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'Prayers Are a Pathway to Heal Our Country': CBN News Follows VP Pence on Final Push for Prayers and Votes

'Prayers Are a Pathway to Heal Our Country': CBN News Follows VP Pence on Final Push for Prayers and Votes Read Transcript

- You can see it, youcan see the enthusiasm.

- You can feel it, you can feel it.

With his wife, Karen, by hisside, we spent the final hours

of these mid-terms on Air Force Two

with an optimistic Vice President.

From Montana,(applause)

to South Dakota.

- Hello, South Dakota.(audience cheers)

- The crowds were enthusiastic,

as was the VP.

The blue wave.

We were just on AirForce One the other day.

President says, "The blue wave's dead."

What's the answer on theblue wave we're hearing

so much about?- Well, we think

the blue wave's gonna hit a red wall all

across this country.

I think we're gonna expand our majority

in the United States Senate.

- You do?- I really believe

we're gonna hold theHouse of Representatives.

- First stop, Montana,where the goal is to defeat

a Senate Democrat livingin Big Sky Trump country.

How much is John Tester introuble here in Montana?

- We think Matt Rosendaleis in a great position

to win this race.

John Tester has been votingwith the liberal agenda

in the United States Senateevery step of the way,

voted more than 90% of the time

with President Obama's agenda.

That's not Montana.

- Pence's final pitch tovoters is pretty simple

and to the point.

Think of a 4.5 million newjobs created, unemployment

at a 50-year low, we'rerebuilding our military,

Constitutional conservativesbeing appointed to our courts,

and that's exactly whatthe President and I

told the American people that we would do.

And the Democrats, by contrast,

it's been an agenda of obstruction.

- But Democrats arefired up and turned off

by this administration's policies.

Immigration is closeto the top of the list.

What do you make of someof the rhetoric coming,

what they say, is from thisadministration on immigration?

- We have a crisis of illegal immigration

at our southern border.

This caravan that's movingnorth is deeply concerning

to people all across this country.

I hear about it every day.

It's the reason why thePresident's made it clear that the

caravan will not be allowed toenter our country illegally,

and we're taking decisivesteps to administratively

close the loopholes that humantraffickers use to exploit

vulnerable families andentice them to take the long

and dangerous journey north.

- [David] Motivating the faithful base

is Pence's main chore.

- So if you're taking notes,

I need you to vote.

- If Republicans do wellTuesday night, Pence is pretty

clear that the non-stop effortfrom President Trump will be

a main reason.

- Even though he's not on theballot, he's campaigned as

though he were, and I thinkthat's the reason why we've seen

such energy around thecountry, to be honest with you,

David, as I've traveledaround the country.

I haven't seen this level ofenthusiasm since the days just

before the 2016 campaign.

- Whatever happens Tuesdaynight, Mike Pence sees

a larger hand at work in the country.

There seems to have been acultural slide, obviously,

for decades in this country,and along comes Donald Trump.

God using imperfect people toaccomplish His perfect will.

What do you make of what'shappened in this country

since he's become presidentand how you see this divinely

providentially playing out?

- Well, I believe as everypresident from George Washington

and forward believed in therole of providence in the life

of this nation.

And I really do believe that the prayers

of the American peoplehave made a difference,

and even in these dividedtimes, I really do believe

those prayers are a pathway toheal our country and continue

to move our nation forward.

- [David] The nation willsoon find out what direction

that means for the next two years.

David Brody, CBN News on Air Force Two

with the Vice President.

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