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In Key California House Races, Republicans Are Voting Early and in Large Numbers

In Key California House Races, Republicans Are Voting Early and in Large Numbers Read Transcript

- Voting has been heavy andright now, in California,

it is even favoring theRepublicans in key races.

However, analysts say it's still early

and there's much more voting ahead.

Joining us now to discussthe vote is Jenna Ellis.

She's the Director of Policy

with the James Dobson Family Institute.

Jenna, what can you tellus about early voting

across the country?

- Well, already, the polls are showing

that there are recordturnouts in over 22 states,

in Texas in particular,that, the senate race

between Beto O'Rourke and Ted Cruz

has been one that hasgained national attention.

But what I think we'reseeing primarily, Mark,

is that so many of thepeople who were hesitant

on the Republican, theEvangelical, the Conservative side,

who thought about maybeeither voting third party

or abstaining and not even voting at all

are coming out and aresaying, you know what?

This is so important, weare getting to the polls,

we're making sure tohave our voices heard,

because they saw the impactof the 2016 election.

So, I'm very encouragedthat we're seeing such

a record number here in 2018.

- Your organization has hadto Get Out the Vote initiative

going across the nation,what are your folks seeing?

Can you elaborate a little bit more

as they rally the voters?

- Yes, so (voice garbles) has really been

strongly encouraging toevery Evangelical Christian

to get out and vote,

because this is the mostimportant midterm election,

he has said, throughout his lifetime,

and we're seeing that because

of the sanctity of life issues,

the protection for religious freedom,

and making sure that wecan preserve and protect

family values for generations to come.

And our constituents have just given us

some overwhelming responseabout how they are praying,

they are engaging, and theyare getting out and voting,

and so, we've been very encouraged to see

that so many people are respondingto Dr. Dobson's message,

and they are getting out and voting.

- What are your thoughts onthe polls, the Blue Wave,

and Democrats possibly taking the House?

- That is a potential possibility,

and I think that's why theJames Dobson Family Institute

and other Evangelicalorganizations have so strongly

encouraged Evangelicalsto get out and vote.

I wrote a blog for ourDobson Policy Center website,

you can find that,

talking about why Christianshave a moral duty to vote,

and so, there is the possibility

that the Democrats willtake back the House.

And if that happens, we'llnot only see a change

in leadership, but we'llalso see just a complete

halting in the great strides

that this particular administration

has made for issueslike religious freedom,

for parental rights, forthe sanctity of life,

and for so many thingsthat really fundamentally

go to the heart of whyAmerica is such a wonderful

country to live in,

and so, we're going tosee if that does happen.

So many things over the next two years

that not only will be halted,

but then the focus from theDemocrats is going to be

on impeaching President Trump,

potentially impeaching Justice Kavanaugh

with absolutely no legal basis,

and really putting forward aprogressive, leftist agenda

that is not going to be helpfulfor families in America.

So, hopefully, people will(voice garbles) encouraged

to just see the differencesbetween the parties

and get out and vote.

And, again, the Dobson PolicyCenter hasn't encouraged

a particular candidate orendorsed a particular candidate.

We've (voice garbles) shown and identified

and highlighted the major differences

between the two political parties.

- Now, you've already talked a lot

about why the election inparticular is so important.

Are there any ballotinitiatives affecting families

that you are watching right now?

- Well, we're watching veryclosely all of the states,

as well as, of course,the federal elections,

but this isn't just aboutthe federal elections.

Of course it is important,as we have already talked

(voice garbles) the Houseto the nation as a whole.

But everyone needs to recognize

that there are veryimportant ballot initiatives

every single election inyour state and local ballot.

Here, in Colorado, wehave several potential

constitutional amendments,we have some propositions,

we have initiativesthat are on the ballot.

Everyone needs to take the time

in their local state and community

to engage and be informed, and say,

how is this going to impact my family?

Because every law, everysingle person we put in office

is going to shape our community somehow,

and that will touch andconcern you locally,

and it will touch andconcern America nationally.

So, everyone needs to beaware of what's going on

in their state and localcommunity, not just nationally.

- Alright, Jenna Elliswith the James Dobson

Family Institute, thankyou for your time, Jenna.


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