middle East right now.

- Describe what it's like forChristians in Saudi Arabia.

- Very difficult, George.

I don't think there's a churchin Saudi Arabia right now

and probably most of the Christians there

would be expatriates.

In contrast, when we werein the United Arab Emirates,

we saw a measure of freedom, of worship

that's probably, maybe a modelof there in the Middle East

with the Sunni Arab nations.

There's dozens of churches we sat down

with one of the evangelical pastors there

and he talked to us about thefreedom of worship they have.

Many of the expats there can go to church.

In fact, United Arab Emiratesis really interesting,

because 90% of the peoplethat live there are expats,

people from other nations of the world.

Just 10% are Emiratis.

But we talked to Jerry Johnson,the president of the NRB,

and he said, what's happening in the UAE,

it's certainly not the model in America.

We have freedom of religionand freedom of worship.

But he feels it's a goodmodel for other nations

in the Gulf Area to emulate.

- What are some of thereasons why Saudi Arabia's

Crown Prince would want tomeet with US evangelicals?

- Well, first of all,George, I think he realizes

that some of the representativeson this delegation

are members of President Trump'sreligious advisory board.

Mike Evans is one,Johnnie Moore is another.

So I think that's one wayto solidify the relationship

with the United States.

I also think he recognizesthat these leaders

of this delegation also see a common enemy

in Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood,

and I think that'sanother way of recognition

that Saudi Arabia, which isjust across the Arabian Gulf

from Iran, sees a directthreat, mortal threat

to their kingdom.

And so I think having the partners there,

against this threat tothe whole region in Iran,

and the Muslim Brotherhood

is something he would see is valuable.

- Yeah, this is one ina series of meetings

with Arab leaders.

Could we be seeing groundbreakingchanges in the Middle East

towards Christians and Jews?

- Definitely, George.

This is history in the making.

You had the meeting of the US delegation

led by Joel Rosenberg

to the Crown Prince ofthe United Arab Emirates,

and now Saudi Arabia.

At the same time we were there,

there was an internationalJudo competition,

where two Israelis won gold medals,

which meant, for the firsttime for any Arab nation,

the national anthem ofIsrael was sung, was played,

Hatikvah, and the Ministerof Sport and Culture,

Miri Regev, was there to witness that.

So the song, they showedthe flag, that's a first.

And then, as well,

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

visited the nation ofOman for the first time.

So we see this happeningwith Christians and Jews,

these groundbreaking meetingsin the whole Middle East.

It's really history in the making.

In addition, we just talked to a rabbi,

Rabbi Mark Schneier, here in this studio,

it's going to be onJerusalem Dateline this week,

and he's been meeting withArab and Muslim leaders

for almost a decade and he says,

what's happening now is the hand of God.

It's miraculous and it's history making.

- Alright, terrific.

Chris Mitchell, as always,thanks for joining us.

- A disturbing report from Egypt.

Just as our show goes to air,

gunmen open fire on a bus south of Cairo,

killing at least seven Coptic Christians.

We will, of course, be updating this story

as more information comes in.

You can find it on our website,just go to

- [George] Coming up,freedom for Asia Bibi,

once condemned to die forblasphemy against Islam,

this Christian women is now free,

but Christians in Pakistancould face a backlash.

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Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today.

148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

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- Welcome back.

Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian mother

sentenced to death forblasphemy, is finally free,

after being imprisonedfor nearly 10 years,

the country's highest courtshocked the world Wednesday,

when it acquitted her of all charges,

saving her from death by hanging.

The fight for Asia Bibi'slife began back in 2009,

when she went to get waterfrom her fellow farm workers.

Two Muslim women refused todrink from the same container

used by Bibi, because she was a Christian.

Later, a mob accused her of blasphemy.

Her family and lawyers sayshe never insulted Muhammad.

Legal experts applaud her acquittal,

but say she is not safe yet.

- What to celebrate isthat this is a conclusion

that she was acquittedcompletely of this charge

of blasphemy is a strongdecision for all Christians

in Pakistan, but I do wantto remind people right now

to be in prayer that Asia Bibi,she's in a secure location,

that she is able to leave and stay secure.

Pray for the small Christiancommunity in Pakistan.

There are riots in thestreets there right now,

because of this decision.

And pray for her attorneyand these Muslim judges

on Pakistan's Supreme Courtwho did the right thing.

- Asia Bibi's family gives allglory to God for her release.


- Thanks, George.

Gary Lane has made many trips to Pakistan.

He has met with Asia Bibi's family

and worked with the Voice of the Martyrs

to bring much attention toher case and joins us now.

Gary, I know you were allsmiles when the news came out.

What do you think the reactionis among the Christian,

Pakistani Christians?

- The same.

They're thanking God,but they're very thankful

to the Pakistani SupremeCourt that released her

and they're actually, Wendy,they're elated about this,

because it's been nineand a half long years

that this woman has suffered in prison.

And she was in a solitarycell and some people said

that she may have beenexperiencing some early stages

of dementia as a result.

And also she sufferedwith other health issues,

but now she's free.

So they're very happy,but there's trepidation,

because of what may happen.

- And, speaking of that,

does this ruling put otherChristian's in Pakistan at risk?

- Well, it puts the whole nation at risk.

Right now, Muslims arerioting throughout Pakistan

and the major cities,they've blocked roads,

the trains are shut down.

Businesses are shut down.

People are very worriedabout what could happen here

and the Prime Minister,Imran Khan has said,

look, if you guys violate the law here,

you're really not being good Muslims,

you're being anti-Pakistanand you will be punished

to the full extent of the law.

So there've been talks goingon between religious leaders

and also the head of counterintelligence

to try and bring thingsdown to a quiet level.

- Gary, could this bethe beginning of the end

for Pakistan's blasphemy laws?

That's what put her in theprison in the first place.

- No, not at all.

I don't see that happening.

You talk to most Christians,they don't see that happening,

because many militant Muslimsuse this against Christians

and even against other Muslimsin disputes and other things.

The best that could happen, Wendy,

would be maybe a watering down of the law,

so if someone accuses you falsely,

and then it is proven thatthey've accused you falsely,

then they, too, could besubjected to the blasphemy law.

- And how can we, as the Body of Christ,

be praying for Asia rightnow, her family in Pakistan?

- Well, we need to pray for Asia's safety

and we also need to pray forthe safety of her family.

But, more importantly let's pray

for the safety of Christians in Pakistan.

Their businesses are shut down right now.

They're worried aboutSunday and their services,

if those will go forward,if they'll be safe

in their churches, but alsopray for Pakistan, in general.

Pray that God's spirit will bepoured out upon that country.

- You've gotta believethat there's a reason,

that something wonderfulis going to come out

of her suffering, thatGod won't waste her pain.

- More persecution, more church growth.

- Right, that's true.

Gary, thank you so much for covering this.


- Christians in Pakistan, Wendy,are second-class citizens,

not only do they face persecution,

but in the Muslim majority society,

they struggle to get a goodeducation and good jobs.

As this next video from our friends

at the Voice of theMartyrs shows us, however,

that doesn't stop them fromworshiping Jesus Christ.

(invigorating music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(gentle singing)

(water flowing)

- [Narrator] Today in Pakistan,

we Christians are second-class citizens.

Though we have committedno crime, we are ostracized

and banished to thelowest place in society.

Often, we are forced to leave our villages

and our own homes.

We can not get good jobs.

And we have no voice in government.

What is left for us is servitude.

So much work.

And we know we will never advance.

(motorcycle engine)

(pouring water)

(speaking in foreign language)

But, we have a church.

A place where Christians come together

to worship the Lord Jesus Christ,

to sing his praise,

to study his word,

for, while our countryhas turned its back on us,

God has not.

(speaking in foreign language)

Sometimes it is not easy.

The laws, the injustice.

So please remember to pray for us.

That we will continue tolive together in fellowship.

That we will continue tosee the joy of the Lord

in our lives.

And that we will persevere in our faith

no matter the cost.

And please remember,we are praying for you.

(inspirational music)

- [Wendy] Up next, in Africa,a young Muslim leaves Islam

to follow Christ,

even though he facesthe wrath of his family.

All he wants to do is tellthem about God's love.

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- Welcome back to Christian World News.

In the African nation of Nigeria,

leaving Islam to followChrist can cost everything.

- That's right. The youngman you're about to meet

lost the love of his family

and he almost lost his own life.

This report comes to us from our friend

Greg Musselman from theVoice of the Martyrs, Canada.

- [Greg] Ibrahim, now in his early 20s,

grew up in a large FulaniMuslim home in Northern Nigeria.

He had seven siblings.

His interest in Christianitycame when he was a teenager,

through a friend who was asecret believer in Jesus.

- I was staying with him

and anytime I was there or he visited me,

he would wake up in the nightand read his bible and pray.

He did that every time.

- [Greg] Ibrahim was impressed

with his young friend'sdedication to his faith.

- I told him, I too wantedto become a Christian.

But he was afraid becausehe thought I was a spy.

But I told him, no, I wantto become a Christian.

So he took me to church andthe pastor led me to Christ.

- Soon after coming to Christ,

the church Ibrahimattended publicly announced

that he had become a Christian.

The news traveled to his father,

who was angry with his son's decision

and threatened his life.

So the pastor that brought you to Christ

gets you to a safe place.

Your father and your brothers find out

that he is the one that istaking you to the safe place.

They come to his home.

They threaten to killhim, burn his house down,

unless he takes them to you.

Tell me what happened.

- The pastor took my twoelder brothers to where I was

and brought me backhome and they tied me up

for three days and didn'tgive me anything to eat.

- [Greg] Ibrahim was able to escape again,

but it was short-lived.

His brothers found him.

And this time they chainedhim up for three weeks.

- They also took me to so many places,

including seeing an Imam whodid an incantation on me.

They also brought meto a lady witch doctor,

but they said to my brothers,

they couldn't help in that matter.

- But the sufferings didn't stop.

Another time your fatherand your brothers,

they caught you, theybeat you up very badly,

they broke your ribs.

Tell me what happened.

- While they were beating me,

there was a woman who came tomy rescue by falling on me.

So they stopped beating me.

I was taken to the hospital.

- [Greg] His family tried to force him

into a marriage and eachtime the girls refused,

because he told hem he was a Christian.

When his father knew there wasno changing Ibrahim's mind,

he told his son he disowned him.

His mother even told militantsto kill him if they saw him.

But Ibrahim was still not ableto get away from his parents

and was even forced totravel with them to work

in another part of the country.

While there, he met apastor from his tribe.

- I told him everythingthat had happened to me.

He wanted to help me andconnected me to another pastor

who brought me here to be a disciple.

- So you've come here tothis discipleship school,

safe house, what have you been learning?

- I'm learning to be hospitable to people.

I'm also learning to gooutside and preach the gospel

to those who don't know him.

Also, my character is beingmolded in so many ways.

- You've suffered muchsince becoming a follower

of Jesus, the beatings,you've been chained,

you've been on the run, butyour faith has gotten stronger,

you've become bolder.

What's happened, why is that happening?

- The reason I was bold is

that my friend once told methat I shouldn't be afraid

of the person who can kill my body,

but the one that can killboth the body and soul.

When I was going through these things,

these words kept coming to me,

so I decided to fearGod, who can save my soul

at the end of time.

- [Greg] Ibrahim is also

in the VOM Canada-sponsoredDiscipleship School

with a desire to be an evangelist

so he can share the gospelto his Fulani people.

He's also receiving vocational training

so he can be self-supportingin his ministry.

- The reason I want to be an evangelist is

because my heart goes back to my parents

and I pray that God willgive them long lives,

so that when I'm trained andfilled with the holy spirit,

I want to go back so they canknow the light of the gospel.

- Wow.

- That is, wow.

George, you've been toNigeria several times

and Ibrahim comes from the Fulani people.

What is their relationship to Christians?

- Not good.

I mean the Fulani hate Christians.

The majority of the Fulaniherdsman they are Muslim

and, in fact, in the last12 months, 18 months,

Fulani herdsman havelaunched a horrific campaign

against Christians andit's been a bloodbath.

The persecution againstthem has been so intense

and it's getting worse.

There's no sign that the Fulaniand Christian relationship

is going to get any better any time soon.

- Well, there's an even moreradical group in Nigeria

called Boko Haram.

What's the latest with them?

- Well, they've been amenace to Nigerian society,

but what has happened, as I mentioned,

in the last 12 months,

the onslaught betweenChristians and Muslims,

the Fulani herdsmen andthe Christian herdsmen

has been really, really bad,

but there are some efforts totry and quell the situation

and bring security indifferent parts of Nigeria,

but they continue to be a menace

to Africa's most populous Nation.

- Wow, and it's such a beautifulcountry, beautiful people.

How do we pray for the Christian's there?

- Just pray, as I hear all the time

from Christians who arepersecuted for their faith,

pray that the Lord would givethem the spiritual backbone

to continue to endure in themidst of so much suffering.

- I love how Ibrahim wants to get filled

with the holy spirit and goback and preach the gospel

and get them all saved.

So God bless and protect him, Lord.

We'll be right back after this.

(Inspirational music)

- [Narrator] When you give,

smiles grow bigger.

When you care,

homes are happier.

When you comfort,

the hurt goes away.

When we all come together to love,

miracles happen.

- Hello, I'm Terri Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today.

148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage,

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection, andthe overwhelming desire

to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it, grew aministry from my heart

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Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

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Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

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- Christians all aroundthe world are praying

for their persecuted brothersand sisters this week.

We've shown you just a snapshotof the Persecuted Church.

- And for more storieson persecuted Christians

around the world and to learnhow you can pray for them,

go to the International Day of Prayer

for the Persecuted Church on our website.

And we've certainly seenhow prayer can affect those

that are behind bars for their faith.

- Absolutely.

Well, folks that is itfor this week's edition

of Christian World News.

- Until next week.

From all of us here,goodbye and God bless you.

(upbeat music)


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