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White House Vows 'Relentless Pressure' Unless Iran Changes 'Revolutionary Course'

White House Vows 'Relentless Pressure' Unless Iran Changes 'Revolutionary Course' Read Transcript

- [Reporter] More than 24hours after the United States

slapped Iran with someof the toughest sanctions

ever to his the Islamic regime,

residents of the capitalcity already facing

economic dire straits arebracing for even more pain.

- The sanctions have greatlyaffect our lives 100%.

- [Reporter] Everythingfrom food, transportation,

housing and medical costshave risen dramatically.

- High prices negatively impact

every individual and every family.

- [Reporter] Mina Sholeh,who is visiting Tehran

fears this second roundof sanctions will lead

to more unemployment and hyperinflation.

- Prices for shows andclothes have gone up very high

and a lot of people are not

able to buy these things anymore.

- [Reporter] Some hope the economic pain

will bring Iranians to the streets

to protest the Islamic regime

and calls for its end as theydid last year and in 2009.

The White House says the aim of the

economic penalties is simple.

- Our objective is tostarve the Iranian regime

of the revenue it uses to fund violent

and destabilizing activitiesthroughout the Middle East

and indeed, around the world.

- [Reporter] In all, the USgovernment has sanctioned

more than 900 Iran relatedtargets in the last two years.

Secretary Pompeo says the Islamic regime

has a clear choice.

- It can either do 180 degree turn

from its outlined course of action

and act like a normal country

or it can see its economy crumble.

- [Reporter] Thousandsof Iranians responded

to the new sanctions by chanting,

"Death to America, death to Israel,"

and burning US and Israeli flags.

They even squeeze in militarydrills in the northern

part of the country in defiance.

As their government vowedto circumvent US sanctions

and keep selling its oil.

Iran's supreme leader,speaking on the eve of

the anniversary of theNovember 4th, 1979 takeover

of the US Embassy in Tehran,

used the occasion to accuse Washington

of waging military, economic,and propaganda wars.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told the crowd

that America's influence was in decline.

- American's power andhajer money in the world

is declining and movingtoward the selection.

It's waning year by year.

- [Reporter] But it isAmerica that's putting

the squeeze on the regime at the moment

and the White House says that pressure

will be relentless until Iran changes

its revolutionary course.

George Thomas, CBN News.


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