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Trump Aftershocks: President's Accomplishments After 'Earthquake' 2016 Election

Trump Aftershocks: President's Accomplishments After 'Earthquake' 2016 Election Read Transcript

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- Well, almost two yearsinto his first term,

President Trump is stillsurprising everyone

with his accomplishments,

even some of his most loyal supporters.

It's all part of what

one author calls the Trump Aftershock.

Take a look.

- [Reporter] This fall,President Trump proved

he can still gather hugecrowds to campaign rallies

as he toured the country insupport of midterm candidates.

And as election day approaches,

Democrats' prospectsof a blue wave takeover

of the House and Senateare not looking as good

as they did a few months ago.

How has the Presidentmaintained a strong base

of support even as the Left

and the media havehammered away at him daily?

Author Stephen Strang saysit's because he's delivering

on his promise to makeAmerica great again.

In his new book Trump Aftershock,

Strang says if Trump'selection was an earthquake,

his accomplishments sincethen are the aftershocks

the world never saw coming.

- Well, Stephen Strang is the CEO

and founder of Charisma Media,

he's the author of a bookcalled Trump Aftershock

and I must say, this is abrilliant group of reporting.

You really did stuff, Stephen,

that I've never seen in print anywhere.

You went deep into theheart of the opposition

and it was brilliant.

Are you a reporter by craft?

It really was good reporting.

- Well, thank you.

I went to the University ofFlorida Journalism School

and started as a secular journalist.

Of course, I spent most of my career

as a Christian journalist,and really I wrote these books

because I felt that therewas an untold story.

You know, it's well known,

in fact you've been talking about it,

the media doesn't really report things

and especially from aChristian perspective.

- Let me ask you, first of all,

the so-called deepstate, Brennan, Clapper,

Rogers, these other guys and of course,

the people in the Justice Department,

what about this, why dothey hate Trump so bad?

- Well this is a part ofwhat we call the deep state,

I mean, a couple of years ago

we didn't even know that term, did we?

But, I for one, knew that therewas something really wrong

in Washington becausea Republican would go,

a Democrat would go andnothing would change

and it's because of all thesepeople behind the scenes.

The thing that Donald Trumpis that drives people crazy

but that I admire isthat he's a disrupter.

He's disrupting the status quo,

including these kinds of people.

We have procedures andlaws in the country,

you can't just come in and fire everyone.

But I think that Trump is cleaning house

in a way that nobody else has

because he doesn't careif people don't like him,

and a lot of the politicianswanna keep everybody happy,

as you know.

- You talk in this bookabout the big money

that's coming against him, I mean,

even, you know, the Oracleof Omaha has got some people.

Talk about what you've learned about that.

- Well, the book of coursetalks about the aftershocks

and it's really Trump's accomplishments,

but it also talks aboutthe resistance to it.

And there's a whole chapter

that I call "Billionaire Radicals"

and some of these peopleare really very radical,

George Soros probably being number one.

But, Warren Buffet thatyou mentioned, Tom Steyer,

these people have put millions of dollars

and it's not just in campaigns,

they're actually setting up organizations

that give money to Antifa andall these different groups.

You think all theseprotests are spontaneous?

I don't think so, I mean there's evidence

that people are paid,that they're bused in,

this is all very wellorganized and then of course,

the news media coversevery single bit of it.

- What about this march, dothink some of the big money's

behind that or not?

The march that's coming

against all these people from Honduras.

- You know, time willtell what's happening.

A lot of what we do is speculation,

but how can all those people get together?

What do they eat, where do they sleep,

where do they go to the bathroom?

I mean, this has gotta be organized.

We've had illegal immigrants for years

but not thousands at one time.

And now they're doing allthese crazy things like saying

that they have Constitutional rights.

How can a non-American haveany Constitutional rights?

Some of these people in thislawsuit haven't even been

in the United States.

- Well, what about the ideaof a birthright citizenship?

Did you explore any of that?

I mean, the idea that somebody slips

across our border illegally,an illegal alien has a baby

and that baby suddenlyis an American citizen

with all the rights thereof.

- Well, Donald Trump isdisrupting even that,

you know, this has beengoing on a long time.

But all the Western countries

don't have birthright citizenship,

so you can't be a tourist or a diplomat

and have a baby in that country.

If you do, it's a citizen ofwherever the person came from

and it should be likethat in the United States.

Now, with the illegals andeven people coming from China

and different things just to have a baby

and then they go home, this is something

that really needs to be changed.

- Well, there's somethingin the Constitution

that says, "Subject to the laws thereof,"

and the Supreme Court reallyhasn't ruled definitively

on that, have they?

- It doesn't, but Donald Trump will get it

to go to the Supreme Court

and hopefully we'll get a decision.

- Trump has been packing out stadiums,

my goodness, has anybody everdrawn the kinds of crowds

he has over the period of time?

It's extraordinary.

- I've never seen anything like it

and it's not just one placeor even a handful of places,

it's every place he goes.

He was in one of the smaller Nevada towns

and he packed out avenue of 6,000 or 7,000

and Joe Biden was across the state,

he got fewer than 200 people,

and this is not widely reported.

But it shows a level

of excitement in the base

and every single oneof them, it's exciting.

You'd think the peoplewould get tired of it,

but people wait hours in line

because this President isactually keeping his promises,

he's getting things done andhe's turning things around.

- What are the majoraccomplishments that you see,

and there's so many that Icould go through the list,

but give us some of the big ones.

- Well, most of your viewerswould know, of course,

the booming economy,the muscular diplomacy,

these are all chaptersin Trump Aftershock.

As a Christian, I'm thankfulthat he has become a champion

of religious freedom, I mean,

look what he did with this missionary,

Andrew Brunson, who was in a jail.

How many missionaries havebeen kidnapped or imprisoned

and they just stay there for years?

But Donald Trump made aninternational incident out of this.

The Turkish stock market plummeted,

I documented all this in the book,

when he put thesesanctions against Turkey.

And it's like Robert Jefferess,

the pastor at First Baptist in Dallas,

he said, "Trump may not bethe most religious president

"we've ever had but he'scertainly the most pro-religion,"

and I agree with that.

- We've never had apresident in my lifetime,

or in any lifetime,that's done what he's done

for the Evangelical, have we?

- That's right, and he'sopen to Christian leadership,

he's gets counsel

and I've found myself saying on CNN

when they were pushing meon how Trump had changed,

I said, "I believe he's accepted Christ."

And while I don't know that firsthand,

because he didn't tell mewhen I interviewed him,

'cause I didn't ask him, people have said

that they've prayed withhim to accept Christ.

Something happened about10 or 15 years ago,

and of course I documentall that in the book, too.

- He's this brash developer, you know,

is he the Cyrus, I mean,(laughs) what is he?

- Well, during the electionsome Christian leaders,

when it looked like hecould not win at all,

started saying he was a Cyrus,

and of course Prime MinisterNetanyahu said the same thing.

In fact, the Israelis made a coin

that showed his profile anda profile of Cyrus. (laughs)

Cyrus was a pagan king that God could use,

so for those of us who don't appreciate

or like everything in Trump's past

and even a few things that he says now,

for me at least, I could accept him

because I believe thatstory about Cyrus shows

that God can use imperfect people,

which I'm glad because thatmeans he can use me, too.

- Is there any question that God put him

in that office at this time?

- You know, that was thepremise of my first book,

God and Donald Trump.

That God answered theprayers of millions of people

that felt the country wasgoing in the wrong direction.

I mean, we were losing ourrights faster and faster

and faster, and if HillaryClinton had been elected,

who I believe is the most corrupt person

to ever run for president,

who knows what it would have been.

But somehow, God raised upsomeone that we didn't expect

and was not our first choice,

but yet he has fulfilled his promises.

His critics talk about his character,

but he's got a character trait

that almost no politicianshave, he keeps his word.

How many politicians, evenpeople that you and I would like,

go to Washington

and they say one thingwith their campaigning

and they do something elseonce they get in office.

But Trump, it's importantto him to keep his promises.

- I called him, I think I talked to him

and asked him to comedown here for a rally

and his aide said, "You don'twant to go to Virginia Beach,

"it's not gonna makeanything in your election,

"you don't want to go down there."

He said, "Well, I promised Pat."

I mean, that was theidea, "I made a promise

"and I'm gonna keep it."

And that's the way--- And he did.

- Yeah, he did, he showed up

and of course they had thousands

and (laughs) thousands of people.

We had 10,000, we could have gotten 30,000

but the Secret Service wouldn't let us.

Every time he comes down,it's just thousands of people.

- And they stand in linein order to see him.

- Stand in line, Amen.

This book, ladies and gentlemen,is called Trump Aftershock

and there's some stuff in here

that you will not find anywhereelse in any other book.

The research is superb

and I give it my warmest endorsement.

Is it, right now, on the market?

- It comes out tomorrow.- Tomorrow!

- So thank you for lettingus premier it right here.

- Thank you, it's called Trump Aftershock.

You don't want to miss these chapters

about the money and the deep state,

there's some stuff in here

that I have never seen anywhere else,

you'll want to read the book.

I'm not gonna (laughs) give itaway, but it's here for you.

Steve, thank you so much, God bless you.

- Thank you.

- All right, Terry, what's next?

- Well, a woman suffersfrom a lingering infection

and intense night sweats.

- A sinus infection drainsyou so much of energy

and you feel just kind of like a rag doll.

I told my friend

that between this bad sinus infection

and the night sweats,it was wearing me out.

- [Terry] See how thisgrandma gets her groove back

after a supernatural healing.

(uplifting music)

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